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What is Curtain Rod? 

What Is Curtain Rod?

Curtain Rods – An indispensable product to create the perfect curtain sets. So what is a curtain rod? Advantages of hanging bars? The answer will be shortly. What is

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  6 years of experience in the field of consulting, designing and installing curtains in Vietnam. Elanoss brings new living values, new standards, let us bring spiritual values ​​​​and sustainability to you. your life. Learn about Elanoss here!  


A beautiful product takes a long time to make, and it also needs dozens of highly skilled, enthusiastic, and dedicated personnel to participate in the construction and development process, let’s find out. okay.


Shawn Bradford
Shawn Bradford
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“Seeing that my friend had ordered a beautiful set of curtains in the King Dom 101 apartment, I also ordered the construction. Fortunately, thanks to his referral, I got 20% off. Through May, my new house will be built, hopefully it will be as beautiful as it should be. "
Stephanie A
Stephanie A
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“I always have trouble working with some other curtain construction companies. But Elnaoss I just signed the contract.
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“I often work in Australia. This house was bought to prepare for a family. Elanoss has helped me complete from consulting on making ceiling plaster boxes to construction. There are a lot of difficult requests for apartment safety that I make, but they all have a solution for that problem. "
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“At first, I was very hesitant because I didn't know which side to choose, but my friend introduced Elanoss to me. I really like the enthusiasm of the staff, who have guided and advised me thoroughly because in fact, both husband and wife are office workers, so they have little experience in this area.”
Lee h
Lee h
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“My sister from the agency introduced me to Elanoss. I also carefully went to her house to see her curtains. After viewing, call for a consultation immediately. Now that the construction has been completed, the couple is completely satisfied. Love the color feng shui advice for the bedroom of Elanoss. ^^”

About Elanoss . curtains

For a long time, curtains are one of the indispensable pieces of furniture in our lives. Curtains not only block the sun, block light, ensure privacy but also adorn the room space as well as many other values. Understanding that more than anyone else, Elanoss always strives to bring quality, innovative products at the most favorable prices.

Experience the advantages of Elanoss . curtains

During the past time, Elanoss has always been proud to become one of the leading reputable curtain suppliers trusted and accompanied by customers. That is the source of encouragement and motivation for Elanoss to perfect, develop, and constantly strive to bring the most perfect products. 

  • Elanos offers a wide range of curtain products that bring many choices to customers. Including: Home curtains, office curtains, automatic blinds, specialized blinds, curtain accessories, …

  • Product quality is always the first concern and priority. Every product before handing over to the customer is strictly checked for form, material, seam, etc. Each product shows sophistication, attention and meticulousness.

  • Company employees have understanding, creativity and aesthetic taste. With enthusiasm and responsibility, they are always the ones to advise and give accurate advice to customers.

  • Competitive product prices, often offering attractive promotions. Instantly receive a huge discount for the company’s loyal customers.

  • Attentive and enthusiastic customer service. Every Elanos guest will be a true god. All customer inquiries are answered promptly and accurately.


What is the official website address of Elanos?

Curtains are an integral part of our living space. When it comes to the use of curtains, none of us are unaware. Also because curtains have a certain importance for people, so the units supplying curtains are constantly increasing.

Many curtain products are launched on the market, but sometimes the quality cannot be guaranteed. Just like not all users have enough experience to choose a perfect product. Since then, the competition in the field of supplying curtains has become more and more fierce. 

There may even appear to be fake brands that provide large, reputable and influential curtains for business. By setting up a website pretending to be a big brand. These products put on the market are difficult to guarantee the quality, the price is not reasonable. 

So customers remember that Elanos only works on a single and official website: https://elanoss.com  Website has been licensed to operate by the Ministry of Industry and Trade. Or for your safety, please contact Elanos showroom for advice and order curtains.

Where can I buy genuine Elanos curtains?

In fact, owning curtains is not difficult. Within a single note, customers can order curtains from many online shopping channels such as Lazada, Shopee, Tiki, Sendo, etc. But with the particularity of curtains to own a satisfactory product, you need to take advantage of them. See the design with your eyes, feel the material with your own hands. 

While those shopping pages are difficult to describe all the features of the product. When the line describing the characteristics of the products is only a few words, even images are small in number. Sometimes it is difficult for the buyer to figure out how to use the product correctly. That leads to the purchase but not satisfied, or exactly as the picture.

So to satisfy customers, Elanos provides curtains through showroom and website. On the website, the curtain models have detailed descriptions from images to features, as well as how to choose the right curtain for the living space. Pictures of curtains at various websites. Especially, all of them are real pictures taken by Elanos from previous construction works and curtain samples on display at the showroom.

In addition to ordering Elanoss curtains at the customer’s website, please take the time to visit the showroom located at: 972/22 Quang Trung, Ward 8, Go Vap, Ho Chi Minh. Here, customers will have the opportunity to experience and visit the latest curtain models in terms of form, material, and design style.

Curtain models available at Elanoss

The demand for the purchase and installation of curtains is constantly increasing. The demand that Elanoss wants to mention here is not simply a “supply – demand” relationship. Add to that the demand for quality, aesthetics, creativity and product diversity. Also, accompanying Elanoss, customers will quickly find products suitable for all spaces from living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, office, company, etc.

  • Home curtains: brocade curtains, embroidered brocade curtains, silk brocade curtains, velvet brocade curtains, queen curtains, Taiwanese curtains, art embroidered curtains, wooden blinds, roman blinds, etc.

  • Office blinds: Roller blinds, mesh roller blinds, aluminum blinds, vertical blinds, rainbow blinds, vertical blinds, honeycomb blinds,…

  • Automatic blinds: Automatic curtains, automatic ceiling curtains, automatic outdoor roller blinds, automatic outdoor awnings, …

  • Specialized curtain: PVC cold curtain, crystal curtain, outdoor bamboo curtain, frame curtain, outdoor medical curtain, thread curtain, ….

In addition to the above popular product lines, Elanoss also specializes in designing and sewing curtains according to customer requirements. With a variety of products and services, customers will quickly find the right curtains for their living space.

Are Elanoss curtains any good?

Elanoss is a brand of curtains that has been around for many years. During the past time with quality products, reasonable prices and attentive customer service, Elanoss has affirmed its position, prestige and brand name. If you are wondering, are Elanoss curtains any good? The answer is always “yes”. Because:

  • Curtains use a variety of materials, which are treated with wrinkles before processing. 

  • The design team has their own professional qualifications, understanding and aesthetic taste. In terms of the form of eye-catching curtain models, there is a harmonious and delicate combination of textures and accessories.

  • The seam is delicate, meticulous, and even. Just by looking at it you can see the neatness.

  • Curtains use the highest quality materials to design. The finished product has a long service life. No color fading, color is not uniform.

  • High-class accessories, meticulous installation, correct technique help increase the aesthetics of the product.

To affirm the quality of blinds, Elanoss offers warranty policies in accordance with regulations. During the warranty period, if the product has any defects provided by the manufacturer, the customer will be refunded according to regulations. Sure, it’s rare to have a unit that provides poor quality products but offers specific policies and warranties. 

How to identify genuine Elanoss blinds

Elanoss is a famous curtain brand and is accompanied by many customers. Curtain products are always updated and updated in accordance with design trends. Also from that can happen the situation of counterfeiting of the brand. So customers, please become smart consumers by pocketing some tips to recognize Elanoss brand curtains.

  • Blind label printed with brand name Elanoss curtain : All curtain products are designed with brand name label. If the buyer does not see the curtain brand, it may be a counterfeit or stolen product.

  • High-quality curtain materials: All curtains, Elanoss use the highest quality fabrics for design and construction. At Elanoss, we do not use second and third grade fabrics of the same material to produce finished products. This is easy to see with the naked eye. High-quality curtain fabric always has a difference when it comes to touching, no matter what material it is. Microfiber fabric, smooth, not ruffled, not torn.

  • Pattern: The pattern is sharp, sharp, not duplicated with the models on the market. In particular, for chiffon material, the nose is only meticulous, there is no tearing position. 

  • Curtain hem: The curtain folds are meticulously designed, the seams are even with a heavy bar to keep the curtain set. When you touch the hem of the curtain you will easily notice the smoothness of the heavy bar. 

  • Sewing thread: Elanoss uses imported sewing thread, the thread is tough, hard to break and does not happen to be ruffled. In particular, the sewing thread surface is smooth and when observed with the naked eye, it is easy to see that they are very solid.

So how to recognize Elanoss brand curtains is not difficult. Just a little subtle, customers can easily see the quality products from Elanoss. Or, please contact the company directly to order curtain design and construction. Thanks to that, we absolutely do not have to worry about fake and poor quality curtains.

Price list of Elanoss brand curtains

Elanoss curtains have long become an indispensable piece of furniture in the living spaces of many families, companies, offices, etc. Quality curtains from Elanoss have opened up a sophisticated living space. , luxurious, Thai and clearly show the aesthetic taste of the owner. 

Besides being interested in materials, designs, curtain styles, etc. Elanoss always knows that price is always an issue that customers want to know before making a final decision. For curtains brand Elanoss is no exception. But Elanoss will never disappoint its customers in terms of product prices.

All products will be applied with the most preferential and grateful prices. Elanoss is always customer-centric instead of profit. So giving customer satisfaction numbers is what the company does first. Cutting profits, increasing production costs and reducing product costs is the way that Elanoss is going to bring consumers quality curtains at preferential prices.

Each line of curtains will have a different price. Of course, brocade curtains will be different in price from art embroidered curtains or any other product line. There are many factors that affect the price. For example, curtain size, design time, etc. So for an accurate quote, buyers should contact Elanoss.

Some of the best-selling Elanoss curtains designs today

Elanoss always diversifies products to meet customer needs, and increase its competitiveness and influence in the market. In the many models of curtains provided by Elanoss, all of them receive the attention and love of customers. However, in some product lines, there are special models that are loved and best-selling.

To make it easy for buyers to identify the products that Elanoss offers. Why not experience some of the most popular and best-selling designs right now. After “visiting” we believe, you have made a choice for the next set of curtains for your family.

Family curtain

Elanoss always wishes to contribute to creating a sophisticated and luxurious living space. Because Elanoss understands that, in modern life, people are busier at this time, a comfortable and beautiful living space will bring the most comfortable relaxing moments. That’s why the home curtains at Elanoss sell so well.

Silk brocade curtains

Silk brocade curtains are one of Elonless’s number one selling curtains / Curtains have a long lifespan and are durable. Warm silk fabric, is tough, str,ong and elastic, so there is no shrinking, ruffled, or wrinkling after washing. With this strength, you can completely wash your curtains at home instead of taking them to the laundromat.

Silk brocade curtains at Elanoss are diverse in color. Customers can choose according to their preferences. However, choosing the right curtain color should still choose the space of the room and the furniture in the room. In particular, silk brocade curtains help create very good visual effects. So no matter what color tone you are, you will find the product delicate and eye-catching.

Besides, the Elanoss silk brocade curtain line has a very standard shape. Curtain products with a certain degree of drape do not cause a feeling of grace as many people worry. In particular, after washing the curtain, there will be no loss of form, and need to be handled by taking the form back.

Brocade curtains

Brocade fabric is increasingly popular with the difference, new and high-class. Curtains have the ability to block light, heat, and sound too perfectly to ensure privacy for the owner of the room. Isn’t it wonderful that in just one product, it can both decorate the space and can shade the sun, block light, soundproof, and heat insulation?

Brocade curtains are very durable and have a long life. Usually, users only change the curtain when they want to change the style and refresh the space instead of damaged products. The burlap curtain is strong, tough, and tough, and users can comfortably wash it by machine or hand without worrying about damage, or wrinkles.

Currently, some models of burlap curtains are enjoyed and chosen by many people such as monochrome brocade curtains; brocade fabric with embossed or sunken patterns, etc. If you like simple but sophisticated, you can choose monochrome burlap curtains. But if you are picky, and love perfection, the curtain line with sunken or floating patterns is worth the experience.

Artistic embroidery curtain 

It would be a mistake to mention the company’s best-selling and popular curtains and ignore the hand-embroidered curtains. This is one of those products that seems to be made entirely by hand. All motifs such as lotus, peach blossom, and animals are hand-embroidered meticulously and delicately.

The product uses high-quality white chiffon material. Sowin fabric has a certain sharpness, toughness, elasticity, and smoothness. So even if it is a thin chiffon fabric, the curtain is very durable. Embroidery patterns have many different patterns. Or customers can completely order embroidery as they like.

Art-embroidered curtains are usually the inner layer. The outer layer is a normal fabric layer depending on the customer’s choice. Art embroidered curtains bring delicate beauty, luxury, and elegance suitable for many living spaces. For example Living room, bedroom, and office. Whether it is a classic or modern style, you can choose from a hand-embroidered curtain pattern.

Queen curtain

For classical architecture, the neoclassical queen curtain is always a good candidate. Curtain design with luxurious ruffles on the upper part. Combined with high-quality fabrics, bringing a delicate, luxurious, and classy beauty. That is why the spaces that require aesthetics, luxury, and luxury are chosen first.

Queen curtains at Elanoss are always best sellers because of their quality and uniqueness. Why say the queen curtains at Elanoss are unique? Because high-quality fabrics are carefully selected. Meticulously designed, each needle line only brings a perfect product to the space.

In addition to the above curtain models, at Elanoss customers also find many other favorite product lines. For example, a queen curtain – is luxury and class, wooden curtain – is gentle, delicate, cozy, etc. These are also certain models that many people love and want to own. And you?

Office curtain

A beautiful, sophisticated, and eye-catching office is indispensable for the presence of curtains. That is also the reason why Elanoss devotes a lot of enthusiasm to the line of office curtains. Among many quality office curtains, do you know which product line is the best-selling?

Vertical blinds

Vertical blinds bring sophisticated modern beauty and are inspired by traditional curtains, bringing a whole new style. The highlight of vertical blinds is their simplicity, but it is not boring and monotonous. In contrast, vertical blinds are the highlight of the office space by sophistication.

Curtains are designed with high light blocking ability from 70% to 100%, depending on the needs of the user, we can choose the appropriate type. Because office space does not require high privacy. On the contrary, light, sophistication, relaxation, and comfort are what matter. And of course, vertical blinds always meet that.

Vertical blinds hold a lot of strengths, which users can easily feel and see during use. Then, there is no denying the durability and popularity. Curtains have a long service life and are easy to clean. Especially suitable for many spaces, and office design styles.

Roller blinds

Roller blinds design has many differences. Instead of tying the curtain, and pulling it to the sides, the curtain is neatly rolled. Curtains are used in many living spaces. Especially for offices designed in a minimalist style, smart and modern offices are more appropriate.

In terms of the ability to block light, heat, and sound of roller blinds, we don’t have to argue too much. In particular, curtain designs are diverse in form and design, bringing an extremely new, comfortable, and sophisticated working space. With such a comfortable working space, you will unleash your creativity and adventure with your work.

Rainbow curtain

During the past time, at Elanoss, the number of rainbow blinds supplied to the market has continuously increased. Curtain design is simple and easy to use and quality is always guaranteed. Before processing, the curtain has been treated with materials that are safe for human health and environment-friendly.

Elanoss always has a variety of products with many different colors. Each color is suitable for individual workspaces. In addition to the application with workspaces, you can also use rainbow curtains for smart apartments, offices, and living room spaces.

Aluminum foil curtain

Elanoss has 10 years of experience in designing, manufacturing, and constructing curtains. One of Elanoss’s favorite products in the office curtain segment is aluminum blinds. Curtains are designed with materials that are processed aluminum foil with a smooth, bright, and eye-catching surface.

The aluminum foil is simply stacked but exudes elegance and courtesy. Aluminum blinds are suitable for many design styles and furniture in the office. Thanks to meticulously designed and processed products to ensure quality, many customers have chosen Elanoss aluminum blinds to adorn their office space.

Mesh roller blinds

Roller blinds at Elanoss are always the number one bestseller. The reason is that the curtain design is simple and suitable for many office design styles. In the process of designing curtains, Elanoss pays great attention to the form and quality of products. Therefore, the curtain has high durability and does not fade.

When using Elanoss mesh roller blinds, customers will not have to worry about the ability to block light and sun for office space. In addition, the space-saving curtain and simple design make the office space more organized and neat. For narrow offices, roller blinds are always a good candidate that should not be missed.

Vertical blinds

Curtains are always indispensable pieces of furniture for any space, the same goes for the office. The curtains promote the function and the furniture to help the office bring its own style. Among them, vertical blinds have become Elanoss’ favorite and best-selling products.

Curtains at Elanoss are designed in a variety of forms, colors, and patterns. Each product is suitable for the office space and has its own design style. However, standing curtains are not picky about space. That means no matter what style your office is, you can use this type of curtain.

In addition to the office curtain models Elanoss has named for customers, there are many choices. When at Elanoss every model of curtains is the number one best seller. 

Automatic curtains

Modern, comfortable, and classy are what people use to talk about automatic curtains. That is why the product line always receives special love from customers. Instead of using manual blinds as usual, automatic curtains use a very modern remote control.

Try to imagine how wonderful life would be when you only need to sit in one place to adjust the blinds. Above all, the curtains are designed in a variety of forms and designs with modern beauty suitable for many living spaces. It can be in the form of fabric curtains, wooden blinds, roman blinds, etc., but with additional control systems. And a smart home will certainly not be complete without an automatic curtain system.

Automatic curtains are very easy to use. When installing, a remote control and specific instructions will be included. Of course, Elanoss will clearly guide you on how to use it. Besides providing automatic curtains, Elanoss’ automatic outdoor roller blinds and automatic outdoor awnings are also very popular with customers.

All products are designed, processed, and installed to ensure quality, and aesthetics as well as help the product maximize its use. Therefore, it is easy to understand that the automatic curtains at Elanoss are loved by customers and have super sales.

Specialized curtains

Convertible curtains are indispensable for many living spaces. It is also one of the best-selling blinds at Elanoss. Specialized curtain models are applied in many spaces and rooms. As their name suggests, the product line is designed to serve a specific purpose beyond the inherent functionality of the product.

Specialized blinds at Elanoss are diverse in models and product lines. Of course, every product is preferred by customers when needed. For example, medical curtains, hospital curtains, cold curtains, thread curtains, etc. Specialized curtains at Elanoss stand out for their quality and beautiful appearance. 

Accompanying Elanoss specialized curtains, customers will have the most suitable choices. At the same time, product prices are always competitive. For customers who need to install in large quantities, they will receive a super attractive % discount. 

In terms of form, specialized curtains at Elanoss are not inferior to any other product. All are designed to ensure aesthetics. In terms of quality, specialized curtains use the highest quality materials. Because of the rare pluses that are hard to find in the line of specialized curtains, customers have always accompanied and supported Elanoss.

Why choose the Elanoss curtain brand?

Elanoss curtain brand 10 years of age is the best choice for customers. Accompanying Elanoss is always a wise decision. Coming to Elanoss you will become a real god. The company always ensures the interests of customers. 

  • Curtain products are diverse in form, design, and material.

  • Curtains are designed, meticulously processed, and strictly tested before being put on the market to ensure product quality.

  • Elanoss provides curtain design and construction services at competitive prices.

  • The customer service process is fast, neat, and fast, saving time and effort for customers.

  • Free consultation, dedicated to customers to choose the best quality products and save money.

  • Free installation of curtains for customers when ordering curtains at Elanoss.

Curtains are pieces of furniture that change people’s living, studying and working spaces. Choosing quality curtains and reasonable prices is the desire of all customers. To do this, put your trust in Elanoss. With experience, enthusiasm and credibility Elanoss is committed to bringing absolute satisfaction to customers. So, contact Elanoss curtains today to receive advice on a quality product you are looking for.