Aluminum Flute Blinds

Aluminum blinds with unique and novel design. This is the perfect choice for homeowners with personality, love to explore. The presence of curtains makes the space of the room more sophisticated and elegant.

Aluminum Flute Blinds

The great advantages and benefits of aluminum blinds

As life is developing, the requirements for aesthetic quality for living space are increasing. Therefore, today’s curtains are often designed to be very luxurious and modern. You can easily find your favorite curtain design, suitable for your room. 

Aluminum blinds are one of the options not to be missed. So what are aluminum blinds? Why are aluminum blinds so popular among customers in recent times? Here are interesting information about this modern curtain model.

What are aluminum blinds?

If you have known wooden blinds, it will be easy to imagine aluminum blinds. Because the structure of these two types of blinds is quite similar. Aluminum blinds are composed of horizontal aluminum bars. These aluminum slats are stacked similar to wooden blinds. 

Especially the aluminum material used to make this curtain has the advantage of being very light. At the same time, the aluminum bars are powder coated. This ensures both aesthetics and safety for users. 

Aluminum blinds are also popular because of their very good light blocking and dust resistance. The curtains are also designed in a variety of colors, suitable for use in many different spaces. Moreover, aluminum blinds are much cheaper than wooden blinds. That is the reason why aluminum blinds are chosen by many people today.

Aluminum blinds are composed of thin, soft aluminum foils stacked on top of each other

Structure of aluminum blinds

Looking at the set of aluminum blinds, you can easily see that their design is more complicated than some other types of blinds such as fabric blinds, roller blinds. That shows that in order to make this curtain, it requires the feats and meticulousness of skilled workers. Accordingly, aluminum blinds include the following parts:

  • Aluminum foil: The aluminum foil is the main part that makes the difference of the aluminum blinds system. The aluminum foil is about 2.5cm wide. They have the characteristics of thin and quite soft, with many different colors that contribute to the aesthetic beauty of the curtain set.
  • Long square horizontal bar box: This part is the place to store the roller with the function of moving the aluminum foil up and down.
  • Rope: The rope is usually made of high-strength parachute rope. They are used to pull the curtain up and down at the discretion of the user.
  • Leaf rotation bar: This part works to help the user adjust the rotation of the aluminum foil. From there, you can adjust the amount of light entering the room as you like.

So aluminum foil blinds are made from aluminum curtain leaves. They are linked together by parachute cords. You can use the rope to pull the curtain or drop the curtain down very flexibly. This is an elegant design with a modern twist. Therefore, this model is very popular with many people.

The design of the aluminum foil curtain has a modern and elegant direction

Advantages and disadvantages of aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds are made from aluminum as the main material. Therefore, this curtain system has different advantages and disadvantages compared to other curtain models. You need to know this to make the right choice for your needs and purposes.

Advantages of aluminum blinds

Aluminum blinds also have outstanding advantages compared to some other curtain systems. Therefore, this type of curtain is also the family’s choice:


This is the outstanding advantage of aluminum blinds compared to other types of blinds. The main material to make this curtain is high-grade aluminum. This material is not affected by external environmental influences such as air humidity, sunlight, temperature, insects, … In addition, aluminum blinds are also covered with UV protection. So you don’t have to worry too much about the harmful effects of the sun. Therefore, aluminum blinds are also an ideal choice for spaces with strong sunlight and strong light.

Aluminum foil curtain is durable, long service life

No rust and oxidation

You may be worried, using aluminum blinds will be easily oxidized by the environment. But that’s not the case at all. That’s because aluminum blinds have been powder coated. Therefore, they are resistant to oxidation and rust. Besides, this powder coating also makes the curtain more beautiful thanks to the extremely diverse colors. This advantage makes aluminum blinds can win the hearts of the most demanding customers.

Easy to use

Aluminum blinds have a special structure. The blinds can be flipped 180 degrees. That’s why it’s so easy to use. You can easily pull up and down and flip the curtain at many different angles. The curtain has a moderate thickness and is very light, so the elderly and children can use it easily.

A diversity of colours

The design of aluminum blinds is made up of horizontal aluminum bars layered on top of each other to create a shielding ability. You can easily pull the curtain up and down to adjust the light according to the purpose of use. In terms of designs and colors, horizontal aluminum blinds can meet the requirements of many customers. This curtain is available in different colors. If you want a more luxurious and cozy living space, you can choose light brown and deep brown colors. If you like the interior decoration of the room in a modern style, the white aluminum blinds are the choice not to be missed.

Cost savings

Compared to many other types of blinds on the market, using aluminum blinds will help you save a lot of money. That’s because aluminum blinds are more durable. However, the price is cheaper. So if you are on a tight budget, aluminum blinds are an option not to be missed. Also thanks to its high durability and less damage, users do not have to spend a lot of maintenance costs. 

Aluminum foil curtain has low cost, saving for users

Easy to clean

This is also one of the obvious advantages of aluminum blinds. Aluminum blinds are less prone to dirt, and are less affected by factors such as mold, dust, and insects. So with this type of curtain, cleaning is very easy, you just need to spray water, then gently wipe the curtain has become more clean. You can even use a vacuum cleaner to clean the blinds quickly. So you do not need too much time to maintain and clean the curtain like some other curtain systems.

Can be installed in many locations

With beautiful design, diverse colors, good light-blocking and dust-proof features, aluminum blinds can be used to install in many different spaces such as: windows of houses, offices, companies, etc. ..Moreover, the curtain is quite light in weight, easy to transport. Therefore, the installation is also quite easy.

Disadvantages of aluminum blinds

There is no denying that aluminum blinds have a lot of advantages. However, this curtain system also has some disadvantages that you need to be aware of.

Poor insulation

Aluminum has the advantage of being durable. However, aluminum has poor thermal conductivity and cooling capacity. Therefore, using aluminum blinds to block sunlight and heat insulation may be an inappropriate choice. Therefore, if the window is on the west side, you should not use aluminum blinds.. They are only suitable for installation in spaces where there is no direct sunlight, and used to block light.

Not diverse in models

Another drawback of aluminum blinds is that the design is not really diverse compared to other curtain systems. They are less colorful and patterned. However, manufacturers are now also improving on product designs for more variety.

Benefits of aluminum blinds

With so many advantages, aluminum blinds are also versatile in application. This curtain system is gradually asserting its position in the market with many benefits:

Good light and dust resistance

The feature of aluminum blinds is that they are coated with a powder coating with different tones. Therefore, aluminum blinds have good light blocking ability. In addition, with this material, you do not worry about the curtain being attacked by insects and other agents. The ability to resist dust of this type of curtain is also very good. 

Besides using aluminum blinds, you do not have to worry about mold, corrosion, rust, oxidation, …. Therefore, aluminum blinds are very suitable for installation in locations where private space is required. private, cool as bedroom, office. Or install in locations such as kitchens, bathrooms.

Aluminum foil curtain makes the room more beautiful and impressive

Enhance the elegance and modern beauty of your home

Aluminum blinds, no matter what space they are used in, still exude a luxurious and modern beauty. Although aluminum blinds have a simple design, if you coordinate with the furniture in the house properly, whether it is an ancient or modern design style, they still contribute to making the space luxurious and comfortable. more convenience.

Where are aluminum blinds suitable for installation?

With many advantages and benefits, aluminum blinds can be used to install in many different spaces. You can install aluminum blinds for windows in bedrooms, offices, living rooms, kitchens in offices, companies, hotels, motels, restaurants, cafes, or showrooms…

Aluminum foil blinds can be installed in many different spaces

Where to buy the most prestigious, cheap, quality aluminum blinds?

It is a product line with many advanced features and reasonable price. Therefore, aluminum blinds are being sought by many customers. However, many people wonder where to buy good quality aluminum blinds. 

Elanoss offers a full range of different curtain models. In which aluminum blinds are products that this unit invests carefully in both quality and design. Moreover, the price is very affordable. Elanoss received a lot of compliments from partners and customers. Elanoss deserves to be the address for customers to give their trust.

Thus, aluminum blinds are a smart choice if you want to regulate light and ensure absolute privacy. Hopefully with the information shared above, you will choose the best curtain for your room.