Art Embroidery Curtain

For a long time, curtains have become an integral part of the house. In addition to the inherent use, curtains also become an interior decoration item. Therefore, curtains are designed with a variety of designs, materials, … and product lines. In particular, artistic embroidery curtains are known to be the preferred choice of many Vietnamese families.

Art Embroidery Curtain

What is Art Embroidery Curtain?

Curtains have naturally become an indispensable interior decoration. Curtains are designed with a variety of product lines to meet the needs as well as suit different architectural spaces. In today’s popular product lines, we can’t help but mention artistic hand-embroidered curtains.

Elegant and delicate art embroidery curtain

Art embroidered curtain or also known as artistic hand embroidered curtain? If the curtain lines have pre-printed patterns or embossed patterns on the fabric, the embroidery curtain line is completely the opposite. All patterns are embroidered by hand by skilled, experienced and knowledgeable craftsmen.

The motifs are embroidered directly onto the curtain fabric by hand, so the product is quite laborious and takes a long time to complete. Curtains stand out by their sophistication, elegance and impression by hand-embroidered motifs. That’s what makes the artistic hand-embroidered curtains more valuable. At the same time, it contributes to making the product line different from other curtain lines. 

Outstanding features of artistic hand-embroidered curtains

Artistic hand-embroidered curtains are the secret to opening a luxurious, sophisticated and eye-catching living space. Certainly, the product line holds many distinctive features that set it apart from other curtain styles.

Chiffon material

If the queen curtains, piercing curtains, etc. use high-quality fabrics, with pre-printed or embossed patterns, the embroidered curtains are completely the opposite. The line of artistic hand-embroidered products is quite picky when it comes to design. Art embroidered curtains often use white chiffon fabric.

Curtains use high quality chiffon material

The white chiffon material is soft, thin, but not wrinkled. The durability of chiffon fabric is quite high. Chiffon fabric holds a delicate and luxurious beauty when combined with other curtain fabrics. In particular, on the background of white chiffon material, embroidered patterns will become more prominent and delicate than ever.

In addition to chiffon material, other fabrics can be used but rarely. If you have ideas about other materials, please express them to the curtain design unit for advice and advice on the most appropriate product line. 

Various textures

Hand-embroidered curtains under the skillful hands of skilled craftsmen always bring products with high aesthetic and artistic value. Patterns are embroidered on various curtains. You can use patterns of peach blossom, lotus, water lily, crane,,…. Or any other pattern that you love.

Choosing the right pattern is one of the strengths of hand-embroidered curtains. While other curtain lines, using available fabrics, the choice of colors and patterns also has many limitations. So it’s not too surprising that many people choose the line that adds artistic hand embroidery instead of ready-made curtains.

Suitable for many living spaces

If the queen curtain is suitable for the neoclassical classical style room, the blinds and curtains are suitable for modern architecture, the embroidered curtain is suitable for all design styles. From classic style to antique, modern, retro, etc., homeowners can completely choose artistic hand-embroidered curtains.

Curtains are suitable for many spaces and architectures

For classical architecture, artistic hand-embroidered curtains are the best point, the secret to pushing the luxurious and trendy space of the room up a notch. In modern building architecture, hand-embroidered curtains are known as the subtle highlight of the room. Besides, for the office company, the hand-embroidered curtain is a good candidate.

Artistic hand-embroidered curtain effect

Of course, like other curtain products, artistic hand-embroidered curtains hold many different effects. First, the curtain has the ability to coordinate light. If you pay attention, you will see that the curtains will be very dark when you let go of the room. But when the curtain is pulled, the room is too bright or the light is uneven, causing a blinding feeling.

However, this is not the case with art embroidered curtain products. Because the product is made of thin chiffon fabric. Uniform light distribution to every corner of the room without causing a bright feeling for high-rise apartments.

The house is more beautiful and sophisticated with artistic hand-embroidered curtains

Although the chiffon fabric is quite thin, the curtains contribute to increase the heat and sound insulation of the room. Because hand-embroidered curtains are designed with 2 layers. The outer layer is a normal curtain fabric, the inner layer is a layer of embroidered chiffon fabric with delicate patterns. Adding an extra layer of curtain means increasing heat and sound insulation for the room more effectively.

In particular, artistic hand-embroidered curtains are valuable home decoration items. The room becomes more luxurious and sophisticated with the hand-embroidered curtain design, which we clearly see when the product is present. So for a long time, many people have favored art hand-embroidered curtains.

Experience the line of artistic hand-embroidered curtains

Artistic embroidered curtains are a smart choice to own a sophisticated and luxurious living space. Curtains designed with sophisticated and luxurious chiffon material become the highlight of the house.

Floral embroidery curtains

In the line of artistic hand-embroidered curtains, flower-embroidered curtains are the most popular product line. At the same time, it is also chosen by many homeowners to decorate their homes. Floral motifs here are very rich and diverse. It could be a soft peach blossom pattern with pink hues on a white chiffon background.

Curtains often use floral motifs

But it can also be the pink lotus flowers, large and round petals are meticulously embroidered, flexible under the hands of the craftsman. Those soft lotus flowers are decorated with green lotus leaf motifs. Create an extremely delicate landscape painting.

Or it can also have a peony pattern. This flower symbolizes power and happiness. Peony has long been known as the “national color of heaven”, the flower of nobility, beauty and regal. The soft, flexible peonies on the curtains help the living space to be more colorful, fresh and delicate.

Animal pattern embroidery curtain

Surely we all know that each animal represents many different things. Therefore, the animal embroidery curtain product lines always receive love from many families. Noble animals such as cranes, peacocks, etc. are included in the delicate and eye-catching curtains.

Embroidered curtains with animal motifs

If you want, you can also order embroidery of your favorite animals at reputable establishments. With experience, your required ingenuity will quickly be met. There are also many other product lines such as landscape embroidery, mountains, etc. Because this is a hand-embroidered product line, customers can completely order embroidery at will.

The address for providing artistic hand-embroidered curtains

Artistic embroidered curtains are not simply furniture, “tools” to shade the sun. On the contrary, the product line is like a spiritual dish, a work of art, opening a fresh, sophisticated and luxurious living space. However, because it is a handmade product, choosing a reputable supplier is really important.

Elanoss – Prestigious place to provide hand-embroidered curtains

Prestigious address, owning a team of skilled and experienced embroiderers. They are the ones who breathe life into their works. That is also the reason why, not every address that provides this product line also receives support from customers.

In the many addresses that provide reputable hand-embroidered curtains, Elanoss is a suggestion worth considering. Elanoss is known as a supplier of curtains with many years of experience. Besides providing ready-made curtains, Elanoss also designs curtains according to customers’ requirements. 

Coming to Elanoss, customers will be able to own quality artistic hand-embroidered curtain products. Each embroidery stitch is done by a team of skilled workers with experience and responsibility in the job. Thanks to that, customers can completely rest assured to order curtains with high difficulty textures, high requirements for accuracy.

Artistic embroidered curtains are the secret to opening a luxurious and fresh living space. Curtains are designed with delicate chiffon material with meticulous and flexible hand-embroidered patterns. If you are wondering about the product model suitable for your family’s living space, please contact Elanoss for advice and assistance.