Automatic Ceiling Curtains

Many families are wondering whether to choose automatic ceiling curtains for outdoor spaces or skylights, right? The answer lies in the following article.

Automatic ceiling curtain – Effective solution for families

Curtains have long been an indispensable item in many homes. The trend of being close to nature is increasingly popular, so bright designs are always a priority. However, in the hot sunny season, too much light makes the space hot and uncomfortable. Automatic ceiling curtains will be an effective solution for families to catch the sun in the skylight or outdoor space and provide shelter when needed.

What is automatic ceiling curtain?

Many people confuse ceiling curtains with recessed curtains . This is a completely different product, so don’t confuse the concept. Ceiling curtain is a product used to cover skylights, glass ceilings of buildings or glass spaces on eaves. This product is usually designed to be compact and convenient, and can be resized to fit each space.

Automatic ceiling curtains are commonly used in home spaces

Automatic ceiling curtain is a type of ceiling curtain, used for the purpose of blocking light for glass ceilings, skylights or eaves to enjoy, drink tea, relax. This product is designed to be controlled remotely by remote or via smartphone or tablet. With today’s modern technology, the curtain can also integrate the home’s smart control system, electrical switch or other central control panel. Convenience and improvement bring satisfaction to customers.

Types of automatic ceiling curtains are on the market

Because of the convenience that it brings along with the variety of works, in terms of curtain placement, automatic ceiling curtains also have many different models and types to serve the needs of each customer. Currently, on the market, there are three popular types of ceiling curtains as follows.

Automatic flat ceiling curtain

The first type mentioned is the automatic flat curtain. This type of curtain has the feature that the fabric is pulled flat against the glass ceiling, not folding like other types. The common advantage of automatic control ceiling curtains is their compactness and simplicity. This type of curtain also has the same advantage.

Pictures for automatic flat ceiling curtain

This curtain model shows the most obvious feature is the small glass frames, the skylight spaces are located high on the ceiling. Because if the size of the space is too large, it will cause the fabric to be rolled or wrinkled, making the curtain inefficient and wasteful. Locations that are difficult to construct and install are also used this type of curtain.

Currently, the most used automatic flat curtains are thick fabrics, have good light blocking ability and are durable at the same time. Patterned or plain fabrics are suitable for use.

Flat curtain movable awning

The second type of ceiling curtain is commonly used in spaces with eaves running out of the house. It is because of its intended use as well as its properties that people name this type of curtain so that it is easy to remember and visualize. This type of curtain is suitable for large outdoor spaces, using an additional roof to block the sun and rain.

This product is also quite simple in structure, but the removable roof will make it easy to pull in and out. The outside look also creates a modern and beautiful feeling. This type of curtain is also used by some families as an effective tarpaulin to block the sun and rain.

Automatic pleated ceiling curtain.

The final product is pleated ceiling curtain, specializing in self-rolling curtain motor. The fabric zones are formed into zones when the curtain is closed, helping the layers of fabric to be stacked, forming zones with sag depending on requirements. This system is operated flexibly and quickly, does not make loud noise and creates an airy space when needed.

Automatic pleated curtains are commonly used in large open spaces

This type of curtain has the ability to effectively avoid sunlight, suitable for large open spaces, creating accents for skylights or porches. Compared to flat blinds, this curtain is more popular to use, because of the ability to customize the brightness and shield when needed. That is, depending on the needs of the user that pulls out when needed, the rest remains open space with a large, unobstructed sky.

What spaces are automatic ceiling curtains used for?

As mentioned, automatic ceiling curtains are an extremely modern and new design that can be used for skylights or sunlit ceilings in families or cafes and restaurants. Usually, families use in private houses with ceiling wells and porches is the most.

The ceiling curtain product works automatically for many different spaces

It is a fact that, in modern house design, often a skylight is left to attract light and wind. It will be of great benefit in times of cloudy or cool weather. However, on hot summer days, it is an obsession, because the sun shining in causes a radiant effect, making the house hot and uncomfortable. The large amount of heat in the house affects not only the furniture in the house but also the health and psychology of people. Automatic ceiling curtain was born to solve that obsession.

Types of motors used for automatic ceiling curtains

To operate smoothly, the ceiling curtain system must have a motor to operate. Let’s see the popular types of motors used for this type of curtain.

Forest engine

Not far from this engine line, Forest is a high-end brand with good quality, which has been confirmed for many years in the market.

Forest engine is trusted by customers

Forest’s motor is used not only for automatic ceiling blinds, but also for many other types of automatic blinds. Many advantages of this motor are confirmed by users, such as low noise level below 40 dB(A); maximum run time of 4 minutes; power saving for users with a capacity of 110W. This type of engine also has many types for customers to choose from, specifically:

  • 3-wire 6/28 motor: this uses 15-channel touch control and cannot be combined with smart homes
  • 4-wire 6/28 motor: this is a 4-wire motor with 1 common wire, 1 forward rotation, 1 reverse rotation, and 1 ground wire. This type of motor is integrated with smart electricity and is mostly suitable for smart electric companies on the market today.

Engine Somfy

This is a motor line used for automatic ceiling curtains, a French brand, meeting European standards and very popular with customers. This engine also has many different products hitting the market.

Somfy engines are also trusted by customers

Because the products meet high standards, the product lines of this motor meet the needs of energy saving, strong rotational speed, quiet operation, and low noise. In addition, there are also extremely intelligent motor lines (such as the Sonness 40WT series made in France), with super quiet, noise only 35dB, smooth operation when operating and has the opportunity to automatically disconnect when operating. overload action.

China AOK Engine

The Chinese AOK engine has the advantage of low cost, good performance, full of required features. Because of these advantages, AOK China’s product lines are sold very well in Vietnam.

Chinese AOK engines are sold very well in Vietnam

AOK has popular engine types such as:

  • AM68-2/80-EC-P: with a voltage of 100-240W, a capacity of 80W is capable of maximizing power savings for users. The pulling speed is 12cm/s and the noise level is also quite small, below 40bB (A) making many people satisfied. This motor also integrates smart electricity by 5V . dry contact
  • AM35: This type of motor is extremely popular in the current winding motors on the market. Its advantages are durable, stable operation and integration with other smart electric companies, so customers are easier and more convenient to use. It can be used by remote control or by phone with the Homemate software app. AM35 motor also has 4 different types such as AM35 3-wire type, 4-wire type, dry contact type and gapless type to make it easier for users to choose.
  • AM45: This type of motor is used for large, high-altitude windings that require strong traction.

Depending on the needs of use, customers can choose from different engines. Or if you are not knowledgeable, you can consult the sales units to choose accordingly.

Famax engine

Motor used for automatic ceiling curtain that we would like to introduce to you is the Famax brand line, which is developed and researched by IBC. Like the engines above, this engine is also appreciated for its durability, strong traction and smooth operation. All models can be integrated with smart electricity. Some lines also automatically cut off power when overloaded. Among the best-selling products, it is impossible not to mention the Famax Pro engine. This engine is appreciated for its neat design, beautiful design and weight. When operating is also extremely smooth and durable at the same time,

Thus, it can be seen that automatic ceiling curtains are a reasonable choice for families who are using skylights or have corridors or balconies to relax and rest. This product has both sun protection, heat protection, and flexibility in beautifying the home space. The model of the product is also extremely diverse, customers can visit the website to have more models and product information of this curtain line.