Automatic Curtains

Do you want your home to be “smarter” and more modern? Catch up on new trends in home decoration? Then choosing Automatic Curtains is the best. 

Automatic Curtains

Automatic Curtains – Smart “friends” for beautiful homes in the new era

Curtains are a fairly common decorative item and have been used by humans for a long time. The main purpose of curtains is to flexibly regulate the amount of natural light pouring into the house through the doors. 

Currently, besides traditional fabric curtains, Automatic Curtains are also a very stable choice for those who love the modernity and convenience that smart technology brings. So what are the advantages of automatic curtains compared to manual curtains?

What are Automatic Curtains? What is the difference between automatic blinds and traditional blinds?

Automatic open curtains are a new generation of curtains, applying modern, smart and convenient technology to the operating principle. Inside the automatic curtains will add a motor, also known as a curtain motor. 

It is this part that will connect to the remote control and you just need to use the correct device to adjust the opening and closing, setting the timer, … for the curtains only. Even now, with the latest smartphones with built-in infrared, you don’t need a separate remote at all. You can also use the multi-controller applications in smartphones. 

Automatic motorized curtains

And the above is also the difference, the easiest point to identify between Automatic Curtains and traditional hand-drawn curtains. If with the old-fashioned curtain, you completely use your hands to pull in and out, and it takes a long time to adjust the opening to your liking and it is impossible to set a timer. Then with smart curtains, all can be solved with just the mini remote. 

Advantages and benefits of using automatic curtains

It is no coincidence that people rate Automatic Curtains higher than traditional curtains. The most basic is because this type of curtains possesses outstanding advantages compared to conventional hand-drawn curtains. Bringing users benefits and convenience at home. 

So in your opinion, what are the advantages or benefits that automatic blinds – a product of creativity combining modern and smart technology bring when used? The answers you’re looking for are below. 

Modern, comfortable

The biggest advantage and also the main benefit that automatic smart curtains bring to homeowners is the modernity, convenience and convenience. 

Modern and convenient Automatic Curtains

Before, no one thought that the curtains could be opened with a remote like a TV or air conditioner. No one would have thought that it was possible to set a timer, set a schedule for the curtains to open and close like turning on/off electrical appliances. 

But now, those things have become true, even very popular in society. We can completely lie on the sofa and close the living room curtains or set the schedule in advance so that the curtains automatically open to welcome the early morning sunlight into the house while you are still fast asleep in the bedroom. 

Even for 2-layer automatic blinds, in which one layer is usually white fabric, users can completely choose the feature that only opens the thick curtain layer above, the rest still closes the thin white curtain layer. This flexible opening function will adjust the amount of natural light entering your home so that it is abundant but not harsh, especially on sunny days all day from early morning. Besides, you can completely synchronize the curtains 

Easy to use, control

In fact, traditional blinds are not too difficult to pull or use. 

Easy to use even if you lose or run out of battery control

However, the problem is that not all people of all ages have the strength to open it, especially for houses with high and heavy curtains that are difficult for the elderly or children to open. Besides, old-fashioned curtains also have a problem that when used for a long time, they can easily be pulled when pulling the curtain or can not be pulled all the way. 

But with automatic curtains, all of the above is not a problem because you now use smart control devices to open / close the blinds. Children a few years old can understand English and use various types of air conditioner controls, TV remotes, electric fans, etc. So it is easy for children to use remote controls to operate with Automatic blinds are not difficult to understand. 

In addition, the use of a motor instead of the stainless steel or wooden pull bars in the curtain will completely solve the phenomenon of being caught halfway, which is common when opening in hand-drawn blinds. 

Aesthetic, showing luxury class 

Quite a few people think that Automatic Curtains follow the trend of modernization, more application, so they will not be appreciated in terms of aesthetics. 

Automatic blinds ensure aesthetics and elegance according to the minimalist modern trend

However, in fact, most smart blinds are designed quite beautifully. Choosing a minimalist style, limiting cumbersome textures, automatic blinds use rich and diverse tones, delicate and gentle patterns, suitable for general aesthetics and can be used for many types of architecture. 

The design of automatic curtains does not go as much in the classic or neoclassical direction as some traditional curtains, but instead will lean towards the trend of showing modern elegance. The luxurious and modern beauty of the home interior always prioritizes neat minimalism but “eats together” in sophistication, smart technology application. Therefore, automatic curtains still completely meet the aesthetic requirements for the house. 

Variety of varieties

If you have ever learned about Automatic Curtains, you will know that there are many types of traditional blinds, there are many types of automatic blinds. Except for traditional blinds using too heavy materials, automatic installation is not recommended. So with all types of traditional blinds such as fabric curtains, blinds, roman blinds, folding blinds, … you can turn them into automatic blinds with the improvement of technology. 

Smart blinds are rich in types – Illustration of automatic wooden blinds

Safe to use

Similar to the fact that children can remotely control with Automatic Curtains, parents are also more secure when asking their children to open or close the curtains. Because if they let the baby open the traditional curtains with manual pulling, then in In many cases, curtains that are used for a long time or are too old, degraded, may collapse, which is very dangerous. 

However, with automatic blinds, this does not happen because the curtain motor used is very solid. So in terms of safety, using automatic blinds will be more secure than traditional blinds, especially for homes with young children. 

Popular types of automatic curtains 

As mentioned in the advantages section, automatic curtains are inherently very diverse in types. So the criteria for classifying curtains on the market are also many. From fabric, pattern to style, price list,… However, in general, we can still classify Automatic Curtains into 2 basic groups:

  • Interior curtains: usually automatic blinds such as rainbow curtains, roman blinds, wooden blinds, fabric blinds, …
  • Exterior curtains: usually cable roller blinds, rail roller blinds, aluminum foil roller blinds, roof window blinds,…

Automatic Roman motor curtain