Automatic Outdoor Awning

Automatic outdoor awning is a product that is gradually dominating the market by many outstanding advantages. Please refer to the following article for more detailed information about the product. 

Automatic Outdoor Awning

Automatic outdoor awning – The optimal solution for a complete living space

In addition to factors such as paint color, furniture, etc., one of the aesthetic highlights in many modern homes today is the automatic outdoor roof. This product is a leap forward with outstanding advantages over conventional fixed roofs. With many supporting utilities for users, automatic awnings are gradually becoming a trend in housing design today. So what is an automatic outdoor awning? Let’s find out more details in the article below. 

Automatic outdoor awning is a trend that is gradually taking over the market

What is an automatic outdoor awning product?

The automatic outdoor awning is a line of awnings that have the function of shading the sun and rain, but can be freely pulled out and retracted at the will of the user. It is thanks to this improvement that automatic outdoor awnings are widely applied today. Automatic awnings bring convenience to users thanks to outstanding advantages over conventional fixed awnings. 

In some products, a remote control mode is also integrated, helping users to shorten manual operations to pull out or retract the roof as usual. Even when standing from a distance, or staying inside the house without going out, you can still control the outdoor awning automatically according to your wishes. 

The structure of the automatic outdoor awning 

Automatic outdoor awnings are usually made from high-quality canvas. The most popular are Polyester and Tarpaulin fabrics. The fabric surface is covered with PVC on both sides, making the product resistant to rain and sun, durable over time. Normally, an automatic outdoor awning product made from canvas has a minimum service life of 10 years, in harsh weather conditions in Vietnam.

The product is durable against rain and sun

The roof frame is made from high quality stainless aluminum. This brings safety and flexibility to the product in pulling and retracting operations. This canopy line is also integrated with a controller that includes very simple operation buttons. Therefore, you and your loved ones can easily control the roof to operate according to your wishes, including the elderly or children.

In terms of price, the automatic outdoor awning line has a relatively moderate price. However, the utility that this product brings is considered to be far superior to the traditional fixed or hand-cranked awnings. Therefore, outdoor automatic awnings are the trusted choice of many families today. 

What types of automatic outdoor awnings are there? 

There are many types of automatic awnings on the market today. You can consider different designs and models of popular products such as A-shaped roof line, wavy roof… Depending on your preferences and needs, you can choose a product for yourself. suitable product.

Double movable roof – roof A

The A-shaped movable roof is the choice of many families

Basically, the A-shaped movable roof has the same structure as other types of mobile roofs. The product is composed of two parts: the frame and the roof. In there:

  • Frame: Designed like a trolley, including 4 flexible wheels, very easy for moving. The material of the frame is high-grade anti-rust galvanized steel, designed to size in accordance with the standards of use. The maximum height of the frame is 5m, in order to limit the impact from the environment that can make the product quickly damaged. 
  • The roof: The roof consists of 2 awnings that are assembled in the shape of an A attached to the frame. In the middle of the two roofs, there is an additional rotating tree designed to make the user’s operation more convenient. The roof material is high-quality PVC tarpaulin, which is resistant to impacts from Vietnam’s weather conditions. This helps to prolong the life of the product.  


  • Compact, flexible design: The product is designed to be extremely simple with extremely flexible mobility. Users can easily move the product anywhere with just a few basic operations.
  • Suitable for many different types of space: It can be said that it is thanks to the ability to apply in many different types of spaces that the double movable roof – A-shaped roof gradually becomes a favorite product of many consumers. use. 
  • The legs are designed with 2 small wheels, making it easier and faster to move the roof to different positions. In addition, thanks to the double roof design, the product’s usable area is very spacious, suitable for outdoor use space.
  • High durability, cost savings: The use of double movable roof – A-shaped roof is considered to be much superior to traditional fixed roofs. The product is made of high-quality materials, so it is very durable in use. 


In addition to the above advantages, the A-shaped roof also has certain limitations that you need to pay attention to as follows:

  • Effective against heavy rain and wind is not high because the product is not fixed to a certain position. 
  • The A-roof has a relative height standard, so storage requires enough space for storage.

Automatic corrugated outdoor awning

The aesthetic beauty of the automatic corrugated awning

The automatic corrugated outdoor canopy is composed of many different details that combine to form a product. However, they are basically divided into 2 main parts: 

  • Frame: Made of high quality stainless steel, iron or aluminum. In addition, some products are also modified from wooden frames, with welded joints and screws into the frame. Thus, it is possible to make use of the pillars if there is an empty space, or to attach them to a wall or fence with a fixed frame. 
  • The canvas part: Designed into many waves with a standard size of about 50cm. The tarpaulin is usually fixed with iron rods to be inserted into each tarpaulin tube with a ready-made slide. Then threaded into the rail in the form of a pulley or automatic motor to use. 

Features of the automatic outdoor awning in the form of a corrugated pull-out roof. It is the ability to move, change position flexibly in space to bring a cool and comfortable space. With a structure consisting of a pulley system, rollers, and ropes to pull the canvas in combination with an iron pillar frame, it makes pulling and pulling the canvas easier. 


The corrugated outdoor awning has many outstanding advantages that users should know, specifically as follows:

  • The operation of pulling out and retracting is extremely simple depending on the needs of the user.
  • Large coverage area, can be widely applied in specific business locations and family houses. 
  • Made of high-quality materials, so it is durable, resistant to all harsh weather conditions.
  • Convenient to use for all audiences, including children and the elderly.
  • Some types of automatic corrugated outdoor awnings are also integrated with a remote control mode, which is very convenient for users. 


In general, the automatic corrugated outdoor roof product has no drawbacks that are worth noting. The biggest disadvantage of this type of awning, is the relatively high installation cost compared to some other types of outdoor awnings.

Should I use an automatic outdoor awning? 

To answer the question of whether to use automatic outdoor awning or not. You should refer to the specific advantages and disadvantages of this product line to make the right choice for you. 

Automatic outdoor awning has many outstanding advantages


  • High durability: Thanks to the high quality PVC coated canvas, it is able to withstand the harsh weather conditions in Vietnam. The product has a minimum service life of 10 years. 
  • Cleaning and cleaning operation is very simple: Because the awning structure already has a waterproof canvas. Therefore, users only need to simply clean with a damp cloth when needed.
  • Optimal protection for buildings: Good for the main purpose of use is to shield the sun and rain for the eaves area in restaurants, restaurants, houses, …
  • High aesthetics: The current automatic outdoor canopy, in addition to its ability to protect, also has the effect of improving the aesthetic beauty of the building. Many products are designed with unique and beautiful textures and designs to help customers choose easily.
  • Ease of use: The biggest limitation of fixed roof products is that they cannot be pulled out, retracted or moved according to user needs. With the mobile awning product, users only need to press the automatic switch button to be able to control the product according to their wishes. 


Automatic awnings are often more expensive than traditional fixed awnings. Because the product has been integrated with more control modes, as well as has a more complex structure. However, users will experience an optimal product and save much more effort than other common roof types. 

Address providing reputable automatic outdoor roof? 

Currently, because the automatic outdoor awning has many outstanding advantages, the product gradually dominates the market and is trusted by the majority of customers. Since then, many automatic awning businesses have emerged. Making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between a reputable establishment and a poor-quality address.

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