Automatic Outdoor Roller Blinds

Automatic outdoor roller blinds are a useful item with many different uses. In the following article, we will learn about the characteristics and types of blinds currently on the market.

Automatic Outdoor Roller Blinds

Features of automatic outdoor roller blinds users should know

Curtains are so familiar in our lives today. Most homes use blinds for a variety of purposes. In addition to blackout, heat-blocking and decorative curtains inside the house, there is another type of curtain arranged outside. It’s automatic outdoor roller blinds. Let’s take a look at the features and types of these curtains.

Overview of automatic outdoor roller blinds

Outdoor automatic roller blinds are popular today because of their convenience. They are easy to operate and can also be wall or window mounted for easy time-saving installation. No need to seal the room or pull down the curtains if you want to open a window or door quickly. 

The product can be used as an outdoor sunshade. There are many types of automatic roller blinds available today, but before you buy, you should understand exactly what they do and how they work best.

Automatic outdoor roller blinds are used in many different spaces

Automatic outdoor roller blinds are a horizontal device that rolls up and down with just a flick of the hand using technology or using hand force to roll. It is made of rods of different materials with rollers in the bearing. When the trigger is pressed, the roller is activated and the roller blinds are opened or closed.

Usually, we know the outdoor automatic roller blinds for the office or workplace. However, at present, this type of curtain is very commonly used in private houses, used to shade the sun outside the yard, garden or for cafes, restaurants, garages….

Structure of automatic outdoor roller blinds

Many of you ask the question, what is the difference between outdoor automatic roller blinds and other types of roller blinds? Surely it has certain characteristics to have such a name.

Outdoor automatic blinds have a very unique structure

First of all, it must be confirmed, this is one of the most popular blinds on the market. The main effect of the curtain is to block light, block heat or some other effects depending on the needs of each customer. Compared with other types of blinds, automatic outdoor roller blinds are different in that they have a motor attached to move them without using too much force like conventional blinds. The common structure of an automatic curtain installed outdoors includes:

  • Motor to control the curtain. If it is a fully automatic curtain, there will be additional controls for automatic rolling, otherwise, there will be more manual rollers attached to the motor. This is the most obvious difference of this type of curtain compared to other blinds on the market today.
  • Tarpaulin or other materials that make up the curtain. However, with outdoor blinds, units often prioritize the production of materials that are waterproof and heat-insulating to endure windy, rainy, and sunny weather outdoors without too much damage to the product. Products.
  • Roller frame: Material can be made of plastic, iron, stainless steel… Depending on the product to choose the right material. But usually, the material of the frame is usually resistant to rust and less oxidized when in the weather outside.

Frame set with internal structure of outdoor automatic roller blinds

As can be seen, this type of curtain has some differences compared to conventional roller blinds in having an automatic motor.

Why choose automatic outdoor roller blinds?

After learning about the structure of this type of curtain, you should be able to partly imagine why you should choose this type of curtain. Here are some of the main reasons.

First of all, the first effect is to cover the sun and rain for outdoor spaces. Vietnam is a country with a tropical monsoon climate, with high temperature and high rainfall. Therefore, outdoor spaces often have to use screens or umbrellas to avoid erratic weather. Automatic roller blinds placed outdoors are extremely suitable. The fabric of the curtain is high-quality materials, able to withstand the sun and persistent rains, namely high-quality canvas fabrics such as Acrylic, Olefin or Polyester fabric. The durability of these fabrics is extremely great, so they have a long service life.

The effect of curtains is huge in people’s lives

The convenience while using is also a strong point that used customers appreciate this type of curtain. For those who buy roller blinds fully automatic, without manual operation, just need the remote to be able to control as desired. For families who install curtains in the yard, in the garage or in outdoor cafes

the use of this product is extremely convenient. In addition, in terms of shape and color, outdoor automatic roller blinds are also diverse in colors and designs that are not inferior to indoor blinds. Therefore, customers can choose according to their wishes without worrying about the colors being few or difficult to choose.

Types of automatic outdoor roller blinds are loved by customers today

As mentioned above, automatic outdoor roller blinds come in a variety of styles, designs, materials and operations. Therefore, there are many ways to divide this type of roller blinds. We will divide the categories according to each function or control system… so that customers can easily visualize and choose.

Classification by control system

First, it is possible to rely on the control system to classify outdoor automatic roller blinds. Classified according to this criterion, outdoor automatic roller blinds have 3 types as follows:

Roller curtain system controlled by hand zipper: this type is chosen by the majority of customers with cheap criteria and saving installation costs. Because its operation is human-magnetic, it will not cost as much as other types, especially energy-saving. But when it comes to modernity and convenience, this type is behind the others.

Curtains with remote control function with remote

Semi-automatic curtain: this type is commonly used for the purpose of shading from sun and rain. Its working mechanism is that when pulling down, customers have to use a zipper, but when pulling up, just release the rope and it can automatically roll back without any more force.

Automatic roller blinds are controlled by remote or via phone app. Of the three types, this one was born later and is considered the most advanced and convenient. Therefore, the cost is also more expensive than the above types of blinds, from manual to semi-automatic control. This type differs from the above two in that it has an additional electric motor. 

This motor is responsible for pulling, or dropping the curtain according to the user’s control. Although the cost is more expensive, the installation is more difficult, but many customers still prefer to use it because of the convenience and modernity that this product brings.

Sort by material

Besides classification according to the control system, the material is also a factor that makes the classification easier. Because it is a product with a variety of different materials, there are also many different ways to divide it. In this article, Elanoss will suggest you to divide by categories as follows:

  • Plain canvas sunshade: This is a fairly common type, usually used to shield outdoor spaces. The material is usually parachute, tarpaulin, double-skin tarpaulin. These models have the main common feature of high durability and good sun and rain protection. Commonly used spaces are conference stages, garages, skylights, gardens, balconies, corridors, etc.
  • Patterned canvas curtains: Besides plain canvas, patterned curtains are also a reasonable choice. This type is more special than the plain type, which is much more innovative, creative, and beautiful.

Automatic classification of outdoor roller blinds by installation space

The final classification that we introduce to you is the classification by installation space. You can completely say the purpose of use, the shop owners will find you a product as expected. That’s why just by saying where you install it, you can find the product you want.

There are some installation positions that need curtains such as:

  • Automatic outdoor roller blinds used to cover corridors and balconies
  • Curtains with wavy roofs against rain and sun for cafes, restaurants, gardens or can be used for balconies
  • Curtains for the porch porch porch swing arm type
  • Open-air sunshade curtains, skylights

In summary, there are many different types and effects that come from automatic outdoor roller blinds . As a product that brings many benefits to people, this type of curtain will surely satisfy you when the space needs to be covered.