Brocade Curtains

Brocade curtains: popular products in 2023

Brocade is a fabric commonly used in many different items or costumes in people’s lives. Among the best-selling curtain products in 2023, brocade curtains are also ranked among the top-selling products. Let’s explore this curtain material in the following article.

Brocade Curtains

Features of brocade curtains

Curtains are an indispensable item in any room, whether at home or in offices. It has a great effect in blocking sunlight, blocking light, blocking heat and also has a decorative effect with high aesthetics.

Brocade curtains bring a high aesthetic space

Among the fabrics for making curtains, brocade fabric is considered a high-class product, popularly used in homes with large spaces or classic styles. Some of the features of this product include:

  • Material of brocade fabric with 100% polyester, in which 1 side of sunscreen fabric and one side of canvas
  • Various colors are available according to the needs of the customer
  • Durable fabric, machine washable or hand washable
  • In terms of weight, brocade fabric is heavier than many other materials, which is both an advantage and a disadvantage of this type of curtain. We will analyze it for you in detail in the following content.
  • Perfect light capture

Thus, it can be seen that the most important point of this material is the durability it brings due to the solid structure of the fabric. Let’s see the advantages and disadvantages of brocade curtains like.

Advantages and disadvantages of brocade curtains

Although not as high-class as brocade fabric, brocade fabric also occupies an important position in curtain materials and is sought after by families. Like many other fabrics, it also has certain advantages and disadvantages.


The advantages of brocade curtains depend on the advantages of brocade fabrics. Therefore, when talking about the advantages of curtains, we talk a lot about the advantages of the material that makes them. Not much to describe, brocade fabric itself has brought advantages that other materials are difficult to overcome, such as:

  • High durability: This is definitely the first point to mention with this type of curtain. The brocade fabric has an impressive thickness, very durable and sturdy. The fabric fibers are linked together extremely tightly, the density of the fibers is high. This makes the brocade curtains hard to be affected by external forces, providing a thick and solid look.

Brocade fabric brings durability and thickness to the curtains

  • Variety of colors: like many other fabrics, today, fabric dyeing technology has taken a new step forward, producing many different colors. Therefore, brocade curtains also have as many colors as other fabrics such as chiffon or cotton. Depending on the needs of use as well as the preferred color, the general color of the entire project, choose accordingly.
  • Elegant textures. It belongs to the brocade fabric line, so the delicate and luxurious features of this fabric are also boldly reflected in the brocade fabric line. Although the material is coarser than ordinary brocade, the river is undeniably beautiful, the brocade fabrics have beautiful colors, delicate and luxurious textures. The principle of symmetry and sophisticated and intricate lines in brocade fabric are also guaranteed in this material, making the fabric luxurious and aristocratic.
  • Excellent insulation and light blocking. This is due to the thick material of the brocade fabric.
  • Color fastness and long service life. Compared with some other fabric lines, the brocade fabric line has a thick, durable material over time. So the curtains made from brocade fabric are often used for a longer time, the color is also less faded with time.

Disadvantages of brocade curtains

Although there are many advantages, but it cannot be denied, brocade curtains also have disadvantages that customers need to consider when buying.

Some of the disadvantages of this fabric line are:

  • Due to the large thickness of the fabric, it will feel quite hot and mysterious in the summer. The thickness of the fabric is both an advantage and a disadvantage, when creating a feeling of warmth in winter but quite hot and mysterious in summer.
  • Due to the great stiffness of brocade fabric, it will not create a soft and gentle feeling like silk or chiffon fabric. Moreover, when washing, it also feels quite inconvenient and tiring due to being too thick, drying for a long time. Therefore, wash when it is sunny or dry weather to dry the fabric as quickly as possible, without causing moisture, creating conditions for bacteria and mold to multiply.
  • Easy to stain and difficult to clean: handmade products are inevitably prone to dirt. The difficulty of cleaning this fabric comes from the thick and strong fabric.

How to clean and maintain brocade curtains?

As mentioned above, brocade curtains are thick, sturdy and durable with time, but cleaning it is not an easy task.

There should be notes when cleaning brocade curtains

Unlike many other types of curtains, brocade blinds need to be cleaned in a different way so as not to reduce the quality and color of the curtains. When cleaning and storing, it is necessary to ensure and pay attention to the following points:

Should be washed by hand, not in the washing machine. Because the washing machine has a very strong rubbing level, it will damage the fabric. In addition, it is possible to use the dry cleaning method that the service units are doing, without having to remove the curtain and still ensure the cleanliness of the curtain.

When washing by hand, do not use strong detergent, wash only with mild or neutral detergent, do not use bleach, especially chlorine bleach. This will keep the curtain in its original shape and color.

The washing temperature should be only 30 degrees, not too hot or too cold so that the fabric does not shrink

Dry in light sunlight, preferably in a cool place with natural wind. Do not leave the fabric in direct sunlight for too long, it will affect the fabric.

Some types of brocade curtains are popular

Here, we will introduce to you the types of brocade curtains that are most used and loved by customers today.

Monochrome brocade curtains

Cool blue monochromatic brocade curtain that matches the tone of the whole room

This is a curtain with brocade material but monochrome. This type of curtain is the most popular for families who love simplicity, not too fussy but still exuding elegance and elegance. Curtains arranged can be in the living room, bedroom or office of a private house or in the window place in the office area.

Brocade curtains with floating or sunken patterns

Instead of smooth like monochrome brocade curtains, this type is different in that it has printed patterns on the fabric surface. The purpose is to add elegance to the curtain as well as more suitable for customers who love the meticulous, sophisticated and ornate.

Brocade fabric with beautiful embossed pattern

The type of pattern that is often printed on burlap is usually floral motifs, or the typical dragon and phoenix motifs of brocade fabrics. The details are printed in a symmetrical, symmetrical style in a classic, neoclassical or modern style. These motifs are also arranged reasonably to increase the aesthetics of the curtain.

Thus, we have just learned the characteristics, advantages and disadvantages as well as some of the most popular and popular brocade curtains in 2023. To find the right product, customers can visit the website. website only Here is a full range of products for customers to compare and choose. Hope you find the model you like.