Classification And Benefits Of Using Fabric For Curtains

According to statistics, curtains made of fabric are extremely popular. Products are widely applied in houses, apartments, restaurants, offices, resorts, villas, etc. So why is curtain fabric so popular today? Are there any on the market? And where to order curtain fabric in the market? Details for these questions will be cleared up now.

Classification And Benefits Of Using Fabric For Curtains

Fabric for sewing curtains and practical benefits when using

The current popularity of curtain fabrics is actually not too difficult to answer. Because compared to bamboo, aluminum, and wood, fabric curtains possess many more impressive advantages and benefits. This has been confirmed by numerous customers who have used specific certifications. In which the use of curtain fabric brings the following values:

Curtain fabric provides optimal sun protection effect

When it comes to light blocking, most people think of the curtain fabric first. Partly because of the habit of ingrained in people’s thoughts, partly because of the effect it brings. Specifically, depending on the needs of each user, how to choose the curtain fabric? A variety of fabrics with complete levels of light blocking provide optimal space for users. Eg:

  • Absolute light blocking fabric for thick fabrics that do not have many holes. Or integrate many different fabrics with the same design to increase aesthetics and short-term use.  
  • Medium light blocking fabric with soft, medium-sized fabrics. When used, the amount of light can be minimized.
  • Light blocking fabric is medium. It was a sparsely woven fabric that could be seen glimmering light into space.
  • ….

Therefore, fabric curtains can completely protect the space easily against the effects of UV rays. Especially, it helps to ensure that the room is airy and light without affecting health and vision. At the same time, the air conditioner keeps the space cool in the summer and warm in the winter.

Curtain fabric brings high durability

Choosing fabric for curtains, you do not need to worry too much about the product’s durability after completion. Because the sewing fabric is mainly of high-class type, it is carefully embroidered and guaranteed. When exposed to UV light, the fabric retains its original shape, almost without causing any harmful chemical reactions to occur. The product when used can bring a life of 20 to 30 years. Especially if stored optimally, it will last much longer.

Curtain fabrics are diverse in design, compatible with all styles

 As you know, fabric curtains are considered the most aesthetically pleasing curtain of all types of curtains. And this is because curtain fabrics have a variety of designs and types that are compatible with all design styles. Regardless of the user’s design direction, the curtain fabric will respond. And the effect it brings is elegance, courtesy, sophistication and visual harmony.

Specifically, unlike other curtain materials, curtain fabrics have a diverse color palette. Ranging from monochrome to polychromatic. People not only own a fabric model that is suitable for space but also compatible with feng shui. From there, it helps to raise the efficiency to bring luck and prosperity.

Moreover, curtain fabric has a variety of unique embossed, imprinted, 3D printed patterns, cut designs from basic to complex, different materials. Each design has its own unique feature that attracts the eye of the beholder. When applying curtain fabric, it not only beautifies the space but also promotes its own value over time. It is to bring a new feeling to the space without completely showing signs of boredom and loneliness.

Curtain fabric is flexible to use, easy to install

The basic curtain fabric, no matter how large the size, is not too heavy compared to the aluminum curtain, bamboo curtain, etc. Moreover, just a bar attached to the door and the fabric sewn to make the curtain linked together is okay. . That’s why when the application makes the product installation becomes much easier. Just one user can install it by himself without taking too much time.

Moreover, the nature of the curtain structure made from fabric is also much simpler. So when using everything always becomes convenient. Children and elderly grandparents can also automatically adjust the blinds to their liking without having to spend too much effort.

Curtain fabric is easy to clean, clean

Curtain cleaning is always a headache for housewives. However, if you use fabric to sew curtains, this problem can be completely overcome. The product brings the cleaning process quickly, cleanly, without worrying about damage.

Because the fabric curtain is very easy to disassemble, you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean it. If you finish removing it, you can wash it with ordinary washing powder without spending money on buying specialized products. Or if you don’t have much time, you can also take it directly to the laundry shop without any effort. This plan is both quick and easy.

The price of curtain fabric is suitable for customers’ pockets

And a final plus point for today’s curtain fabric is the price. The price offered depends on many different segments depending on the type of fabric. There is a price of only 100,000 VND/m2, but there are prices up to 400,000 VND/m2. Users only need to calculate carefully to be able to own the product they like.

The most popular curtain fabrics on the market

About the actual type of curtain fabric is quite diverse. Because sewing fabric has been around for a long time, it can be used to make curtains. However, basically the most popular fabrics for sewing curtains must be named:

Cotton curtain fabric

In essence, this is a fabric made from cotton – a natural material. This is also the most used fabric for sewing curtains. The reason is because Cotton curtain fabric possesses high moisture absorption capacity, helping the space to regulate temperature well. Products when used have a variety of patterns, textures, and washes very quickly without having to wait for the big sun.

Polyester fabric

In general, this fabric has been introduced to the Vietnamese market in the last few years. Products are often used by Shanghai to produce curtains. Basically, polyester fabric is just a synthetic fiber. However, the curtain models from this fabric can be beautifully designed with modern to classic styles. The advantages of this Polyester fabric are:

  • Minimize the chance of getting dirty
  • No need to spend time cleaning regularly
  • Colorful, eye-catching
  • When washing, it is anti-elastic and anti-wrinkle effectively
  • Long life with high degree of laterality

However, the product price is higher than some other fabrics on the market today

Chiffon fabric

Chiffon fabric is the thinnest curtain fabric and is very light in weight. Therefore, this fabric is often used to make the inner layer of the curtain to create a 2-layer curtain to adjust the light. In which, chiffon fabric brings higher light with impressive softness and charm.

Above all, although the canvas has a high thinness, when applied to make curtains, it is completely unwrinkled, bringing a poetic feeling to the space. This is one of the plus points that few fabrics can bring.


This is a material often used for high-class, luxurious curtains. This fabric is produced from environmentally friendly and human-friendly silk. The fabrics possess a high luster that is quite eye-catching, when felt with the hand, it feels cool, soft and smooth.

The advantage of silk fabric is that it is suitable for luxurious spaces such as 5-star hotels, Villas, resorts, etc. The product’s ability to retain heat is extremely good, helping to make the room not cold. Silk fabric also has optimal sun reduction for high efficiency when used.

Brocade fabric

This fabric is favored for its elegance and luxury. Fabric texture is made up of 100% polyester yarn that is easy to dye and embroider. The fabric when sewn onto the actual curtain offers a beautiful drape. Ability to resist 90% or more. Various fabric colors are suitable for architecture such as high-class apartments, apartments, hotels. As for the selling price of products, they fall into two categories: ordinary brocade and expensive brocade.

Some other types

In addition to the above main curtain fabrics, there are many other types that are equally impressive. You can refer to the following to choose more for yourself:

  • Silk fabric
  • Velvet
  • Linen fabric
  • Burlap
  • Taffeta fabric

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