Crystal Curtains

Are you looking for crystal curtain patterns to use? Don’t know if the product is good? So don’t miss the product related answers right here.

Crystal Curtains

Crystal Curtains – High-class hanging curtains with perfect beauty

Crystal curtain is one of the new trend curtains in interior decoration. When it comes to this type of curtain, no one can resist their flawless beauty. This is the reason why crystal bead curtains are being favored by many users. So if you are in need of buying curtains for your living space, this is a suggestion that you should not ignore.

What is a crystal curtain?

Crystal curtains are curtains in the high-end segment of handmade curtains. Curtains are made of crystal beads connected by threads. Using decorative crystal curtains will help bring a luxurious and classy space that not all current hanging curtains can meet.

Crystal bead curtains are manufactured in a variety of sizes to suit many installation spaces. This type of curtain is also very diverse in color and shape. Often the crystal beads used to produce crystal curtains will be strung with a certain size distance.

The crystal beads are delicately chamfered, but depending on the design and design, the arrangement of the nanoparticles will have different thicknesses. Since then, creating high-class crystal curtain models that have their own highlights to attract buyers. Especially compared to other commercial curtain products, the aesthetic value of crystal bead curtains is much superior.

Structure of crystal curtain

Crystal hanging curtain is a hanging curtain product in the form of decorative fiber curtain. Curtains are constructed of sturdy twine and sparkling crystals of various sizes. Crystal beads are durable and evenly molded, beautiful with delicate lines.

Crystal beads are arranged on strings in different locations to create a beautiful and eye-catching curtain pattern. In addition, to become such a perfect hanging curtain product, it is indispensable for the support of the attached accessories. The rope hanger is made of aluminum alloy. The hanging rod is powder coated for increased durability.

All these parts are linked and arranged to create a coherent composition. Since then, beautiful crystal curtains are born in both quality, shape and aesthetics.

Classification of crystal curtain products

Just like ordinary hanging curtains, crystal blinds are also divided into many different types. In which, based on the curtain design, the popular crystal bead curtain models will include the following types: 

  • Curved crystal curtain
  • Straight crystal curtain
  • Circle crystal curtain
  • Arc Crystal Curtain
  • V-shaped staggered crystal curtain

Advantages of Crystal Curtains when using

In fact, crystal curtains have impressive advantages for users to use. This is the key to helping the product quickly reach the Top of popularity today. Among the impressive advantages are:

Crystal curtain is durable

Although the crystal curtain is designed with delicate and small fibers, the product’s durability is undeniable. The essence is because the curtain is designed with imported materials with high certainty. The crystal beads used are beautifully and delicately molded. Some beads are also made of imitation crystal plastic material, so they are durable over time.

Not to mention the product possesses good tensile strength, ensuring effective use. Even when hanging the curtain, it is strongly swayed by the wind, it will not be affected too much. Even if hit with a hard wall or hit by strong force, the possibility of breakage is minimized.

In addition, based on an impressive production process, crystal curtains do not lose their aesthetics over time. Instead, the curtain still ensures the beautiful, shimmering, fanciful and dreamy quality of the original value. This is a factor that helps users when using the product can save themselves maximum investment costs. Specifically, starting from a new product after a few months of use.

Crystal curtain brings superior value in feng shui

What are the advantages of using crystal curtains? The next answer for you is to bring optimal feng shui for the homeowner to use. Although this is a spiritual element that cannot be clearly and accurately verified, it absolutely cannot be ignored.

Specifically, experts say that the application of crystal curtains to the space will help attract all fortune. Products when choosing the right destiny will be like fish meeting water. It is to bring prosperity, happiness and luck to the owner. The owner’s life will always be peaceful and harmonious, avoiding bad luck and bad luck in the immediate future.

 Crystal curtain brings high safety

Not only stopping at the optimal use in the process of using crystal curtains, it is also certified for safety. People absolutely do not have to worry too much about toxic problems, causing cancer as some say. The main reason is that the crystal curtain product has undergone a complete production process. The crystal beads are proven to be free of harmful and environmentally friendly chemicals.

Crystal curtain suitable for many spaces

Crystal blinds today on the market are designed in many different styles with many different styles. Crystal beads are designed in a variety of shapes and colors. Therefore, the product easily fits into many installation spaces.

In particular, the crystal bead curtain is also designed with a variety of sizes. Therefore, the project has a large or narrow area, users can choose the right product to increase the beauty of the living space.

If you choose the usual types of hanging curtains, it will take you a lot of time to choose the curtain model that suits the style of the installation space. However, with the advantage of being easy to fit into any space, whether it is a classic or modern project, the product creates a luxurious and elegant space in a suitable way.

Crystal beads with good light capture ability, so when the light shines on, it will create a sparkling, magical, romantic light effect. Thereby blurring the defects of the room as well as creating a harmony with the surrounding architectural style.

Because of this outstanding advantage, crystal bead curtains are more and more widely applied in life. At the same time, becoming a curtain model that never goes out of fashion, a hanging curtain model for those who do not have an understanding of interior design.

Crystal curtain easy to clean

Crystal curtain is designed entirely from high quality crystal beads. Crystal beads are designed with many beautiful designs, delicate machining lines make the surface of the crystal beads smoother and brighter. Therefore, when using the crystal beads, they are not adhered to by dirt. When using crystal blinds, you will not have to clean the curtain as often.

Not only that, the smooth crystal surface makes it easier to clean the curtain. Just use a clean towel and dip it in clean water. Squeeze the towel to dry to clean the crystal beads attached to the curtain to help the crystal beads shine like new.

The crystal beads used to produce the curtain are all quality materials. The texture of each crystal is very solid. Therefore, if you use specialized cleaners to clean hanging curtains, you do not have to worry about reducing the life and durability of the product.

Thanks to this outstanding advantage, cleaning crystal bead curtains becomes easier and saves more time. In case you do not take down the curtain, you can still clean the hanging curtain clean and fragrant easily. This is one of the outstanding advantages that you cannot easily find in other blinds.

So where to buy crystal curtains on the market today?

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