Washing curtains is something that many housewives have to worry about because they are afraid that it will affect the quality of the curtains. Refer to the correct method of washing curtains in the following article. 

The method of washing curtains properly is very easy at home

One of the household problems that many women today have a headache. That’s how to wash the curtains properly so as not to affect the quality of the curtains. Unlike clothes, curtains require much more complicated laundry methods. If applying the wrong washing method, it is easy to lead to the condition of the curtain being frayed, untied, etc. Then how to wash the curtain properly? Here we will help you answer this question.  

Curtain concept

What are curtains?  

Curtains are also known by many as curtains or curtains. In fact, these products are fabrics designed for the purpose of shading, blocking the wind and decorating the space. In addition, some specific types of blinds, such as shower curtains, are used for the purpose of blocking visibility, keeping water and wind out. 

When used in a specific space, curtains will bring distinct effects. For example, if used in the bedroom, the curtain will have the effect of blocking light, blocking the view from the outside to create a private space. If used in another room, the curtains will help prevent outsiders from being able to observe the house, and at the same time block the sun and wind when necessary.  

On the market today, consumers can easily find a lot of different models, designs and classifications of curtains. In addition, if there is a need, you can also design a unique set of curtains by yourself using a sewing machine. Surely this set of curtains with your own style will be an interesting highlight for your home space!

What is the effect of curtains? 

Basically, curtains are used for the following main uses: 

  • Adjust the light coming into the house. Helps prevent and limit the influence of ultraviolet rays entering the room when the sunlight is too strong. 
  • Create a private space for the family. In addition, curtains are also a decorative item, helping to upgrade the aesthetic beauty of your home. Bring a private space full of comfort and modernity.
  • Distribution and control of temperature, air at the right level. There are many types of curtains today that are designed with very effective sound insulation. At the same time, the curtains have the same function of generating heat, preventing the heat of the indoor space at a balanced level. Especially under hot or cold weather conditions.  
  • Prevent, limit the view when observing the house from the outside. Bring a private, comfortable and cozy space for the family. 

With the above basic uses, it can be seen that curtains are an essential item for the house. Therefore, more and more families use curtains in different rooms. Whatever the purpose of using curtains, you should also pay attention to how to wash the curtains properly to avoid affecting the quality of the curtains. Below we will guide you in detail about this step. 

How to wash curtains at home? 

There are 3 ways to wash curtains that you can apply to clean curtains. These are machine wash, hand wash and steam wash. Before washing, you should determine the material of your curtains so that you can apply the most appropriate curtain cleaning method.  

Method 1: Machine wash 

If your curtains are made of suitable materials, they are not easy to tear or fray. Then you can completely clean the curtain in an extremely easy way by putting it in the washing machine. 

If your washing machine has a mode for washing fragile clothes, it is even more convenient. Just pressing this function is enough to preserve the quality of the curtains unaffected after washing. If you don’t have a washing program for delicate clothes, choose to wash the curtains in cold water with a slow spin speed.

When washing, you can use ordinary washing powder / liquid detergent like when washing clothes. If you are concerned the curtain will shrink only after machine washing. Then refer to the ways below instead of risking washing your curtains in the washing machine. 

Washing by machine is usually applied to thin and light fabrics. If your curtains are made of heavy-duty fabrics that absorb water, you should avoid putting them in the washing machine to avoid damaging the curtains. 

However, there are also some delicate fabrics that need attention before machine washing, such as thin cotton fabrics. They are extremely susceptible to shrinkage when washed at high temperatures. It is best to check the information on the product label before washing the curtain in the washing machine to ensure that the instructions are followed correctly. 

Method 2: Steam washing 

Washing curtains with a steam machine is the optimal choice applied by many housewives today. Especially for families who use a sophisticated curtain style that is difficult to remove from the hanger, steam washing is the simplest and most effective solution. 

The steam washing method is the choice of many families using curtains that come with a thick mattress. In fact, steam cleaning is one of the most effective forms of curtain cleaning. 

For the steam washing method, you should start washing from the top down to the bottom of the curtain. If the fabric is too wet during the washing process. You should let the curtain rest a bit to balance the temperature before continuing to wash with the steam machine. 

When choosing a steam cleaning method, read the instructions carefully to avoid affecting the quality of the curtain. At the same time, great care should be taken not to get burned by the heat.

Method 3: Hand wash 

In addition to washing curtains by washing machine or steam washing machine. Then you can still choose to hand wash if you want to ensure the safety of the curtain for sure. 

When washing by hand, you can use regular laundry detergent. Or choose special detergents/detergents designed specifically for fragile items. Note that you should only choose mild laundry soaps so as not to damage the fabric of the product.

Before starting to wash the curtains, you should carefully read the instructions for use on the product. From there, you can follow the instructions, protect the quality of use of your curtains.  

Hand washing method will be suitable for careful women who want to ensure that the condition of the curtain before and after washing does not change. Especially, if the family uses extremely thin curtains such as mesh curtains, 100% cotton curtains or natural fabric curtains. Then you should take care of the curtain carefully by choosing to wash it by hand to avoid the risk of fabric stretching.

However, washing curtains by hand should not be applied to heavy fabrics. Because it will be very difficult for you to squeeze out all the water and drying the wet curtains will be relatively difficult. 

A few notes when washing curtains at home

  • When washing curtains by hand, avoid using a strong scrubbing brush because it will easily cause the curtain to tear or shrink the thread. 
  • With thin curtains such as chiffon curtains, you absolutely should not put the curtain in the washing machine. In addition, even if you wash the curtains by hand, you should not squeeze the water before drying because that will make the curtains crease. Instead, you should dry the curtain in the wind to let it dry naturally.
  • For the form of machine washing, you should choose a washing mode that is suitable for the material of the curtain. Also, avoid washing too many curtains at once. Because this will affect the quality of the product after washing.

How to iron curtains properly after washing curtains

After the washing process, the curtain is often creased or wrinkled a lot. This not only affects the quality of the curtain, but also loses the aesthetics of the product. Therefore, in addition to washing the curtains, you should also refer to the correct ironing methods so as not to damage the curtains.

Before ironing the curtain, you should read the instruction manual on the product to choose the right heat level. The ironing method should not be applied to thin and light curtains such as chiffon curtains, linen curtains because the curtains will be easily damaged in this process. Instead, after washing, you can gently stroke the surface of the product with your hands to limit wrinkles.

In addition to the ironing method, you can also use a dryer at low temperature to dry after washing the curtain. When the curtains are dry, you should quickly hang the curtains to limit the fabric crease.

How often should curtains be washed?

There are quite a few women who wonder about the reasonable time to clean the curtains. Curtains are items that are often exposed to the sun, dust, rain and wind… Therefore, after a period of use, the surface of the curtain will often cling to a lot of dirt.

If using dirty curtains will cause moldy conditions, bad odors … reduce the quality of life of the family. Therefore, to keep the house clean and cool, you should wash it every 10-12 months. If your house is located on a main road or in the city, the level of dust is more, you should clean the curtains every 3 – 6 months. 

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