Elanoss Curtains – High-class curtain brand

For a long time , curtains have become an indispensable part of human life. The curtains not only help block the light, block the sun, but also contribute to the aesthetics of the room. Understanding that importance, Elanoss has constantly made efforts to commit to bringing customers beautiful and quality curtains that adorn the living space of your home.


Elanoss Curtain and Mission

Elanoss Joint Stock Company was established in 2015 and now has 6 years of experience. Elanoss Curtains  is one of the leading units in the field of consulting and installing high-quality and high-quality curtains in Ho Chi Minh City. Currently, Elanoss curtains specializes in manufacturing, distributing and installing curtains for many projects of villas, design companies, hotels, offices, cafes and high-class apartments: Vinhomes Central Park, Vinhomes Grand Park , The Estella, Estella Heights, Masteri Thao Dien, The Sun Avenue, Sala, Sunrise City, SaiGon Royal, Kingdom 101, Ha Do Centrosa,…

The day from the early days of establishment and operation, was a difficult time, facing many challenges. But Elanoss has always clearly defined his mission. Because of that, Elanoss took the first steps correctly and received the trust of customers.

“Bringing quality, increasing product aesthetic value” is Elanoss’ mission. Coming to Elanoss, customers have the opportunity to access high-end products, quality assurance at attractive prices. Elanoss provides a synchronous construction, installation and distribution system and the most professional service style, meeting customers with satisfactory works. We always create the best quality products, ensure on schedule. Choose Elanoss to become a true god.

By clearly defining and properly implementing the mission Elanoss is still standing firmly on the path of development and fierce competition. But more importantly Elanoss has met the needs of customers, even the most demanding guests. This will be the strongest motivation, belief and encouragement for Elanoss to develop more and more.

Elanoss curtains and future vision

Curtains are an essential need of life, opening up a sophisticated and luxurious living space. Elanoss was born in the strong development of the field of curtains in particular and interior design in general. But right from the first days of laying the foundation and taking the first steps, Elanoss has determined her own path.

By its own way, Elanoss will create investment values, affirm the trust of customers who have accompanied and “choose to send gold”. Constantly diversifying products, improving quality to meet the most demanding needs of customers will be the main direction of Elanoss.

In the next few years, in addition to providing curtain products and accessories, Elanoss will have a turning point in expanding its business. It is the provision of other high-end interior products such as screens, floor mats, wallpapers, wooden floors, etc. All are aimed at quality and reasonable price.

In the further future, Elanoss will bring Vietnamese brand to international reach. However, Elanoss’ high-end curtain products will gradually enter the markets of Southeast Asia, East Asia, and the Middle East. Going further is the fastidious market like Europe, Japan or Korea. With determination, effort and faith Elanoss always has enough confidence to walk on the path that she has set out. 

Elanoss curtains and core values

Elanoss always wants to make a small contribution to bringing the most comfortable, luxurious and relaxing living space. So no matter what product Elanoss always ensures the core value. They are the “guideline” in all activities from design to production of Elanoss.

Beautify living space

When it comes to curtains, we are talking about the perfect, optimal solution to control the desired temperature, light and privacy. Moreover, for a long time, curtains have become indispensable furniture. Therefore, in any product from accessories to curtains, Elanoss always focuses on aesthetics.

The company’s curtain design team, constantly innovating to bring beautiful high-class curtain products, suitable for all spaces. Therefore, in any product of Elanoss curtains, they are also performing their mission of adorning the living space.

Create the best quality and optimal living space

Living space significantly determines the physical life, spiritual life and health of family members. Elanoss always has the top priority in creating curtain products that ensure safety criteria for human health and environmental friendliness. 

In all curtain products before production, raw materials are processed according to the right process. With modern, closed production lines, experience and the word “heart” Elanoss is always committed to bringing the most optimal choices for each living space. 

Increase the value of life

With the development of society, the standard of living is increasing day by day. Therefore, Elanoss is constantly innovating to bring new values ​​​​in curtain products. Elanoss has always deeply understood that curtains are more than just performing their own functions. Or they don’t stop at decorative furniture either.

In addition, curtains are cohesive objects that express the personality, taste and affirmation of the owner’s class. Elanoss will strive every day to bring new and modern values ​​in line with the trends in the products they create. Therefore, accompanying Elanoss customers will be rewarded. 

Elanoss and products offered

Curtains are the secret to opening up a relaxed, sophisticated and luxurious living, working, and studying space. As one of the long-standing units in the field of curtains, Elanoss understands that better than anyone. Since then, constantly diversifying products to serve the needs of customers. So what are the main product lines that Elanoss provides?

  • Family curtain: Queen curtain, art embroidered curtain, wooden curtain, …
  • Office curtains: Roller blinds, vertical blinds, rainbow blinds, …
  • Automatic blinds : Automatic ceiling curtains, automatic outdoor roller blinds, …
  • Specialized curtain : Crystal curtain, bamboo curtain, hall curtain, … 
  • Curtain accessories : Curtain handle, curtain cord, curtain knob, ….
Elanoss blinds

Diversity in each product line

In the main product lines, customers have many choices of products suitable for architectural space, preferences and price. It is the diversity of Elanoss products that has always received the companionship and trust of customers. 

Elanoss and prominence in curtains

Elanoss is constantly innovating and upgrading curtain products. Thanks to that, Elanoss’ product lines are always different. What is the difference that Elanoss wants to “reveal” to his customers? 

  • Curtains possess superior functions: The function of controlling light and privacy is seriously researched by Elanoss so that they are optimal.
  • Elegance and aesthetics: From design, material selection to production and installation, strict requirements and high synchronization are guaranteed. So the finished product after installation always meets the aesthetic.
  • Diversity of colors and designs: Everyone has their own preferences in color, combined with a rich living space, Elanoss always strives to provide a variety of products in colors and designs.
  • Smart technology application: Modern life, people are busier, time for rest and relaxation is shortened. Therefore, in Elanoss curtain products, smart technology will be applied to help room owners touch a comfortable life.
  • Environmentally friendly: Curtain products are durable, easy to clean and use. Especially, Elanoss is always aware of its responsibility to the community and the environment, so environmentally friendly materials are given top priority.

Elanoss – Quality curtain brand from the product itself to the quality in the customer service and care process. If you want to own high-class curtains, commensurate with the price? So choose to go with Elanoss curtain brand.