Fabric Sewing Curtains

Curtains can maximize their function, meet the aesthetic or not depends largely on the choice of fabric. So how to choose curtain fabric ?

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Revealing the best fabrics for curtains

Whether the curtains maximize their function as well as meet the aesthetic or not depends in no small part on the fabric used to sew the curtains. So when choosing curtain fabric, many customers wonder which is the best and most suitable material? So what exactly are we looking for here? 

How to choose curtain fabric

Choosing curtain fabric is the most important and also the most difficult stage to be able to own satisfactory curtain products. So it’s easy to understand that when choosing fabric to sew curtains, many female owners have a headache. But that doesn’t mean we can’t choose the right fabric. On the contrary, it only takes a few small tips to be able to choose the right material.

Choosing the right fabric for the space: It is easy to see that in each different space the fabric material also changes. For example, the living room space should choose a fabric that blocks light, good soundproofing, the kitchen space chooses a fabric that is less dusty, smooth and easy to clean.

Choose color patterns that match the overall room: The room will become out of harmony if the curtains have patterned colors that don’t match. Therefore, when choosing curtains, home owners need to consider the harmony in space.

With only the above two criteria, we can easily choose the right curtain fabric for the house. Have our female owners updated the fabrics they should use to make curtains? If not, don’t worry, please continue to follow the information below

What fabrics should be used to sew curtains?

There are many types of fabrics on the market today, each of which holds different advantages. Not all fabrics are suitable for sewing curtains.


When choosing clothes, many people prefer cotton material, especially children’s clothes. Because this is a fabric whose main ingredient is cotton. Meanwhile, cotton is known as a natural material that is safe for health and environmentally friendly.

When using cotton fabric to sew curtains to increase moisture absorption. As a result, the room space is always airy and fresh all year round. Especially in winter, it is warmer and cooler in summer. Cotton fabric has many beautiful fabric patterns, diverse patterns and delicate colors. Customers can easily choose the right material for their living space.

Cotton curtains are quite light, easy to remove for cleaning. Washing is not too difficult and takes a lot of time and effort. Especially cotton material is very quick to dry, we do not need to worry too much when we want to clean the curtain. However, the curtains will be flatter if their owners are back after washing.


Referring to appropriate curtain fabrics, we cannot help but mention silk fabrics. This is a material often used to sew high-class, luxurious and delicate curtains. Silk fabric is produced from safe natural silk, friendly to humans. The smooth fabric surface is less dusty and has a certain iridescence. 

Silk fabric is suitable for sewing curtains for luxurious and classy living spaces such as villas, high-class houses or classical and neoclassical architecture. Silk curtains are very good at retaining heat and soundproofing. The room will be warm in winter and cooler in summer.

Polyester fabric

Polyester fabric is a relatively new fabric to us. In fact, polyester is a synthetic fiber. In the production of polyester curtains, they are good candidates because they hold many outstanding advantages. More specific:

  • Curtains are resistant to many stains, less dust. Thanks to that, the curtain is always clean without spending too much time cleaning.
  • Colorful, eye-catching.
  • Does not shrink or wrinkle when washing
  • High curtain life.


Velvet fabric was commonly used in royal times, a highly valued fabric. Nowadays, with the appearance of many types of fabric, velvet fabric is rarely used. But at the hall stage, velvet curtains are always loved because of their solemnity and very good sound insulation compared to other curtain fabrics.

Chiffon fabric

Chiffon fabric is thin and light, so it is often used as an inner layer to create a delicate and attractive feature for the room. At the same time with 2-layer curtains, adjusting the light also becomes easier. Chiffon fabric is quite diverse in form that can be floral, embroidered chiffon, plain chiffon. In terms of color, it is usually white to easily combine with other curtain color species. Features of chiffon curtain fabric:

  • Create a cool space in the summer
  • No shrinkage or creasing when washing
  • Low price
  • Easy to adjust the light

Taffeta fabric

Taffeta fabric is woven from silk thread. In other words, this is a fabric woven from artificial silk fibers. The surface of the fabric is a bit loose, not as soft as chiffon. Therefore, it is often used in combination with other materials. Or often used as a curtain. 

Advantages of taffeta fabric:

  • Rich colors
  • Good light reflection
  • Create beautiful light effects
  • Easy to clean
  • Low price


Canvas is also known as canvas. The fabric is characterized by being quite thick, woven from linen or cotton. If you pay attention, you will see that the fabric is often used to sew sofa covers, bags. But in recent years, burlap has become a popular curtain fabric. Even if the rough fabric surface is not smooth, it creates a distinct, new and unique feature. Therefore, modern buildings, villas, apartments, etc. always favor burlap when sewing curtains.

Canvas advantages:

  • Various colors
  • Unique, modern beauty
  • Curtains are not easily wrinkled when cleaning
  • Affordable price

Brocade fabric

Brocade fabric is a perfect combination of silk yarn and polyester weave. Brocade fabric brings luxurious beauty, class and is often used in luxurious spaces. The fabric’s ability to block light is extremely good. Particularly in terms of durability, it is not too controversial, not inferior to any other material.

Advantages of brocade fabric:

  • Various patterns and colors
  • Good insulation for the room
  • Luxury, class
  • Suitable for many spaces and design styles

Thus we see that curtain fabrics are very diverse. Each material holds different advantages. Depending on the structure and architectural style, we can choose the appropriate material.

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