Frame Curtains

Frame curtains are commonly used in bedrooms to prevent the entry of mosquitoes and other harmful insects. What are the features of this product and what models are popular?

Features, features and trending models of frame curtains 2023

For a long time, frame curtains have been an indispensable item in everyone’s family. Due to the hot and humid weather, mosquitoes and insects have the opportunity to thrive. In order to prevent its attack, to help you sleep better, we have invented a frame curtain product, with outstanding effects and popular use.

What are frame curtains?

Frame curtains have many different names. There is a place called a frame curtain, there is a place called a frame net. However, in essence, it is only one. It is a product with a frame combined with a curtain fabric to form a shielding product around the bed. The main purpose of the product is to repel mosquitoes and other harmful insects. Therefore, this product is indispensable in every family.

More and more, the production and production of frame curtains is more beautiful, more aesthetic, so it is used in resorts, villas, villas, resorts… Increasingly, this product meets the requirements. users’ high in terms of aesthetics. That is why many families do not have a need for a mosquito room but still buy it to create a romantic and poetic space.

Structure of the frame curtain

Looking at it with the naked eye, you can certainly guess the structure of this curtain, right? Because the curtain is extremely simple to install and the parts are easy to identify, it is not difficult to distinguish the parts of the curtain. Curtains have 2 main parts, one is the curtain frame, the other is the curtain fabric. Some products also have a pulley frame to help collect the curtain fabric in one place, extremely convenient and easy to use.

Curtain frame

This is the first indispensable part, it has the effect of fixing the curtain and creating the shape of the whole curtain. 

The frame is usually made from aluminum alloy or from stainless steel. On the frame, there are also some joints made of plastic, cast iron or iron. Curtain frames can be square or arched, depending on the customer’s expectations. 

Many families who love simplicity will choose square, solid curtain frames fixed to one of the 4 headboards, or rectangular frames surrounding the bed. But there are also families, especially the girls’ rooms, that prefer the more sophisticated. These families often choose arched frames, around the bed or half of the bed to create a gentle, romantic frame, very suitable for girls who love beauty like a princess.

Among the materials that make up the curtain frame, stainless steel is much appreciated. Because stainless steel is a material with great bearing capacity, high durability, less affected by the environment as well as rust-free. 

These characteristics make the frame more durable over time, as well as limit the frame from sagging due to heavy load for a long time. If you choose the best frame, you should choose the 304 stainless steel frame. However, Because it is a good product, it will have a higher price than other frame products on the market.

Curtain fabric

The curtain fabric is a mandatory part in the structure of the curtain frame. This is the part that hangs down, attached to the curtain frame to create closed spaces, avoiding the penetration of mosquitoes and insects.

The curtain fabric is usually made of nylon, polyethylene, and polyester fibers. The fabric will be woven into small holes, about 1.2 – 1.5mm in size. The purpose is to prevent mosquitoes from flying in. At the same time, the fabric also needs to have good tensile strength. The bottom of the fabric will have a curtain fringe, which is a part made of cotton or synthetic fiber. 

The purpose is a place of frequent bearing, subject to a lot of friction, so when it needs to stretch well. Usually, we will put the fringe of the curtain under the mat, cushion to prevent mosquitoes from flying in. The color of the curtain fabric is also very diverse. 

In the past, the most popular color was white because it was believed that when mosquitoes flew in, white would be easier to see. However, nowadays, with the increasingly diverse needs of people, especially aesthetic needs, fabric colors are much richer. Choose according to the preferences of each person, each family.

Pulley or motor

The third part in the main frame curtain is the pulley. It is composed of many different components and also comes in a variety of designs depending on the particular frame curtain. However, most pulleys are made of hard plastic that are connected together, moving smoothly over the curtain frame.

The popular frame curtain models on the market and the advantages and disadvantages of each type

The needs of customers are diverse, so the market is providing many different types of blinds. There are the following popular types of blinds that are most popular in 2023.

Curtain frame 4 doors

The 4-door curtain type is the most commonly used type of curtain. This is a high-end version of the curtain, combining classic and modern styles. It is a square wall or rectangular frame, with 4 doors opening on the 4 sides of the bed. It forms a tall, graceful roof, creating an extremely soft and discreet space. The difference of this frame curtain is that it is supported by 4 pillars directly attached to the wall.

The advantage of this type of curtain is that the 4-door frame is easy to use, not too fussy and extremely compact. Stainless steel material, stainless steel should be durable at the same time. This curtain brings an ancient and aristocratic beauty, it shows a sophisticated and feminine aesthetic. 

The product not only brings beauty as mentioned, but also effectively repels mosquitoes. 4-door curtains both satisfy the need to beautify the house, express the owner’s personality, and do a great job of protecting your sleep. The disadvantage of this type of curtain is that there is less creativity than other types of blinds, especially the inner frame curtains that we will mention shortly.

Round frame curtain

Round frame curtain as its name suggests, is the shape of a round frame, not square like a 4-door curtain. The design of the curtain is also simple with a round stainless steel curtain and frame.

Just like the 4-door curtain above, the most visible advantage of the round curtain is that it is both effective against mosquitoes and brings a beautiful and romantic space. It has the effect of protecting sleep, and is the perfect decoration in the house. Usually, we will find it popular in luxury hotels or resorts…

One note when using this type of frame is to use a good quality curtain fabric. Because, when dropping the curtain from above in the form of not a square but a circle or a copy, it is necessary to require the softness and smoothness of the fabric higher. 

The technique of this type of curtain also requires higher sewing techniques, more meticulousness, sophistication and more experience. When hanging, the force is on the top of the curtain and the rope is large, so the seam must be very careful and sure. 

When using also need to pay more attention than other conventional blinds. Curtains with a round frame are more suitable for spacious, high and airy spaces, so they will not be suitable for low-ceiling houses and small spaces. The room became congested.

As such, there are many different types of frame curtains for customers to choose from. Each type will have different advantages and disadvantages depending on the needs and preferences of each customer.