Hall Curtains

Hall curtain is often used in many large and small events, highly appreciated for its applicability and aesthetic beauty in stage design.

The Reasons why Hall Curtains Create Attraction in the Market

Hall curtain is used in many places and in many events large and small. Depending on the nature of the event, the hall curtains will be designed to match. As society becomes more and more developed and dynamic, the demand for hall curtains is even greater. So what are the outstanding advantages that make the product so hot, do you know?

What is a hall curtain?

Hall curtain is generally understood as a product used as a background or opening curtain on the stage for events. The hall curtain is also used to wrap around large spaces to create accents, ensuring the tone sur tone with the design on the stage.

There are many places that use the curtain hanging in the hall today, such as organizations and agencies of the state; Events organized by companies and businesses; Programs of exchange, entertainment, popular culture, … 

At each event, the curtain will be suitable for its own nature and scale of operation. However, the curtain hanging in the hall at state-affiliated agencies is still the most specific. However, this is also the type of curtain with the largest consumption on the market.

Compared with conventional curtain models, the product for the hall has a very large size, which can cover the back of the stage. At this time, the curtain is used as a background to create more solemnity and seriousness as well as show the professional working of the program organizers.

The advantages that make up the attraction of today’s hall curtains

Distribution of hall curtains is one of the very strong development activities stemming from the needs of society. You can see many units that specialize in distributing curtains, especially large-sized curtains for the hall. So do you know what are the highlights of the hall curtain that many units choose to use?

Hall curtain makes the event more formal and professional

The hall, regardless of the nature of the content of the activity, requires seriousness and professionalism. Therefore, when setting up the hall stage, you always have to ensure this factor first. And the main deciding area is the back of the stage, where everyone’s attention is drawn the most.

In the halls, the background behind the stage will be set up with the name or identity of the event program. This will help keep the hall from being empty, and at the same time better draw the customer’s attention to focus on the stage. Therefore, the most optimal option is to use the hall curtain.

The hall curtain is designed to be very large, which can cover the entire stage. The color and design of the curtain will usually be in sync with the main color tone of the hall. At outdoor events, they will match the program’s identity. This helps the guests to look at the professionalism in the organization.

On the other hand, using curtains to cover the setup area or empty positions will help the hall become more luxurious and serious. Therefore, when designing, the hall curtain is one of the indispensable things in events.

Curtains have high aesthetics suitable for each activity

Referring to the hall curtain, many people will think of the curtain used in meetings, conferences of units, organizations, departments and agencies under the state. These types of blinds are usually solid colors, the two main colors are red and blue or red and green. The choice of colors depends on the nature and scale of the event being held.

Many people therefore think that the hall curtain is quite monotonous and not eye-catching enough. However, in reality, the curtains for the hall are much richer and more diverse. With more entertainment and cultural events such as anniversaries, grand openings, year-end parties, awards ceremonies, etc., the curtain sets are designed to be more sparkling and eye-catching.

Most event curtains will be designed according to the concept of each event. Therefore, they are especially focused on colors, patterns and designs. This versatile transformation helps the curtain to be appreciated for its aesthetics and succeed in creating a highlight for the events held.

Speaking of the richness of the hall curtains, you can refer to the events held in reality. From simple, dignified to artistic, unique, the products can meet perfectly. 

Curtains are durable for long-term use

Instead of printing banners or designing the hall stage for each event, the use of curtains is still more optimal and effective. Especially for halls that often hold annual events, this is the best option.

The hall curtain types are designed from many different materials such as: velvet fabric, brocade fabric, synthetic fiber fabric, rough fabric, … Along with that, the colors and textures on the pattern are equally rich based on the modern dyeing and printing technology.

Because the hall curtain has a very large size, the material used always ensures the criteria of being lateral, easy to clean and not fading. So, although the initial investment cost is quite large, in the long run, it is clear that the hall curtain shows the superiority of printing or designing the hall stage in batches.

Compared to other products, the hall curtain is considered durable for many reasons. Partly because of the high-tech weaving design, the fabric is long and has small knitting eyes. On the other hand, the curtain does not have to be affected too much by the sun or rain in the outside environment.

Of course, how long the durability of the curtain is depends quite a bit on the buying segment. But if you buy products at reputable units, then surely, the product quality will make customers satisfied when it is commensurate with the money they have paid.

Cost savings

Quite a few people believe that using hall curtains will be much more expensive than setting up the stage in each event. However the reality is the opposite. The use of hall curtains like “instant noodles” helps you to save maximum effort and time in designing the hall.

The total investment cost in the initial hall curtain is quite large because they are set everywhere, not only on the stage. But in return, because it can be used flexibly in any organized event, the curtain can completely replace other feats of stage setup. In the long run, it is clear that the hall curtain is more economical.

On the other hand, the use of curtains also helps to set up the hall faster. Instead of focusing too much on the stage, you can focus on the details and make sure the event runs smoothly and at its best.

The most popular hall curtain models today

The common point of those who set up the hall is to find the most suitable curtain style. With some specific halls, the choice of curtains must completely follow the general rule. However, there are also places where curtains are chosen purely according to creativity and trend.

To make it easier for you to distinguish and choose, here are the most popular hall curtain models:

  • Curtains for the stage: Performance stages such as plays, music competitions, theater halls, etc. all use the same type of red velvet curtain. Using warm color tones and velvet material helps to make the stage feel more magnificent, fiery and stimulate the excitement of the audience better.
  • Curtains for events belonging to Party and State agencies: Curtains usually have 2 main colors: red – blue or red – green. Always blue or green is the main part, red is a small segment that stands out above and is attached with the country’s name.
  • Curtains for personal, cultural and entertainment events: When choosing curtains for such programs, you don’t need to be too specific. Instead, the curtains selected should match the color tone as well as the nature of the program being held. Neutral colors will often be preferred because of their high compatibility.

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Hall curtain is more and more popular and appears more and more.