Curtain Handle

Curtain handle is an indispensable accessory when installing curtains. Although it is only a small accessory, it does not make a small decision on the aesthetics of the entire curtain when installed

Hands lifting the curtain – Things not everyone knows

Curtain handle is known as an indispensable accessory of curtain sets. Besides helping to adjust the light, curtain accessories also contribute to increase the aesthetics. Therefore, when ordering curtains, how to choose the right curtain handle has made many customers a headache.

What is a curtain rod?

Curtains are an indispensable piece of furniture, decorating living space. More than that, curtains also help us to ensure privacy. To get a perfect set of curtains, accessories will not be complete without a curtain handle. But for many people who mention the hand to lift the curtain, they can’t figure out which part to use?

Many people even confuse the curtain handle with the curtain rope. However, in reality, these are two completely different accessories. The curtain handle is used to fix the curtain to the curtain knob fixed on both sides of the door. While the curtain rope is designed to tie the curtain neatly instead of hanging on the fixed knob on the wall.

So when there is a need to sew curtains or install curtains, customers need to understand what the curtain is. From there, you will know exactly what product you need as well as easily choose the right curtain handle to meet the aesthetics of the room.

The effect of lifting the curtain 

What is the function of the curtain rod? Of course, this is an important and indispensable accessory that has separate effects. First, the hand opens the curtain to help adjust the light. We know that when opening the curtain but not fixing the light on both sides of the door, it will not ensure that the room is still dark.

However, when we use the hand to lift up all the curtains, the light will shine into the room to the maximum. The room suddenly became brighter. In particular, the owner of the room will not have to use additional light from the electrical system as well as maximize the wind into the room. 

Try to imagine the curtains that fall from day to day, can the room be neat? Of course, the room will become messy, unsightly and untidy. But with the hand to open the curtain, the room will be much more airy and neat. At the same time, the owner of the room will always feel relaxed and comfortable.

In particular, the curtains will become more beautiful, ensuring more aesthetics when there are additional accessories to open the curtain. However, the hand to open the curtain must have a certain harmony with the overall product to meet the aesthetic province of the living space. Since then many people have asked the question, what types of curtains are there?

Types of curtain handle 

Curtain lifters contribute to the aesthetic appeal of curtains and room space. So even if it’s just a small accessory, a lot of people spend a lot of effort to choose the most suitable and beautiful product. So what types of curtain rods are there?

Hand lift the curtain

Roller blinds have many different product lines to meet the needs of users. One of the popular product lines is the fabric curtain handle. Fabric curtain handles are usually made of fabric. Moreover, the fabric is the same color as the curtain color. Or use the curtain fabric to make the curtain handle. 

In some cases, for the purpose of creating accents for the curtain, people can use hand-sewn fabrics of different colors. But those are the same tones instead of the contrasting colors that lose the inherent harmony between this accessory and the overall curtains.

Fabric curtain sleeves are sewn with arbitrary size. However, they are not too big to be unsightly, even with too large a size will create a rough feeling. Normally, the curtain design unit will sew the curtain arm with a horizontal size of 5 to 7cm. Whereas the length depends on the width of the curtain. So that after opening the curtain, you can embrace the whole curtain without being too tight or too wide.

Borrow stylized curtains

Fabric curtain handle is considered a traditional product line. However, in order to create a new and unique feeling, the curtain suppliers are constantly creating and bringing to the market a line of stylized curtains. So what is a stylized curtain? Is it similar to the hand that opens the curtain?

In fact, the function of the hand to open the curtain is the same. But instead of sewing in the traditional style, there is a variation to create a unique and aesthetic aesthetic for the entire curtain product as well as the space. The stylized curtain handle can be elastic bands attached with beautiful bell tails.

Or hand open the curtain stylized with twisted elastic bands like ropes hanging decorative dolls, fancy spheres. It is the stylization in the hand that opens the curtain that users have many choices to have the most perfect set of curtain products. So where can we buy this curtain handle?

Address to provide prestigious and eye-catching curtain rods

Sure, the curtain rod is an indispensable accessory when installing the curtain. Customers can buy any at stores that supply curtains. At the same time, the addresses that provide curtains will often design curtain handles and attached accessories. So customers do not need to worry about buying curtains.

However, to own a beautiful, unique, novel and consistent curtain with all curtain products is not easy. In fact, experienced and reputable units will provide delicate, eye-catching curtain rods that are suitable for the space as well as the curtain product set. 

From there, looking for a unit that provides curtains or provides reputable curtains is something that customers should pay special attention to. In many addresses providing customer service, have you found a reputable and quality unit that provides professional services? So why don’t we set a few criteria to find a satisfactory unit. More specific:

  • Provide service with specialized service process.
  • Offer products at an affordable, listed price.
  • Owning a team of skilled workers, responsible for the job.
  • Products supplied to the market guarantee quality.

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Curtain handle is a small but indispensable accessory, contributing to the aesthetic appeal of the entire product. Roller blinds are designed with many different styles and forms to meet customer needs. At, customers will easily find beautiful products suitable for architectural space. Quickly contact to not miss anything?