How To Get Pure Prisms fgo in Fate/Grand Order

Greetings, fellow Masters of Fate/Grand Order! In this extensive guide, I, a seasoned gamer and expert in the realm of mobile gaming, will delve into the intricate world of Pure Prisms.

These coveted treasures hold immense value within the game, allowing players to acquire rare and powerful items. Join me as we embark on a detailed exploration of different strategies and methods to amass Pure Prisms in FGO.

1. Event Participation

Participating in events is one of the primary sources of Pure Prisms in Fate/Grand Order. Keep a keen eye on the in-game event calendar, as events often feature limited-time quests and missions that reward Pure Prisms upon completion.

Engage in event storylines and strive to achieve event-specific objectives to ensure a steady influx of these precious gems. Remember, events are time-sensitive, so plan your gameplay accordingly.

2. Strengthening Servants

FGO provides an avenue for exchanging Servants you no longer require for Pure Prisms. This presents an excellent opportunity to not only free up space in your roster but also earn valuable resources.

Be strategic in your selection; focus on Servants who are either low on rarity or duplicates. By doing so, you’ll maximize your Pure Prism gains. Regularly assess your Servant lineup and determine which ones can be sacrificed for Pure Prisms without affecting your gameplay strategy.

3. Challenge Quests and Bond Points

Venturing into the realm of Challenge Quests can be a rewarding endeavor. These quests often pit you against formidable foes and offer Pure Prisms as rewards for successfully completing them.

Prepare your team wisely, strategize your approach, and conquer these challenging battles to reap the benefits. Additionally, don’t underestimate the power of strengthening the bond between you and your Servants. As you raise their bond levels through battle and story interactions, you’ll unlock valuable rewards, including Pure Prisms.

4. Mana Prism Shop

The Mana Prism Shop is a treasure trove for FGO players seeking Pure Prisms. Make it a habit to visit the shop regularly and browse through its wares. Keep an eye out for limited-time items or special events that offer Pure Prisms in exchange for other resources.

Prioritize Pure Prism acquisition when making your purchasing decisions. Remember, Mana Prisms can also be obtained by burning low-rarity Craft Essences or Fou cards, so consider utilizing this method to further bolster your Pure Prism reserves.

5. Login Rewards and Daily Quests

Never underestimate the value of consistency! Make it a habit to log into Fate/Grand Order regularly. The game often rewards loyal players with Pure Prisms as part of daily login bonuses.

Additionally, daily quests provide opportunities to earn these sought-after items. Complete the daily quests diligently to ensure a steady supply of Pure Prisms. Remember, the rewards from daily quests may vary each day, so plan your gameplay accordingly to maximize your Pure Prism gains.

6. Exchange Tickets

During special events or milestone celebrations, Fate/Grand Order occasionally grants Exchange Tickets to players. These tickets can be exchanged for a variety of valuable resources, including Pure Prisms.

Stay alert and seize the opportunity to acquire these tickets, as they can be a reliable method for bolstering your Pure Prism collection. Monitor in-game announcements and events to ensure you don’t miss out on these valuable exchange opportunities.

7. Friend Point Summon and Enhancement

While primarily used for obtaining low-rarity Servants and Craft Essences, Friend Point Summon can also yield valuable items known as “Bomb of Pure Prisms.”

These items can be exchanged for Pure Prisms, providing an additional avenue for resource accumulation. Additionally, when enhancing your Servants, consider utilizing low-rarity Craft Essences instead of higher-rarity ones to save on resources. By doing so, you can sell the excess Craft Essences for Pure Prisms, further augmenting your collection.

8. Event Reward Exchange

During certain events, Fate/Grand Order introduces reward exchange shops where players can trade event-specific currencies for various items, including Pure Prisms.

Carefully assess the available exchange options and prioritize Pure Prisms based on your current needs and long-term goals. Make efficient use of event currencies to optimize your Pure Prism gains during these limited-time opportunities.

9. Interlude and Strengthening Quests

Interlude and Strengthening Quests serve as an integral part of Fate/Grand Order’s gameplay. These quests not only provide valuable character development and lore but also offer rewards upon completion, including Pure Prisms.

As you progress through the main story and strengthen your Servants, prioritize unlocking and completing their respective Interlude and Strengthening Quests. The rewards obtained from these quests can significantly contribute to your Pure Prism accumulation.

10. Friend Support and Noble Phantasm Farming

Utilizing your friends’ support Servants can provide advantages in battles and expedite farming efforts. Seek out friends with Servants that possess powerful Noble Phantasms (NPs) capable of clearing waves of enemies efficiently.

By utilizing these support Servants, you can speed up farming quests and obtain more event-specific items that can be exchanged for Pure Prisms. Strategically plan your farming runs and make optimal use of NP-charging Craft Essences and skills to maximize your efficiency.

What Are Pure Prisms and Their Importance in FGO?

Pure Prisms are valuable resources in Fate/Grand Order (FGO) that hold significant importance within the game. In this section, we will delve into the nature of Pure Prisms and explore why they are essential for players.

Pure Prisms serve as a versatile currency in FGO, allowing players to acquire a variety of rare and valuable items. These items can include limited-time Craft Essences, Summoning Tickets, and even high-tier materials for Servant Ascension and Skill Enhancement.

Pure Prisms provide players with opportunities to strengthen their roster, improve their gameplay strategy, and enhance their overall FGO experience.

One of the primary ways to obtain Pure Prisms is through event participation. FGO frequently hosts events that feature limited-time quests and missions, offering Pure Prisms as rewards for completing event objectives. These events present opportunities for players to engage with new storylines, battle challenging enemies, and earn event-specific currencies that can be exchanged for Pure Prisms. Participating actively in events is a key method for accumulating Pure Prisms and acquiring exclusive rewards.

Additionally, Pure Prisms can be obtained by exchanging unwanted Servants. FGO provides a mechanism where players can trade in duplicate or low-rarity Servants they no longer require in exchange for Pure Prisms. This not only helps clear up space in the Servant roster but also provides a valuable resource that can be utilized for future endeavors.

Another avenue for acquiring Pure Prisms is through Challenge Quests. These quests are notorious for their difficulty and require careful planning and strategy to overcome. Successfully completing Challenge Quests can reward players with Pure Prisms, offering an additional incentive to tackle these formidable challenges.

The Mana Prism Shop is another crucial aspect of Pure Prism acquisition. Players can visit the Mana Prism Shop and exchange their accumulated Mana Prisms for various items, including Pure Prisms.

This shop regularly offers limited-time items or special events that allow players to trade Mana Prisms for Pure Prisms, making it a key destination for players looking to expand their Pure Prism reserves.

In conclusion, Pure Prisms are a vital currency in FGO that hold great importance for players. They provide access to rare and valuable items, enhance gameplay strategies, and contribute to the overall progression of a player’s roster.

Through event participation, Servant exchange, Challenge Quests, and utilizing the Mana Prism Shop, players can amass Pure Prisms and unlock a wealth of possibilities within the game.

What Events Offer Pure Prisms as Rewards?

In Fate/Grand Order (FGO), events play a significant role in providing players with unique challenges, captivating storylines, and exclusive rewards. Among these rewards, Pure Prisms stand out as a sought-after currency.

In this section, we will explore various events in FGO that offer Pure Prisms as rewards, allowing players to bolster their collections.

1. Collaboration Events:

FGO frequently collaborates with other popular franchises, introducing collaborative events that offer Pure Prisms as rewards.

These events often feature special event quests, limited-time banners, and unique storylines tied to the collaborating franchise. By completing event quests and meeting specific objectives, players can earn Pure Prisms along with other event-exclusive rewards.

2. Seasonal Events:

FGO celebrates various seasonal events throughout the year, such as Halloween, Christmas, and New Year. These events provide players with themed quests and activities that embrace the festive spirit.

Many seasonal events incorporate event shops where players can exchange event currencies for Pure Prisms. By actively participating in these events and fulfilling event-specific requirements, players can amass Pure Prisms while immersing themselves in the holiday-themed festivities.

3. Anniversary Events:

FGO commemorates its anniversary with grand celebrations, introducing special anniversary events that offer a multitude of rewards. These events often include unique quests, powerful boss battles, and generous reward distributions.

Pure Prisms are frequently featured as part of anniversary event shops, allowing players to trade event currencies for Pure Prism bundles or exclusive items that can be exchanged for Pure Prisms.

4. Raid Events:

Raid events in FGO present players with intense battles against formidable bosses. These events typically have multiple raid bosses that require collaborative efforts from the player community to defeat.

As players contribute to the raid battles and collectively reach milestone goals, they can earn Pure Prisms as rewards. Raid events offer an exciting challenge and an opportunity to acquire Pure Prisms while fostering a sense of camaraderie among players.

5. Challenge Quest Events:

Challenge Quest events push players to their limits, testing their strategic prowess and team-building skills.

These quests often feature powerful adversaries and unique battle conditions. By conquering these challenging quests, players can earn Pure Prisms as a testament to their mastery of the game mechanics and tactics.

6. Story-Based Events:

FGO occasionally introduces story-based events that delve deeper into the lore and narratives of the game.

These events unfold through a series of story chapters and quests, rewarding players with Pure Prisms upon completing specific milestones or chapters. By immersing themselves in the captivating narratives of these events, players can earn Pure Prisms as they progress through the event storylines.

Remember to keep an eye on the FGO event calendar and announcements to stay informed about upcoming events that offer Pure Prisms as rewards.

Active participation in these events, completing event quests and objectives, and making efficient use of event currencies will enable players to gather Pure Prisms and enhance their FGO experience.

With numerous events offering Pure Prisms as rewards, FGO provides a diverse range of opportunities for players to accumulate this valuable currency.

Embrace the challenges and immerse yourself in the rich content of these events to reap the rewards of Pure Prisms and strengthen your roster of Servants.

What Can I Find in the Mana Prism Shop Regarding Pure Prisms?

As an expert in gaming, I can provide you with insights into the Mana Prism Shop in Fate/Grand Order (FGO) and what you can find regarding Pure Prisms. Allow me to share my knowledge and guide you through the offerings of the Mana Prism Shop.

In the Mana Prism Shop, you will discover a variety of items that can be acquired using Mana Prisms, including valuable resources related to Pure Prisms. Here’s what you can typically find:

1. Pure Prism Bundles:

The Mana Prism Shop occasionally offers Pure Prism bundles directly. These bundles allow you to obtain a fixed amount of Pure Prisms in exchange for a set number of Mana Prisms. Keep an eye out for these bundles as they can provide a quick boost to your Pure Prism reserves.

2. Event-Specific Exchange:

During certain events, the Mana Prism Shop may introduce event-specific items that can be exchanged for Pure Prisms. These items are typically obtained by participating in event quests, missions, or by collecting event-specific currencies. Take note of these exchange opportunities as they provide an additional avenue for acquiring Pure Prisms.

3. Limited-Time Craft Essences:

The Mana Prism Shop often features limited-time Craft Essences that can be purchased using Mana Prisms. While these Craft Essences may not directly offer Pure Prisms, they can still be valuable because they can provide increased Mana Prism drops during quests or other benefits that indirectly contribute to Pure Prism accumulation. Consider investing in these Craft Essences if they align with your gameplay goals.

4. Fous and EXP Cards:

The Mana Prism Shop offers Fous and EXP cards that can be used to enhance the stats and level of your Servants. While these items may not directly provide Pure Prisms, they can indirectly contribute to your overall progress and enable you to tackle more challenging content. Strengthening your Servants can lead to greater success in quests and events, ultimately resulting in more opportunities to earn Pure Prisms.

Remember, the offerings in the Mana Prism Shop may vary over time, so it is essential to regularly check for updates and new items. Prioritize items that align with your current needs and long-term goals.

Make strategic decisions when spending your Mana Prisms to ensure you acquire items that will aid in your journey to accumulate Pure Prisms and enhance your FGO gameplay experience.

How Can Friend Point Summon Contribute to Pure Prism Collection?

As an expert in gaming, I can shed light on how Friend Point Summon can contribute to your Pure Prism collection in Fate/Grand Order (FGO). Let me share my knowledge and guide you through the ways in which Friend Point Summon can aid in obtaining Pure Prisms.

Friend Point Summon serves as a valuable resource in FGO, allowing players to obtain low-rarity Servants and Craft Essences.

While the primary purpose of Friend Point Summon is to expand your roster and enhance your gameplay, it can indirectly contribute to your Pure Prism collection. Here’s how:

1. Obtaining Low-Rarity Servants:

Friend Point Summon grants you access to low-rarity Servants, which may include duplicates or Servants that you no longer require for your team composition. Instead of keeping these redundant Servants, you can exchange them for Rare Prisms.

Rare Prisms can be used in the Rare Prism Shop to acquire various items, including Pure Prisms. By utilizing Friend Point Summon and exchanging unwanted Servants for Rare Prisms, you can indirectly bolster your Pure Prism collection.

2. Acquiring Low-Rarity Craft Essences:

Friend Point Summon not only provides Servants but also grants low-rarity Craft Essences. While these Craft Essences may not have the same level of power or versatility as higher-rarity ones, they can still be utilized in certain situations.

However, if you have an excess of low-rarity Craft Essences that are not essential to your gameplay strategy, you can burn them to obtain Mana Prisms. Mana Prisms can be exchanged for various items in the Mana Prism Shop, including Pure Prisms.

By consistently utilizing Friend Point Summon and exchanging unwanted Craft Essences, you can accumulate Mana Prisms and ultimately increase your Pure Prism collection.

3. Farming “Bomb of Pure Prisms”:

Friend Point Summon also has a chance of providing a valuable item known as the “Bomb of Pure Prisms.” These items can be exchanged directly for Pure Prisms, bypassing the need for additional conversions.

By regularly performing Friend Point Summons and collecting “Bomb of Pure Prisms,” you can steadily accumulate Pure Prisms and bolster your collection without the need for additional steps.

Friend Point Summon can significantly contribute to your Pure Prism collection in FGO. By exchanging unwanted low-rarity Servants for Rare Prisms, burning excess low-rarity Craft Essences for Mana Prisms, and collecting “Bomb of Pure Prisms,” you can maximize the benefits of Friend Point Summon and enhance your overall gameplay experience.

Remember to consistently perform Friend Point Summon and utilize these acquired resources strategically to further your Pure Prism accumulation in FGO.


As we conclude our journey into the realm of Pure Prisms in Fate/Grand Order, remember that patience and perseverance are key virtues for amassing these valuable resources.

By participating in events, engaging in challenge quests, strengthening bonds, and utilizing various in-game features, you’ll soon find your Pure Prism reserves flourishing. May your path be adorned with Pure Prisms, Masters, as you continue your adventures in the world of Fate/Grand Order!

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I obtain Pure Prisms through normal gameplay, or are they only available through specific means?

Pure Prisms can indeed be obtained through normal gameplay in FGO. While specific events and activities provide more opportunities for earning Pure Prisms, regular gameplay also offers avenues for accumulation.

Participating in events, completing story chapters, and engaging in challenge quests can all yield Pure Prisms as rewards. Additionally, by strengthening bonds with your Servants and raising their bond levels, you can unlock valuable rewards, including Pure Prisms. Remember to stay active and explore all aspects of the game to maximize your Pure Prism acquisition.

Are there any specific events or quests that offer a higher chance of obtaining Pure Prisms?

Yes, certain events and quests in FGO are designed to offer a higher chance of obtaining Pure Prisms. For example, during collaboration events with other franchises, there are often dedicated quests and missions that grant Pure Prisms upon completion.

Additionally, events with raid bosses or challenge quests can provide significant Pure Prism rewards for conquering challenging battles. It’s important to keep an eye on the event calendar and participate actively in these special quests to increase your chances of earning Pure Prisms.

What should I prioritize: using Pure Prisms to exchange for items in the Rare Prism Shop or saving them for future opportunities?

The decision of how to prioritize your Pure Prisms depends on your current needs and long-term goals in FGO. Assess the available items in the Rare Prism Shop and prioritize based on what will benefit your gameplay strategy the most.

If there are limited-time Craft Essences or other exclusive items that align with your plans, it may be worthwhile to exchange Pure Prisms for them. However, it’s also wise to save a portion of your Pure Prisms for future opportunities or new additions to the shop.

By striking a balance between utilizing Pure Prisms for immediate benefits and saving them for future prospects, you can make the most of your collection.

Can I exchange multiple Servants for Pure Prisms simultaneously, or is it a one-to-one exchange?

FGO allows you to exchange multiple Servants for Pure Prisms simultaneously, making the process more efficient. When accessing the Servant exchange option, you can select multiple Servants at once, indicating the quantity you wish to exchange.

This feature enables you to clear space in your roster and obtain a larger quantity of Pure Prisms in a single exchange. It’s a convenient way to streamline your inventory management and maximize your Pure Prism gains.

Is it possible to obtain Pure Prisms without spending real money in FGO?

Absolutely! Fate/Grand Order provides ample opportunities to obtain Pure Prisms through gameplay alone, without spending real money. The game rewards active participation in events, completion of quests, and achievement of milestones with Pure Prisms.

By actively engaging with the game, participating in events, and utilizing the various features and mechanics, you can accumulate Pure Prisms over time. FGO offers a fair and balanced gameplay experience, ensuring that players can progress and acquire resources without solely relying on monetary investment.

How often does the Mana Prism Shop refresh its offerings, including items related to Pure Prisms?

The Mana Prism Shop typically refreshes its offerings on a monthly basis, coinciding with updates and new events. During these refreshes, new items, including those related to Pure Prisms, are introduced for players to acquire using Mana Prisms.

It’s essential to regularly check the shop to stay informed about the available items and opportunities to exchange Mana Prisms for Pure Prisms. By staying updated and making the most of these refreshes, you can efficiently utilize your Mana Prisms and expand your Pure Prism collection.

Are there any other methods to obtain Pure Prisms that are not mentioned in the guide?

While the guide covers several key methods for obtaining Pure Prisms, Fate/Grand Order is a dynamic game that continues to evolve and introduce new content. There may be additional methods for obtaining Pure Prisms that are not covered in the guide. It’s crucial to stay updated with in-game announcements, events, and updates to discover new opportunities for Pure Prism acquisition.

The game developers often introduce new mechanics, events, and quests that provide additional ways to earn Pure Prisms. By continuously exploring and engaging with the game, you can stay informed about the latest methods available to bolster your Pure Prism collection.