How To String a Roman Blind: A Simple and Easy Guide for Perfectly Hung Windows

How to string a roman blind

Are you looking to string or restring your roman blind? Don’t find any solution yet on how to string a roman blind? Are you tired of searching don’t worry you ‘are in the right place and right guide

I’m guessing you’re here because like me something bad happened to your room and blind when the cord’s broken it’s a fairly straightforward thing to fix it’s worth repairing because without it it could be curtains for you sorry I couldn’t resist it

 In this article we’ll show you how to string a roman blind step-by-step, I love sewing and making my curtains and blinds, so please follow the steps below and don’t skip any of them.

Without further ado let’s jump in!

What you’ll need:

How to String a Roman Blind Step-By-Step

Step 1: Calculate How Much Blind Cord You’ll Need:

1. Measure the drop, from the top of the blind to the bottom, then double that figure.

2. Measure the width of the blind from the left to the right-hand edge and add that figure to your first doubled one.

Step 2: Measurements

Example of my measurements:

  • Drop: 117 cm drop (46″), which doubled is 234 cm (92″).
  • The width is 87 cm (34”).
  • Add that to the doubled figure which makes 321cm (10’6″).
  • A Roman blind has vertical lines of rings. And I’ll need 321cm for each line.
  • I have got three lines of rings, so that gives 963cm, which I rounded up to 10 m.
  • I have chosen a 3mm diameter cord the same color as the lining because this blind is made with fairly heavy fabric and it’s interlined, so I want to make sure the cord’s strong enough for the job.

Step 3: Take down the blind and remove the old cord

1. Hold the toggle on the pull cord and cut above the knot.

2. Pull the blind off the Velcro.

3. Lay the blind on a clean table, with the wrong side facing upwards.

3. At the bottom of each row snip the cord above each spring-loaded toggle and pull the remaining cord out.

Step 4: Cut new cord and thread blind

1. Cut a length of cord twice the length of the blind, plus its length to the right-hand edge.

My pull cord is on the right-hand side, If yours is on the left, just reverse these instructions.

2. Thread the cord through a quick-release toggle.

3. Give it a little tug to make sure that it’s caught properly.

4. Start at the bottom ring (or rear cord safety device) on the left-hand side and thread vertically through all the rings to the top.

5. Repeat this step with each row of rings.

6. Peg the cords temporarily to stop them from slipping out.

Step 5: Fix the blind back above the window and string through screw-eyes

1. Press it firmly onto the Velcro tape.

2. Starting with the cord at the left-hand side, thread it through the screw-eyes towards the right-hand side and repeat

3. Threading the cord through the screw-eye above each row and all others to the right.

Step 7: Tensioning the cord

1. Bunch the cords beyond the screw-eyes and pull each one individually to ensure the tension is even.

2. If the cords are too tight, the bottom hem will pull up.

So each cord needs to take an even amount of the load.

3. Knot the cords together about 2.5 cm (1”) beyond the last screw eye to form the top of the pull cord.

4. Plait the pull cord and finish

 Enjoy your achievement. You’ve just mended your blind for about the cost of a takeaway coffee.

How to string a roman woven wood shade

Roman Blind is Crooked – How to Replace a Spool.

Another thing that can cause a Roman blind to pull up crooked is a faulty spool so if you would like to come down to the bench we have got a couple of spools

you’ll get faulty one that’ll actually roll the cords up on top of each other and keep them down to one end and what that does is because they’re bunching up it means the blind will pull up unevenly so we’re Going to have to replace one of these spools

To Replace roman blind Spool:

1. First thing to know about spools is that there are once again different

For example, the one we have has a hexagonal bar and a square bar so you will need to make sure you get the right one also this one comes with both hexagonal and square so just be aware of the differences.

2. Take the blinds down and once again we remove the fabric and bring it back down to the bench.

3. Once you’ve Got the blind down on the bench you’ll need to take out the control unit and slide it out of the way.

if the blind hasn’t already rolled down it will now just freewheel down and that’s the way you want it.

4. With the cords out you would untie the cord, but you want to replace pulling it through then slide the track completely away so that you leave exposed the spools from there.

5. Take the spool off and discard it, make sure that the spool that’s already there is all the way out.

6. You would get your new spool to make sure it is all the way out and slide it onto the bar.

7. Once you’ve stood the spool on then slide everything back into the truck.

8. Put the control back on and slide it into place tighten the control and then basically line up where the spools are going to go from there.

9. You would pull The cord down through the loops and very roughly tie it off, once you’ve done that take the wine making sure that everything is lined up from there pull it up and then adjust the chords from there.

10. Once you’ve got the cord tied off level, take the excess, cut it off, attach the Velcro, check the blind, and roll up square

if it looks okay to pop the velcro down and check the positioning all those fools tighten them to reattach the fabric.

What Is The Best Way To Clean Roman Blinds?

You need to follow the care instructions from the manufacturer. Exactly.

Most Roman blinds have cord lift systems or internal spring systems which may or may not be motorized. As you can imagine, each has very specific cleaning requirements.

As a designer, fabricator, and installer of window coverings for over 25 years, I can say that in general Roman blinds should be gently vacuumed or dusted regularly, and never spot-cleaned unless you have explicit instructions on what products to use for that.

A word of caution.. some dusting products, such as the duster with cleaners built-in, can damage the fabric. The best duster is a good old-fashioned wool duster. Not feather. Wool.

How Long Do Roman Blinds Last?

Assuming you are asking about the lifespan of ready-made Roman blinds, they typically last between 5 and 6 years.

But made-to-measure roman blinds are built to last because they are crafted to a higher standard, using high-quality and better fabrics, fittings, and materials. With proper care, made-to-measure Roman blinds can last for 12 to 15 years.

How Can I Stop My Roman Blinds Coming Off The Velcro And Falling On The Floor?

If you have a track, then most types of blinds have caps at the end of the track to hold the blinds in. Not Velcro. Some tracks have metal pieces on a hinge that fold open and closed.

Others have a plastic square that slides into the front end edge of the track to prevent the blind from falling out. Look at the ends and maybe google blinds and read the instructions to figure out how your blinds were originally supposed to be.

You may be able to cut a piece of cardboard to replace the missing cap. Or better, plastic off a milk carton or some sort of packaging. I can’t imagine Velcro being the appropriate fastener…but if so, it may be worn out and you can buy self-stick dots to replace it.

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