Medical curtain – hospital curtain

Hospital medical curtain stands out with its high applicability and good antibacterial ability that cannot be missed in today’s large and small clinics and hospitals.

Medical curtain - hospital curtain

What is special about medical and hospital curtains than other common curtain models?

Medical curtain is a type of curtain used in clinics, hospitals or beauty centers. Not only creating psychological comfort for patients, medical curtains also ensure an effective and unaffected treatment environment. So, what are the outstanding features of medical and hospital curtains compared to other common curtains?

What is medical curtain, hospital?

Medical and hospital blinds are blinds commonly used in medical examination and treatment centers. They are often used to separate bed areas from each other or private examination areas. Currently, medical curtains are a basic standard of facilities that hospitals, clinics, and cosmetologists must have.

Medical and hospital curtains also play an important role in creating accents. For hospital clinics, curtains will make patients feel less bored during treatment because the colors at the hospital are too monotonous. 

Medical curtains are not only used exclusively in clinics. In beauty centers, beauty spas, this type of curtain is also used a lot. They are often designed in sync with the center’s identity, showing professionalism and helping customers to remember and impress.

In fact, the scope of use of medical curtains is somewhat narrower than other types of blinds. However, with the number of appearances of private clinics, hospitals, spas, beauty centers, the number of blinds consumed on the market every day is still large.

More specifically, medical and hospital curtains before distribution must be tested for safety standards. Therefore, this type of curtain possesses many outstanding advantages that not everyone knows.

What are the advantages that make medical curtains indispensable in medical facilities?

Medical curtains are different from normal blinds in that the materials used for production must be carefully selected. In hospital environments, they not only provide privacy for patients, but also protect them from pathogens around them.

What are the advantages that make medical curtains indispensable in medical facilities?

Medical curtains possess many outstanding advantages that make their use not limited to hospitals. Currently, some families or spa and beauty centers also choose to use this type of curtain to ensure safety. Accordingly, some outstanding advantages of the product can be mentioned as:

Create a private space for the patient

At the hospital, the wards are often divided into subdivisions for hospitalized patients. Regular room, the number of beds can be from 6 to 12 beds. For VIP rooms, the number of beds is from 1 to 2. And regardless of the type of room, the patient’s sleeping place needs to be kept private.

Most patients will stay together in one large room. When having to live, eat and sleep with strangers, everyone must feel shy and somewhat uncomfortable. In particular, when talking with family members, eating or personal hygiene because it is not good to let others pay attention.

Before this situation, each bed has its own medical and hospital curtain, ensuring enough privacy for patients to rest and chat. This not only helps the patient to be comfortable, but also avoids affecting the living or resting time of other patients in the same room.

In clinic, medical curtain, hospital is also used. The examination in an enclosed space will make the patient feel more secure, less stressed and more shy. Or in some specialized rooms for testing, endoscopy, X-ray, curtains are also used for this purpose.

Protect patient from bacteria, virus

The hospital is a healing environment, but along with that, there are also many dangerous pathogens. Accordingly, there are many sick people who come and go often and no one knows what diseases they have on them. So the medical curtain, the hospital will partly ensure the safety of your own resting space.

The types of medical curtains used are mainly polyester fabrics with good antibacterial ability. Therefore, they prevent viruses and bacteria that can cause disease from penetrating inside. Thanks to that, even if you are in a room with many sick people, you can be somewhat more assured about your health.

In fact, the Covid – 19 epidemic is raging, this advantage of medical curtains and hospitals is even more appreciated. They not only do a good job of ensuring privacy, but also contribute to reducing the risk of infection in medical examination and treatment premises. At the field hospital, this type of curtain is used a lot in isolation and treatment rooms.

Has a long service life

Curtains are made from many different fabrics. But with medical and hospital curtains, because of their specificity, they will mainly be manufactured from polyester fabric with high antibacterial ability. The advantage of this fabric is that it ensures breathability and is much more durable than other materials.

However, because Polyester is not really environmentally friendly, these fabrics when designing curtains will be mixed with other fibers. As a result, the durability of the curtain is still guaranteed without too much impact on the environment or the patient’s health.

One of the things about the amazing durability of medical blinds is that they can be comfortably washed in the washing machine without shrinking, fraying or tearing. As a result, curtain cleaning is relatively simple, can be reused many times, significantly saving costs for clinics and hospitals.

Medical curtains made from polyester fabric also have relatively good chemical resistance. Therefore, they are even more suitable for hospital environments, where drugs and therapeutic substances are often used for patients. So even though there are many different types of blinds on the market, antibacterial polyester curtains are still the most standard medical and hospital curtains.

Good light blocking and insulation

Another advantage of medical curtains is their ability to block light and insulate very well. Because the ward space has many people living together, it is impossible to avoid conflicts in activities. Therefore, a good block of light will help you not be disturbed by people staying up at night and vice versa, you will not affect people.

Although hospital rooms usually have air conditioning, because there are too many people, they will not be really cool. Therefore, with good insulation, you can close the curtain and use an electric fan inside. This will help you limit your exposure to human vapors, thereby feeling cooler and more ventilated.

Before being put into use, medical curtains and hospitals have also passed specific tests and experiments. So this is one of the advantages you can trust even if you have never used this type of curtain before.

Designed to suit each installation location

At the hospital, medical curtains are hung on stainless steel bars and wrapped around the hospital bed. There is a certain gap between the ceiling and the top of the curtain, which ensures air circulation and helps the patient not feel too stuffy. On the other hand, they also ensure more natural light can get in.

The medical curtain is fixed on the stainless steel bars with strong round hooks. Therefore, it will be easier for you to adjust or open the curtain according to your eyelids. The round hooks can be removed from the latch button, ensuring quick cleaning and changing of the curtain, without affecting the patient’s rest time.

Depending on the location, the medical curtain models will be selected to match the most appropriate size, color and style. In the disease, the color of the curtain is usually quite mild such as light blue, milky brown, cream, milky yellow, etc. to bring a feeling of lightness, stability and comfort to the patient.

What should be kept in mind when choosing medical and hospital curtains?

Because medical and hospital blinds are mainly used in specific environments, there are many things you need to keep in mind when choosing to buy. Especially before there is no shortage of poor quality products appearing on the market, here are the most basic notes you should note:

What should be kept in mind when choosing medical and hospital curtains?

  • Prefer to buy curtains designed from polyester fabric or any waterproof fabric but must have good antibacterial ability and have a certificate of inspection.
  • Choose to buy at establishments that specialize in blinds or medical supplies. At the same time, you should carefully study the information and distribution items before buying
  • Choose the right type of curtain for the installation location: clinic, laboratory, patient room or field hospital area. This is to ensure the curtain maximizes its use and is suitable for different environmental conditions
  • You should study the market price spectrum to not be bought too expensive or too cheap but poor quality.

Address to buy medical curtain with reputable standards in the market

It is very important to consider where to buy medical and hospital curtains when they require relatively high standards. Therefore, if you have doubts about choosing, Elanoss is a name you can refer to. This is currently a name that is highly appreciated by customers for the quality of its products.