Mesh Roller Blinds

Share information about what is mesh roller blinds ? The outstanding benefits of roller blinds are the content of today’s article. Readers, please follow along.

Mesh Roller Blinds

What is Mesh Blinds? The outstanding benefits of roller blinds

Curtains are one of the indispensable interior items in houses, companies, cafes, etc. today. However, mesh roller blinds products are gaining many advantages in the hearts of consumers. So what kind of product are roller blinds actually? What are the outstanding benefits of this type of curtains? To answer all these questions, please read the article below.

What is a mesh roller blinds?

Mesh roller blinds are also known by another name as roller blinds, mesh roller blinds. This is a high-class curtain with a mesh fabric. The product is designed in the form of open holes, simple but very luxurious and modern. Therefore, using this type of curtain helps to bring users a living space with high aesthetic standards.

What are mesh roller blinds?

Currently, beautiful roller blinds products with mesh designs are made from many different materials. Among them, the most popular product is the fiber mesh roller blinds made from sparsely knitted fiberglass. Roller blinds also have the same structure as other normal blinds, including net curtains and rollers. So using the product is very easy, the simple operation is that the curtain fabric will roll up the curtain rod.

Use mesh roller blinds that do not take up space. At the same time, the product also helps to bring you a high aesthetic space. Especially with the ability to block 70% of light, the product can both help block the sun, block light and make living space cool and bright.

Classification of roller blinds with nets

How many specific types of roller blinds are there? In fact, this product line has very few different types. However, based on each classification, the product will have popular types. According to the classification of curtains and blinds based on the segment, the selling price will have the following types:

What are the popular types of mesh roller blinds?

Low cost mesh roller blinds

This is a type of curtain that is manufactured with normal materials, the mesh curtain fabric is a bit thinner. Therefore, when looking closely, the mesh fibers are sparser and there is no associated load-bearing fiber. This type of product has the lowest light and sun blocking ability of all blinds. However, when installing your room is also shielded to help soften the light in the room a lot.

Common net roller blinds

These curtains are made from common fabrics. The fabric is thicker and the threads are bigger than the cheap mesh roller blinds. As a result, the ability to block sunlight and light of this type of curtains is also much better.

High quality mesh roller blinds

Premium mesh roller blinds are the most beautiful curtains with the best light blocking of all types of mesh roller blinds. In addition, this type of curtains also has another outstanding feature that is both sunscreen and light, but can still prevent fire and spread extremely well. The yarns are woven with high antibacterial properties, so it is very safe for users.

The outstanding benefits of roller blinds when using

The user’s preference for mesh roller blinds, of course, has its reasons. In which an inevitable part comes from the outstanding benefits that the product brings when used. Many benefits form easily conquering difficult customers. And some notable practical benefits include:

Mesh roller blinds bring many great benefits to users

Provides a complete sun block effect

Roller blinds were born with the important task of blocking sunlight. Therefore, using the product is the optimal solution to help the owner regulate the light into the space optimally. Accordingly, based on durable polyester material, the product can be estimated to block light from 70% to 90%.

Therefore, once installed for the space, it will help improve the heat and heat when the sun hits. Especially limiting UV rays from entering the space, creating impacts on health and vision. It is even easy to damage the furniture in the house.

Not to mention, based on the special structure, the problem of space occlusion when installing as in some products is completely non-existent. Instead, users can adjust and balance so that the light is suitable for the space. That is why you can see the popularity of the product not only at home but also in shops and offices.

Easy to use, save space

Mesh roller blinds are designed with 1 piece of fabric with thin yarns wrapped around evenly on a circular shaft. The product operates on a flexible drag-and-drop mechanism with the feature that it can be easily rolled up and down depending on what you want based on the roller above the curtain. Mesh roller blinds work like a rolling door. Therefore, to use this type of curtains, users do not need to care about technical factors or remember the operation.

Mesh roller blinds save space

In addition, the curtain is pulled with a durable synthetic rope that is passed through the micro loops to ensure a gentle pull and drop. To drop the curtain or roll the curtain, you just need to pull this synthetic rope to easily open and close the curtains.

Roll-up blinds will be securely fixed at the top of the curtain. When the curtains are dropped, the entire surface of the curtains forms a flat surface that does not cause any problems for the surrounding space. Therefore, choosing this type of curtains will help the room become neat and save space.

Increase ventilation for installation space

Mesh roller blinds are designed with knitted yarn fabric for ventilation. Therefore, when installing this product will help the project become more airy. This is one of the great benefits that can only be found in the product of roller blinds.

Not only that, with mesh curtains, even if the curtain is closed, if you are close enough, you can completely see outside. You will easily observe traffic, trees and pedestrians without having to open all or part of the curtains. This will give your living space a feeling of openness, the space of the room is not secret. In addition, your room will also feel more spacious.

Blinds with mesh help keep the room airy

Thus, the use of this product line of curtains can not only help block light, block sunlight and protect privacy, but also help bring ventilation to the building. Especially on hot summer days, net curtains will help bring cool breezes from outside into the room naturally. At the same time, it helps to release the air inside, helping the building to be completely secretive and comfortable.

Beautify living space

If anyone has ever used mesh roller blinds, they will see that this model of curtains is designed with an extremely simple structure. The product only uses a single piece of yarn to be rolled into a roller, but overall, it provides a hanging curtain with high aesthetic value.

Depending on the type of product, the design of the curtain surface will be different. It can be a curtain with a pattern or without a pattern, but when combined with a luxurious and modern design, the product becomes suitable for a variety of projects. So choosing this type of curtain will help the installation work become more beautiful and attractive.

Products in addition to the ability to block sunlight, good light, can also be used to decorate and beautify living space. Mesh roller blinds will help hide the flaws of the room and turn the room into a perfect, zero point. This is why it is said that this product is the best choice to help you easily enhance the aesthetics of your living space.

Mesh roller blinds increase the beauty of living space

Suitable for all projects

 Mesh roller blinds are both capable of blocking light, blocking wind and having high aesthetics, so they are perfectly suitable for installation in any project. Whether it is a modern building or a popular building, this type of curtains is easy to promote without affecting the value of the building.

This is the reason that the product is increasingly chosen by users for the largest projects:

  • Office
  • Company
  • House
  • Luxury apartment
  • Living room
  • ….

Save time cleaning

Outer mesh roller blinds bring great benefits as above, when using this curtain product, it also helps users save space for effective cleaning. The reason is because this type of curtains is made of mesh fabric. So the product is very easy to clean and make with water.

Moreover, when performing cleaning and cleaning of roller blinds, users do not need to remove the curtain to reap like normal curtain fabrics. As a result, cleaning time is shortened quickly.

Where is the best place to buy roller blinds?

Roller blinds bring so many good benefits, but you have to buy the right quality product to get it. Because poor quality curtains are often damaged very quickly and have low efficiency. So where to buy good quality mesh roller blinds?

Where to buy mesh roller blinds?

It’s very simple, you just need to visit the website: to order and you will immediately have the desired product. In addition, when you buy mesh roller blinds here you also enjoy competitive prices with many attractive incentives.


What are mesh roller blinds ? The outstanding benefits of roller blinds have been fully shared in the above article. So if you want to buy curtains to decorate your living space, this will be a suggestion that you should not ignore.