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The curtain motor impresses when it not only optimizes the use of curtains but also gives users unexpected benefits.

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Fabric curtain motor – Products that conquer smart consumers

Motorized blinds are the most popular products today. Although there are many types of motors for specific curtain materials, the curtain motor is still the most consumed product. So what makes this product so popular do you know?

Brief introduction about curtain motor

Fabric curtain motor is an automatic motor used in curtain fabrics. Motor operation depends on how the curtain is designed. Accordingly, there are 2 types of curtain motor in use today: horizontal pull motor and up and down motor. Therefore, when choosing a motor, you need to consider the design of the curtain to ensure its suitability.

There are many different types of blinds on the market today. Customers can rely on each classification to choose the most appropriate automatic motors. Accordingly, the types of curtain motor you can find out today are based on the following criteria:

The principle of operation of the curtain: The horizontal curtain motor will be suitable for curtain designs that are designed to be pulled to one side or two symmetrically. Meanwhile, the pull-up motor will be used for curtains that are designed to roll vertically and wrap into a horizontal cylinder.

Origin: In Vietnam market, there are many imported curtain motor . Motor with cheap, mid-range segment is usually imported from China and Korea. More advanced blinds are imported from European countries such as France or Germany

Operating capacity: is selected depending on the weight of the curtain. Curtains with large loads and sizes usually need a high-capacity curtain motor to ensure stable support and traction.

What advantages help fabric curtain motor conquer current users?

Motor curtain fabric is having strong developments in just a short period of time. They make it more convenient for users to use blinds as well as meet other usage criteria. In particular, in the current technological context, the product shows even more integration and keeping up with the trend.

Just like home furniture is being technologyized more and more, here are the advantages that help fabric curtain motors conquer a large number of users:

Help save control time

One of the reasons why technology has evolved the way it is today is because they help simplify human activities. So is the curtain motor . The task of this automatic motor is to help control the lights faster and more efficiently. So this is also the biggest advantage that the motor is highly appreciated by users.

Because blinds are often used for windows or doors, the number of uses for them at home, office, … is relatively large. However, it will take time for you to adjust them at the same time.

With the motor installed in the curtain, the user can customize the movement of certain curtains or all of them installed and compatible with the controller. The motor technology used is so advanced that you do not need to use the existing control but can operate it on your smartphone once it is connected.

Heat sensor to automatically cover the curtain

A big advantage from today’s super-genuine curtain motors is the excellent heat sensing ability. This function allows the curtain to detect the temperature of sunlight when it shines through the window. If the sunlight exceeds the standard temperature, the curtain will automatically lower without any control.

Thanks to this function, you can feel secure when you are not at home even in hot weather. And when returning home, the indoor space is still extremely cool because of the light blocking and good insulation. Thereby, it is no longer necessary to consume electricity by opening the air conditioner 24/24.

Another benefit from the sensor of the curtain motor is the ability to program the motor. Specifically, when in winter, to keep the space in the room warm, you can set the blinds to automatically open when it’s sunny. By taking advantage of natural energy, you will still have a quality life while still saving money and electricity.

Make your home safer and better protected

This must be an advantage that few people expect when learning about fabric curtains using automatic motors. Not only operating based on the control, the motor also helps the curtain to be set up to operate autonomously. Thanks to this, at the set time, the curtain will be drawn or closed as if someone was at home. Thanks to that, even when you are away, you do not need to be afraid of “bad guys” visiting.

Especially for those who often have to travel for work, this is one of the safest ways that you should choose. It can be seen that the curtain motor not only makes people’s lives simpler. If you know how to take advantage, they will bring more benefits than you think.

Bring a modern, smart beauty to your home

Building a minimalist and smart living space is a style that many people love. To improve the quality of life, from electric lights to home appliances, many people prefer to use products with integrated automatic technology. So the curtain motor will help this modern beauty more complete.

The motors installed in the curtain fabric today have a very delicate, compact and eye-catching design. When used indoors, combined with specially designed curtains will make your home even more wonderful. Therefore, automatic curtains are also considered as a form of home interior design that you should try.

How is the motorized curtain fabric and how does it work?

Although knowing that curtain motor will help optimize operation when used, not everyone understands the structure and how they are used. This automatic motor part is designed to be attached to the suspension bar so that the remote control can act on both.

The automatic motors used for curtain fabrics today range from 30W to 45W because the weight of the fabric is not too light. They are installed above the curtain rails for horizontal pulls and in the curtain stack for roll curtains.

To control the curtains well, they need 2 important parts, the power source and the remote:

  • About the power source: This is a switch that helps the curtain motor receive the signal and attach it to the motor. After receiving the incoming signal, the motor will pull left or right, up or down depending on the type of curtain and how you use it.
  • Remote control: Mostly to control the curtain, you can use a remote with the same design as controlling an air conditioner or an electric fan. However, with some high-end engines, you can completely manipulate the phone software after it is connected.
  • In case of power failure, there will still be a manual controller so users do not need to worry too much about this problem.

Some basic notes when using curtain motor you should know

The use of curtain motor is more and more people choose to improve the quality of life. Therefore, the curtain distribution units also began to promote the type of product to the market. Not only the automatic engines of Vietnam but many other imported products are also put into distribution.

  • Because the number of fabric curtains using motors is increasing, customers also need to pay attention to learn more carefully to buy genuine products. If you do not know too much about technology, here are the things you should know to minimize the risk:
  • It is advisable to learn about the structure and operating principle of the motors before choosing to make sure they are suitable for the type of curtain you choose as well as the installation location.
  • With imported motors, you should carefully study each function, their structure because these products often have certain unique points. Learning will help you know if they are really necessary for your own use
  • Find out carefully the information about the curtain distribution facility, should give priority to those that have a reputation in the market or through the introduction of relatives and friends.
  • Find out the price spectrum before buying to ensure financial condition

Is it good to buy curtain motor in Elanoss?

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Not only quality assurance, the curtains at the store are also very trendy and trendy. So even if you are a fastidious person in aesthetics, you will be satisfied with the products that the store provides. Or not, Elanoss can assist you with custom-made blinds.

Motor curtain fabric is indeed an indispensable product in the modern life of people today.