Outdoor Bamboo Curtains

Outdoor bamboo curtain is a very good product to protect from rain, sun, wind and heat that many Vietnamese families choose to use.

Outdoor Bamboo Curtains And Outstanding Advantages Conquering All Customers

Outdoor bamboo curtain is a product that is too familiar to Vietnamese people. Outdoor areas are often preferred to use bamboo blinds to cover rain and sun. Nowadays, in order to meet the increasing demands of customers, bamboo curtain models are also improved and diversified in designs and designs.

What are outdoor bamboo blinds?

Outdoor bamboo blinds are simply understood as car panels connected by bamboo bars. Their shape will be basically the same as regular curtains. The main task of bamboo blinds is to block the sun and rain, keeping the interior space dry and cool.

Bamboo blinds are often used a lot in outdoor areas because of their special materials. Because it is made of bamboo, the curtain is very heavy and does not fly when it is windy. They are also not affected by wind or rain when performing their shielding duties like fabric curtains.

Most types of outdoor bamboo blinds today are made from natural, original bamboo. Each bamboo tree, bamboo tree is checked for quality, ensuring the standing, the density of the core so as not to affect the quality of use of the curtain.

Natural bamboos are mainly exploited from mountainous areas. In order not to affect the environment, avoid indiscriminate exploitation of wild bamboo and bamboo, they are all grown by humans. 

On the market, there are also some other types of outdoor bamboo blinds that are used materials from bamboo and industrial bamboo. Although they are slightly less dense and durable than natural materials, their cost is cheaper. This makes the product suitable for all customers on the market today.

Advantages to help outdoor bamboo blinds quickly sell out on the market

Not only bamboo, there are many materials used in curtain production today. The most typical is the fabric. Even the number of fabric curtains accounts for a large market share and is used in almost every family. However, to cover the sun and rain outdoors, bamboo blinds are always the first choice.

Possessing outstanding and unique advantages, outdoor bamboo blinds are always a sold-out product on the market today. But what are the advantages that make bamboo blinds used so much?

Has great durability

The biggest advantage that makes bamboo blinds used outdoors a lot is their excellent durability. Compared to indoors, outdoors is a place exposed to sunlight, dust, rain and wind. Over time, natural influences can affect the usability of blinds. For example, with fabric curtains, they will be discolored, torn and the fabric is more flimsy.

To ensure efficiency and prolong use, bamboo blinds are still preferred. Because bamboo is a special herbaceous plant when they are very sturdy and have a high density. The blinds are taken from the bamboo trunk, which is usually very thick, and will not be subject to termites or mold after being treated.

In the natural state, the bamboo body, even outdoors, is not lost or degraded under the influence of the weather. After being put into production, they are not only more beautiful, but their durability is also significantly improved. Compared with fabrics for outdoor use, bamboo blinds are clearly superior.

The bamboo slats are connected to the curtain with a minimum thickness of 0.5cm, a maximum of 2cm. So an outdoor bamboo curtain will be very heavy and will not be blown away by the wind. On the other hand, this thickness also increases the durability and weather resistance of the curtain better.

No less in terms of aesthetics

Outdoor bamboo blinds have been used by families for a long time, mostly rural families. At this time, the blinds, also known as bamboo blinds, are designed quite simply. They are bamboo spokes that are dried, trimmed and then joined together.

Overall, the early bamboo blinds are quite rudimentary and unattractive. However, nowadays, the aesthetics of this type of curtain is not inferior to other stylish curtain models. The reason comes from the development of production technology as well as the timely grasp of customer needs.

The current models of bamboo blinds are carefully trimmed and trimmed, all beautiful, both slender but also very sturdy. In particular, to add more eye-catching, they are also covered with paint or imitation of wood grain, covered with a protective gloss layer to help users easily clean and clean.

Not only in the countryside, urban houses now also use outdoor bamboo blinds a lot. The improvement of skill level and aesthetic thinking makes these curtain models more and more attractive to users. In particular, despite focusing on design, at the same time, the quality of the curtain is also improving and becoming more and more outstanding.

Anti-termite, good waterproof

No fading or tearing, but many people worry that bamboo blinds will be destroyed by termites. Although it is a very durable material, if not used properly, bamboo will easily have termites. Not to mention outdoor use, exposure to the sun and wind makes this risk even higher.

However, this is also something that manufacturers know and pay attention to. To prolong the service life and avoid termites, all types of bamboo blinds are used with a specialized drug and paint. Accordingly, their function is to create a transparent glossy protective layer that helps the curtain to repel water as well as the penetration of other organisms.

These protective layers have a very good protective effect, do not peel off. On the other hand, they are also very safe for the environment and people’s health. So when hearing about drugs or specialized paints for products, customers do not need to worry too much.

Before that, the bamboo slats before being connected to the curtain will all go through strict quality checks. Only the bamboos that are even, solid, and have no signs of pests will be selected. Next, they will be dried to remove all water, shrink the bamboo, measure the size and then be cleaned, covered with protective paint and closed the curtain.

Has good insulation

Few people know that insulation is one of the outstanding advantages of outdoor bamboo blinds. Today, most families often use glass doors to increase the feeling of spaciousness for living space. However, this also causes the room temperature to rise significantly.

When using bamboo blinds, they have the ability to avoid the sun and insulate very well. Partly because the bamboo structure is very dense and dense, it is difficult for sunlight to penetrate. On the other hand, bamboo is a poor conductor of heat, so most of the heat from the sun will be reflected. Therefore, the indoor space when covered by bamboo blinds will usually be much cooler.

If you pay attention, you will see that the front porch or the public table are the places where the bamboo blinds are placed the most. These are the locations that receive the most sunlight during the day, so the indoor temperature is often very hot and uncomfortable. To reduce heat, the use of curtains is the most efficient and energy-saving method.

Effective noise reduction

One more advantage that surprises many people about outdoor bamboo blinds is the extremely good noise reduction. For those who live on the road or in cities because being noisy by car horns is not new. This is also a lot that makes many people feel very annoying and uncomfortable.

Although not completely soundproof, bamboo blinds can reduce noise significantly. Like heat conduction, the sound conductivity of bamboo blinds is very poor. When the noise comes in, they will be reflected and only very small noises will pass through. As a result, you will not be too noisy when using bamboo blinds to cover.

In fact, there are many ways to reduce noise, but still many people choose outdoor bamboo blinds because of the other advantages of the product. So it can be seen that today, besides fabric curtains, the trend of choosing bamboo blinds is also very much. The bamboo curtain models are also constantly diversified and more eye-catching to attract a large number of customers.

Elanoss – A reputable outdoor bamboo curtain distributor in the market

Although widely distributed on the market today, not everyone knows how to choose a reputable place. Especially when compared to fabric, it is much more difficult to determine whether the bamboo slats are good or not. To avoid risks, customers should look for a reputable store that is chosen by many people.

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