Best Places To Prank Call 24 7 Showdown: A Comprehensive Top 10 Review

Seeking the apex of Places To Prank Call 24 7 offerings in the market? Before you dive in, dedicate a sliver of your invaluable time for meticulous groundwork. If the path to your research seems a bit uncertain, worry not – we’ve already paved it.

The market burgeons with tailored offerings, catering to a diverse array of desires. However, the real challenge lies in isolating the absolute finest amidst the hubbub.

To simplify this intricate endeavor, we’ve embraced the task of curating excellence. After an exhaustive journey through evaluations and trials, we’ve zeroed in on these exceptional contenders that rise above, each one thoughtfully fashioned to align with your aspirations.

Our selection acts as a time-saving compass, meticulously evaluating usability, effectiveness, quality, and customer support for every entry.

You stand on the precipice of uncovering the quintessence of a Bathtub Visor, courtesy of our comprehensive review and guide.

In this unrelenting quest for the paramount, our journey directs us to Set of 2 Prank Noise Makers with 7 Sounds for Endless Laughter – Mini Annoying Sound Torture Devices – Hidden Noise Maker Prank for Adult. This standout candidate is fortified by quintessential benchmarks: materials, quality, durability, longevity, and performance.

Best Places To Prank Call 24 7 Guide: Best Recommendations

Set of 2 Prank Noise Makers with 7 Sounds for Endless Laughter - Mini Annoying Sound Torture Devices - Hidden Noise Maker Prank for Adult

$10.99  in stock
as of September 11, 2023 9:09 pm


  • Upgraded Prank Noise Maker- This annoying noise maker is an upgraded version with superior sound quality. With seven different sound options including buzzing, alarm clock, dog barking, cat meowing, cricket chirping, fly buzzing, and devil laughing, you can easily prank your colleagues, classmates, neighbors and friends without them suspecting a thing.
  • Random Playback Intervals - These cricket noise maker have a random playback interval feature that adds an extra layer of surprise to your pranks. The intervals range from 1 minute to 12 minutes, so you never know when the next sound will play. This makes for a more realistic and unpredictable prank experience.
  • Durable and Long-lasting - These hidden noise maker prank are equipped with durable batteries that provide long-lasting power. You don't need to worry about constantly replacing the batteries, making them a convenient and cost-effective option for your prank needs.
  • Easy to Hide - These noise prank device are small and easy to hide, making them perfect for pranks. You can place them in various corners of a room or office, and use the included stickers to disguise them as everyday objects, such as a tissue box or a plant pot. Let your creativity run wild and see how your friends react!
  • Endless Pranking Possibilities - With seven different sound options and random playback intervals, you can create endless pranking possibilities. You can use the buzzing sound to make your friends think there's a bee in the room, or the alarm clock sound to make them think they're late for a meeting. These prank speakers are sure to provide endless entertainment!

BAIRONG Hide Noise Maker | Frickin Cricket Sound Annoying Pranks, Funny Pranks for Adults, Annoying Chirping Joke Gag Prank Sound

$2.89  in stock
as of September 11, 2023 9:09 pm


  • ★【Easy to Operate】:When you press the switch, once is the on state, 2 consecutive s is the off state. Cricket Noise Maker Prank plays erratically, at intervals of 2 to 15 minutes, making it difficult to locate.
  • ★【Cricket Chirping】:The sound is clear and more real, because it is intermittent chirping, it is difficult to find where the sound comes from, it will make people think there are really crickets in the room.
  • ★【Easy to Carry】:Annoying Cricket Prank Toy is small and easy to carry. Lightweight and portable, the noise maker takes up minimal space and is easy to store.
  • ★【Wide Use】:Cricket Annoying Noise Prank is a fun prank toy. You can make practical joke by playing this toy at home, school, classrooms, elevators and more, it's sure to be fun!
  • ★【Tricky Gifts】:If you are looking for pranks, Mini Hide Prank Noise Maker is a hilarious gift for kids and adults. Great for jokes, creating videos with impressive sound effects, phone calls, plays, etc.

OYEFLY Prank Device,Mini PCB Lrritating Noisemaker,Prank Stuff That Won’t Stop Beeping for Long Time (style1)

$6.99  in stock
as of September 11, 2023 9:09 pm


  • Small yet effective prank device: The PCB of annoying buzzer is the amazing puckish gift, it will beep, scream, or make a cricket sound at random intervals of 5 to 45 minutes, and the duration of the noise is about 1 or 2 minutes. If you hide this PCB of annoying buzzer somewhere unknown to the persons you're trying to tease, the victims will be startled or irritated when it suddenly rings.
  • Easy to use: You just need to simply turn on the switch on the PCB, choose a sound that you want by pressing the button on the PCB, and fanally hide it. All that's left to do is see the crazy state of someone you want to prank.
  • Multiple sounds to choose from: There are many kinds of sounds that make people feel anxious or irritablea. We provide you with four kinds of sounds, including a normal beep, a high pitch screech, a cricket chirping and lastly a computer technology noise that sounds something are in mass.
  • Unpredictable time interval: The time interval of this noise buzzer sound is neither too long nor too short, especially this time is not fixed but randomly changed. Therefore, if the person you're teasing can't find it, he won't be able to prepare for the noise in advance, and he'll be teased a lot and go crazy.
  • Compact and easy to hide: Our PCB of annoying buzzer is small enough that you can hide it anywhere you want. For example, you could easily conceal it inside a drawer with other stuff in it, or a cabinet near other appliances that already make noise. you could also stick it underneath a desk, behind a monitor, inside a tissue box, or in a vase.

CCMIOCO Mini PCB Lrritating Noisemaker, Prank Stuff, Small Size and Long Battery Life Start a Prank at Party,Office,Home

$9.99  in stock
as of September 11, 2023 9:09 pm


  • Small size and light weight: 1.5*1*0.4 inch and 0.2oz. Unconcerned corners of indoor places such as homes and offices will be its best hiding places. You can even use a small sticker to attach it to the back of the plant leaf. Run it and hide it: the sound of the interval makes him/her upset and can't help but want to find it. But I am very sorry. As long as it hides well enough. No one can find it. Before finding it, the people who are looking for it will growl and become furious.
  • Multifunctional: It has built-in 4 sharp noises and 4 cricket calls. You can click the button to select one of the sounds. It will automatically play for 1-10 seconds. And it will play repeatedly within 10-30 min at random intervals(Too often can easily reveal the location.) A battery is included in the package. The battery is valid for 5 to 6 years. The power can easily support it to run continuously for 6 to 7 days.
  • New upgrade: This is a novel and versatile prank prop. If you want to perform an Unique prank or want to retaliate against him/her. Make him/her irrational and mess around. You are very correct in choosing it. You can even set up a camera in advance to record what the other person is going crazy.
  • Advanced effect: If you want the effect of the prank to go further. You can use two or more at a time. Hide them in different places. Their respective sounds will make it more difficult to find them.
  • Hidden hint: (①Mimic) hide it near the electrical appliance that emits a beeping sound. Such as the vicinity of TV sets, refrigerators, air conditioners. (②Unexpected corners) such as under the table and chair, the back of the potted plant, in the air-conditioning hole, near the exhaust port, near the pile of debris, above the chandelier... (③Impossible places) such as: the top of the car glove box, inside the mattress or sofa, in the wooden floor or in the wall of the brick mezzanine...

Larkmo Funny Hidden Annoying Beeper Office Prank Devices, Hidden Noise Maker Includes Multiple Sounds, Cricket Chirp, Beep & More, Makes A Great Practical Joke for an April Fools Day Gag, Qty of 2

$19.99  in stock
as of September 11, 2023 9:09 pm


  • SO SMALL YET SO SINISTER. How can two small noise devices create such havoc? These annoying beep pranks will become your favorite of all pranks and practical jokes. Super easy to use. Simply turn them on, pick a sound and hide them. All that's left to do is watch and hear your victims lose their mind.
  • WHY OURS? Most other annoying beep prank noise makers just don't last as long as ours. They use a battery that lasts a few days, we use a battery that lasts months and even years. Keep the beeping laughs going. Makes a great revenge prank, joke or gag.
  • MULTIPLE SOUNDS. Why Limit yourself to a sound machine noise device with only one sound? Ours have multiple different noise options. Two different annoying cricket sounds, a beep noise, and lastly a computer tech sounding something or other thing-a-ma-bob that is so annoying, it will have people running for their sanity.
  • PERFECTLY TIMED INTERVALS. Lets face it, this might be the number one complaint form all others. Some go off way too often, while others don't go off enough. If it goes off too often it will be easily found, if it doesn't go off enough it won't be annoying enough. We’ve timed ours perfectly, at least we think so. See interval chart in the pictures for info on how often it sounds off.
  • HOW TO USE. Turn them on, pick a sound and hide them at a distance from each other for double the laughs. Once they think they have located the sound, the other one goes off and throws them off. Makes a great office gag or any other work place location. Includes 2 devices.

STARSIKI 2 Buttons Improved Tiny Mouse Jiggler Undetectable, 2 Buttons of On/Off Switch and 3 Cursor Movement, USB-C Adapter Protective Cap Mouse Mover Device Automatic Mouse Wiggler Shaker Giggler

$8.99  in stock
as of September 11, 2023 9:09 pm


  • 【Convenient 2-Button】Just like most tiny mouse jigglers on the market, you have to always plug and unplug it at use everytime, which is quite annoying and easy to wear out usb port. Now here with our improved version of double buttons, you can simply turn the mouse mover device on/off or change movement mode by pushing the buttons, save you from repeated pulling and eliminate possibility of the jiggler being misplaced.
  • 【100% Undetectable & Tiny Unobtrusive】This mouse jiggler mover works like a charm to prevent your computer screen from going to sleep. The ultra-mini size makes the mouse shaker even smaller than a bluetooth adpater for wireless mouse. It shows up on your PC as a normal mouse, 100% undetectable and super inconspicuous during use.
  • 【3 Movement Options & Memory Function】The mouse wiggler has 3 cursor movement modes for you to choose from: small range, wide range and move in jiggle. What our customers compliment most is the jiggle mode, it vibrates very slightly just 1-2 pixels at a time, which is hardly noticeable on the screen, so you can still use your mouse like normal. And memory function allows mouse mover jiggler to stay the previous setting.
  • 【USB-C Adapter & Protective Cap】Comes with a Typc C convert as bonus, the automatic mouse jiggler works perfectly on laptop with usb-c port like MacBook. The included protective cap can protect mouse jiggler undetectable from scratches or damage for when it’s unplugged and being carried around.
  • 【Universal Compatibility & Drive Free】Our Starsiki mouse jiggler usb needs no installation or software, you simply insert, turn on, choose your jiggle speed and it’s great to go! This computer mouse giggler supports most systems like iOS,Win7, Win8, Win10 and Linux. It’s a useful device to keep mouse moving thus keep your laptop awake. No more getting upset cause your screen go out!

2024 Calendar Dogs Pooping in Beautiful Places Wall Calendar Mini Monthly Planner Wall Calendar Funny from January to December Funny Wall Art Gag Humor Gift Prank Calendar 11x8.5 inches (F)

$13.99  in stock
as of September 11, 2023 9:09 pm


  • 【FUNNY PICTURES WITH PROFESSIONAL CONTENT DESIGN】 - Our calendar 2024 displays each monthly pages with different funny pooping dogs which is a perfect gag gifts for your friends and family. Also, Each monthly pages contains past and future referencing month for plan and track your monthly plan.
  • 【PREMIUM THICK PAPER】 - The white, thick paper of our 2024 wall calendar offers smooth writing experiences without any fear of feathering and seepage. Our improved, high-quality paper is designed for superior ink seepage - proofing, resistant from the damage by light and air.
  • 【2024 WALL CALENDAR FUNNY CRAPPING DOGS DESIGN】- The behavior of funny dogs’ nature calls and the clear printing with green as the main tone add luster to your life. Our pooping dogs 2024 - 2025 calendar covers 12 months from Jan. 2024 - Dec. 2024. This 2024 wall calendar with pooping dogs view is an ideal, special and funny white elephant gifts for your friends and family.
  • 【PERFECT GAG/WHITE ELEGANT GIFTS】 – 12 different funny crapping dogs are showed on each monthly page, very brighten up your life. A funny Gag gift, White Elegant gift, Funny gift for yourself, friends and family, sharing your happy time with them.
  • 【7/24 Customer Service】Your satisfaction is always our highest priority. If you're not satisfied with our product, please feel free to contact us, our professional customer service will reply you within 24 hours and provide you with a satisfactory solution. We are a customer-centric organization, greatly appreciating your business and striving to improve our products and service based on your reviews. So go ahead, click “add to cart” now while supplies last!

Gagster The Irritator 5000 - Noise Maker Prank, 7 Random Sounds Inludes Beeping, Cricket Noise & More, Gag Gift Toy for Kids, Chirping Cricket Toy, Prank Gift Toy, Perfect for Cricket Noise Pranks

$12.99  in stock
as of September 11, 2023 9:09 pm


  • SPICE UP YOUR BORING DAY WITH THE IRRITATOR 5000 - The ultimate cricket noise prank noisemaker and PCB torture device. This tiny magnetic gadget is perfect for hiding anywhere and driving your friends and coworkers insane with its annoying cricket chirp prank.
  • 7 RANDOM SOUNDS PRANK: With our Noise Maker Prank, you can drive your coworkers insane with the delightful sounds of chirping crickets, squeaks, screeches, and even dripping water. Our Prank Cricket Noise Maker randomly emits these sounds at intervals of 5 to 45 minutes, keeping your colleagues on their toes and driving them bonkers. It's the perfect way to liven up any dull office environment
  • PERSONALIZE YOUR PRANKS: Our Cricket Noise Maker Prank comes with a customizable feature, so you can record your own voice saying "You've been pranked by [your name]!" That way, your victim will know exactly who to blame for their sudden cricket prank.
  • LONG LASTING NOISE PRANK: With 3 batteries plus 3 spares included, you can keep the chirping going for hours on end. But what really sets this prank apart is its on/off switch for prolonged use. That's right, you can turn it on and let it chirp away for as long as you want, until your victim is ready to crawl up the walls in frustration.
  • WE ARE THE GAG PEOPLE: Our mission is to make even the grumpiest of grumps crack a smile with our hilarious gag gifts. With us around, Christmas won't be just ho-ho-hum, it'll be ho-ho-hilarious! Warning: We're not responsible for any uncontrollable giggling fits that may occur.

Miniature Hidden Beeper/Cricket Prank, Very Annoying Joke

$13.49  in stock
as of September 11, 2023 9:09 pm


  • Hide this miniature device and drive your coworkers, friends, and family members crazy! Better yet, hide two or more in the same room for additional head-scratching aggravation. Randomly beeps at selectable interval of either 1 to 10-minutes or 4 to 40-minutes. Kind of like that smoke detector battery that dies when you are trying to sleep but more unpredictable.
  • Cricket-like chirp after a random delay. Then it goes to sleep until it wakes up and chirps again after another random delay.
  • Has built-in switch to select one of (3) modes: Mode 1 - Beeps after a random time delay at single tone at a tone/pitch that you select. Mode 2 - Beeps at a random frequency (various tones/pitches) after a random time delay. Mode 3 - Cricket-like chirp after a random time delay.
  • Also includes “stealth mode” feature which allows you to set an approximate time delay until the next beep/chirp occurs. (Subsequent beeps/chirps then occur on the normal 1 to 10-minute or 4 to 40-minute schedule.) For example, you can hide it in your boss’s office and leave on vacation. Then when it starts chirping the next day, you aren’t around to be blamed. Time delay can be set in 2 hours increments up to about 48 hours.
  • Runs for months on the included and replaceable CR2032 coin cell.

Oudain 10 Pieces Random Noise Maker Beeping Prank Device Light Control Device Pranks for Adults Annoying Devices Halloween Pranks for Halloween Party Sound Supply, 7 Style Noise

$14.99  in stock
as of September 11, 2023 9:09 pm


  • Packaging Quantity: you will get 10 random light control noise makers, which are the ultimate gag gift or revenge pranks, simply activate the noise maker; It will beep, screech, make a cricket, flies, and others sounds; It will randomly make a different sound each time it lights up, a good April Fools' Day prank for your friend or coworker
  • Compact and Lightweight: approx. 2.4 x 1.3 x 0.2 inch and 0.2 oz; This small annoying sound device can hide easily in most places; You can even use a small sticker to attach it to the back of the plant leaf; Run it and hide it, the sound of the interval makes him/ her upset and can't help but want to find it; As long as it hides well enough, no one can find it; Before finding it, the people who are looking for it will growl and become furious
  • Sounds: you're not stuck with just one choice of annoying sounds, you just need to block the light control with your fingers for 5 seconds, take your fingers away and it will switch to another sound; It won't make a sound until the next time the light control is actuated; When a new battery is applied, the continuous playback time is more than 7 days; Single playback duration: 3-5 seconds
  • Fun Toy: this is a novel and versatile prank prop; If you want to perform a prank or want to retaliate against him/ her, make him/ her irrational and mess around; You are very correct in choosing it; You can even set up a camera in advance to record what the other person is going crazy; If you want the effect of the prank to go further, you can use 2 or more at a time; Hide them in different places, their respective sounds will make it more difficult to find them
  • Hiding Hint: prank your friends, neighbors, or coworkers and drive them insane; Conceal it inside a drawer with stuff in it or a cupboard near other appliances that already beep; Fix it underneath a desk, behind a monitor, inside a tissue box, or in a drop ceiling

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