Curtain processing is chosen by many people when they help customers find unique curtain models that match their desired requirements.

Curtain processing – Hot service that attracts the attention of many customers

Instead of searching and choosing the right type of curtain, now, customers can use the curtain processing service to own the model that they like best. No longer selling “instant noodles” as before, curtain distributors gradually diversify their services to satisfy the needs of a large number of customers in the market.

About the curtain processing service that many people are interested in today

Curtain processing service has only appeared in recent times, due to the great demand from customers. Instead of choosing curtains that are mass-produced, many people prefer to have their own tailor-made with colors, designs and decorative motifs from vendors or manufacturers.

Seizing this opportunity, many curtain distributors develop additional processing services on demand. This is a service that allows customers to propose and make their own requirements for curtains. Based on those requirements, the production department will be responsible for following and giving customers the most perfect product.

User aesthetics are not only constantly changing, but also tend to be more complex and personal. Therefore, when choosing curtains for the home, office, office or any other place, the customer’s detailed requirements are also more stringent. So it is very difficult for a ready-made curtain to meet and satisfy those criteria.

Although compared to the price, processing curtains separately will cost more than buying ready-made curtains. However, do you know why so many customers still choose this service?

Why do customers prefer to order curtain processing?

Curtain processing is currently one of the most attractive services for customers today. With the service, customers can buy curtains that match their personal criteria easily. Not to mention, through custom-made curtains, you can express your style and personality most clearly in your own living space.

To see why curtain processing is so hot, here are the outstanding advantages of this type of service you should not ignore:

Bring to customers a unique model of curtains

Curtain processing services often make curtain samples according to customer requirements. Therefore, this will be a unique curtain that only customers who order can have. If you want to own a curtain model that is unique, not sold anywhere, this will be the right choice for today’s customers.

The common point of the current mass-produced curtain models is that the curtain is shouldered on the same pre-printed fabric block, which is universal. But the textures or colors used are not too special to suit the masses, anyone can use it. 

However, this also creates a certain limitation in reaching customers. Although the types of curtains are very diverse, but because of the lack of creativity, these products become monotonous and do not bring many options to customers. Therefore, the introduction of curtain processing services has solved this problem when providing customers with unique products that meet the wishes of the buyer.

Help customers own a curtain model that satisfies all the criteria set out

Have you ever been annoyed when you searched everywhere but couldn’t find the right curtain for your criteria? In fact, there are many houses that are difficult to buy curtains because the door size or the places of use do not match the common standard sizes of the curtains being distributed.

On the other hand, for customers with strict aesthetic requirements, they always focus on the harmony between the curtain and the overall living space. And at this time, they will also give more criteria to choose the most suitable curtain model. With the current mass production line, finding products that meet all those requirements is not easy.

However, this is no longer a big problem when you choose curtain processing services. Since this is a service for individuals, curtains will be made according to the specifications, textures, and colors of the customer. Instead of searching everywhere, wasting time and effort, all customer requirements are satisfied through this curtain processing service.

Express your personality

One reason curtain fabrication tends to thrive is because they create products with a personal touch. Because every detail, even the smallest, is made based on the requirements of the customer, so they show their own personality the most.

Conspicuously, from the colors, designs to the motifs used, they all clearly respond to the style of each customer. Some people love minimalism, basic but still delicate and luxurious. But there are also those who love retro or daring, rebellious and stylish. 

Today, curtains are often used for a more decorative role. That is why many customers want to reflect their aesthetic thinking through the curtains themselves. This is something that pre-printed curtains cannot meet and satisfy. Therefore, helping to create a personal impression is a great advantage that curtain processing brings.

How to create brand awareness

At the office, company, agency, …. you will see curtains used a lot. Unlike curtains at home, products used in spas, hospitals or offices, the company always has a logo and color that is similar to the identity color of the brand. 

This is a fairly familiar form of PR when they help customers easily remember the name and better brand identity. On the other hand, this also partly shows the professionalism in the design and decoration of these agencies and organizations.

Of course, in order to have the typical curtain models of the brand, customers must use the service of processing curtains in large quantities. This is a trend that companies, businesses or places like hospitals. spas choose to use because they not only ensure aesthetics but also support relatively good PR.

Get specific advice and instructions on custom-made curtains

Compared to buying available curtains, customer service when processing curtains will be better. Because it is a 1:1 service, customers will be consulted and answered questions in the most specific way. Not only that, you will also be supported on how to clean, maintain and use the curtains to be most durable.

Although curtains are familiar products, used in many families, not everyone knows how to install or clean them properly. Not to mention, with curtain models with more complex designs because the installation is not simple.

In addition to detailed instructions, the outsourcing service also supports you to install curtains at home as required for the first time. The next time, you just need to remove for cleaning and reinstall according to the instructions of the mechanic.

Notes to know when using curtain processing services

Curtain processing gradually becomes a hot service that many customers care about and choose. Although there are many establishments born, not all places guarantee the quality of processed blinds. To avoid receiving the curtain but not as desired, here are some notes when using this service you should know:

  • It is advisable to find out the details of the curtain processing service providers before choosing a name to learn deeply. Should refer to acquaintances, friends or people who have experience using the service before.
  • You should have an idea about the type of curtain you want: color, decoration, size, curtain style and design style to avoid losing time when communicating with the store.
  • Find out and see the fabrics in person, clearly discuss the price, delivery time and suggestions for handling in case of problems or unsatisfactory products.
  • You should refer to some samples of curtains that have been processed before to be sure of the quality and suitability for your needs.
  • Please ask to check the fabric, sample drawings before agreeing to the curtain fabricator

Elanoss – Specializes in providing curtain processing services to a large number of customers

If you often learn about blinds, perhaps Elanoss is not a strange name. This is one of the shops specializing in distributing reputable and quality curtains that many customers appreciate when using the products here.

Grasping the general trend of customers, Elanoss has now expanded its service types. Accordingly, besides the available curtain types, the shop also provides curtain processing services according to the requirements of customers. In particular, not only fabric materials, the shop also supports customers to process on many other substances such as bamboo, bamboo, …

Most customers when experiencing the curtain processing service at Elanoss are very satisfied. The received curtain samples are not only guaranteed to be exactly the same as the sample drawings, but from solid color, fabric to seam, are very solid and eye-catching. Therefore, if you are hesitant to find a place to make curtains, Elanoss is the place you can visit.