Queen Curtain

Queen curtains are the most popular product line today. Curtains have a delicate and luxurious design with high-quality materials and unique textures. Therefore, the queen curtain has long become a space highlight, affirming the lifestyle and expressing the aesthetic taste of the house owner.

Queen curtains

What is a curtain queen?

What are Queen Curtains? The question is asked by many people. This is easy to understand when compared to other types of curtains, the name of the product is even more special. So many people are curious about the line of queen curtains as well as grasp the characteristics of the product.

Queen curtain – Popular product

Queen curtains are also known as scalloped curtains or scalloped curtains. Curtains use high quality materials to design. The fabric has a certain softness to it to create a drape as well as a delicate softness. Curtain fabrics can be either plain in one color or fabric with soft, unique textures.

Queen curtains with classic beauty with soft curves at the bottom are popular in home design and decoration. In other words, the highlight of the curtain is the ruffle above. It is the ruffle part that identifies the product line as well as a feature that helps the product not be confused with other designs.

Floating features of queen curtains

Queen curtain with a certain drape will become a great highlight for your family’s living space. With many families using queen curtains, but when it comes to the characteristics of the product line, it is quite vague. So why don’t we experience the same product features right away?

Material and color

Queen curtains designed with fabric. However, the few used to design the queen curtains must be high-grade fabrics. It can be chiffon fabric, velvet fabric, velvet fabric, etc. These fabrics are characterized by being soft and have a certain amount of shedding. This will match the ruffled part of the upper part more.

Curtains use high-quality fabrics 

Fabric colors are diverse, depending on the preferences of the home owner. However, queen curtains often use pastel shades, light yellow, white, gray, shocolate, light brown, or purple. These are all colors that exude sophistication, elegance and are easy to coordinate with colors and furniture.

In addition to colorless plain fabrics, curtains also have patterned products. Patterns are often small in size to create accents for the curtain. At the same time, creating a luxurious space but no less cozy. In addition, if you want, you can completely choose your favorite pattern, but you need to pay attention to the harmony in the space.

Queen curtains design

It is easy to see that the queen curtain has a classic style – luxury, sophistication and impression. Because of that, the product has a certain sophistication and meticulousness when designing. The scalloped fabric is meticulously stylized to help the curtains become more eye-catching and delicate.

Exquisite and luxurious curtain design

The flexible ruffled layers, the delicate and luxurious seams attract the eye while exuding aristocratic beauty without breaking the majesty and class of the space. It is the special design that makes the queen rem line a product that lasts forever. Although the years have passed, many families still prefer to decorate their living space.

Unlike other types of curtains, the ruffled part is designed with beads to create splendor, nobility and luxury. Curtains are sewn and hung close to the ceiling at the top. Particularly for the lower part, it will be about 3 to 4 cm from the floor. Also because of this feature, the curtains become more eye-catching and gorgeous.

Curtains are suitable for many living spaces

The queen-bearing curtains are designed in a classic style. Therefore, the most suitable architectural space is the works of classical and neoclassical style. Homeowners can use it for classic French villas, or French classics. This does not mean that the range of applications for curtains is low.

Suitable for many design styles

Even retro-styled rooms, the queen curtain is still a suitable product. In addition or in other words, in addition to being used in classical and neoclassical design styles, curtains are still preferred to be used in other styles as long as they are synchronized with other furniture.

In addition, with the luxurious, majestic and precious nature, the queen curtain line is also used by many people to decorate the stage, meeting hall, etc. It has proven that the queen curtains are suitable for many people. living space.

The effect of queen curtains

What does the queen curtain do? When it comes to the first effect of the product, we must mention sun protection. The queen curtains use high-quality fabrics of a certain thickness combined with a two-layer design, so the ability to block the sun is not controversial. Also because of the good ability to block the sun thanks to the high-quality fabric, the curtain also has a heat insulation effect. 

On hot sunny days, if you close the curtains, you will feel the air in the room soften a lot. Besides sunshade, queen curtains have the ability to block light very well. You won’t need to worry that daytime sleep will be disturbed or deep enough. At the same time, the noise reduction outside the environment is quite effective.

Queen curtain – The secret to adorn living space

The queen curtain is designed in a classic style with pastel colors, cream yellow, etc., as the main theme. Therefore, the product always contributes to bringing a cozy and luxurious living space. Especially when the homeowner is clever in choosing colors and patterns in accordance with the overall architectural space, the room becomes even more cozy and splendid. 

In addition, the queen curtains also have the effect of regulating light. This is easy to understand, you can completely adjust the brightness of the room according to your needs. Remove the curtains when you want the room to be dark. The room will be very bright when the curtains are open all the way, so that you can open them just right to not be dazzled.

Where to buy quality curtains with good price?

Queen curtain is a product line that is loved by many people and is suitable for many architectural projects from houses to villas, offices, etc. In fact, queen curtains are widely sold at supply stores. . However, not all stores, but it is difficult to check all the quality. So where to buy curtains with good quality and good price is a question many people ask. 

Choose a reputable place to buy curtains

Sure, to enjoy products with good prices and quality assurance, a reputable curtain supplier will be a good candidate. Coming to reputable addresses, customers will not have to worry about price and quality. All products are meticulously cut and sewn with high quality fabric according to customer requirements.

Reputable addresses also bring many benefits to customers. For example, free installation at home, delivery support, curtain maintenance when there is a problem, … Especially giving accurate advice on a product line suitable for living space .

So buying queen curtains at a prestigious address is what all customers should aim for? So, have you chosen a reputable place yet? If not, Elanoss is the curtain supplier that you are looking for.

Elanoss – A reputable supplier of curtains

In many addresses providing queen curtains today, Elanoss is always a unit that is accompanied by many customers because of its experience, prestige and professionalism. Elanoss has been in the curtains business for a certain amount of time. The accumulated experience that Elanoss can afford to bring customers the most suitable and quality products.

Coming to Elanoss, customers do not have to wonder what material to choose, what color, how to be ruffled, … to suit the room. Because all will be consulted by the staff of Elanoss and give appropriate advice. 

Instead of consulting the most expensive product for customers, Elanoss chooses to consult the most suitable and cost-effective curtain product as possible. Above all, accompanying Elanoss customers will receive a lot of benefits. More specific:

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  • Products are diverse in materials, colors and textures.

Queen curtains are the secret to opening a luxurious, sophisticated and cozy living space. A variety of materials, rich colors and textures bring many choices for customers. So, do you have any queen curtains ideas for your home yet? If not, contact Elanoss for a free consultation.