Rainbow Curtain 2 Layers

Specially constructed with many preeminent features, the 2-layer rainbow curtain makes the space more classy. Elanoss Curtains offers beautiful, quality rainbow curtains at the most competitive prices.

2-layer rainbow curtain – the trend of choosing the most popular curtain today

Referring to high-class and modern curtains , it is impossible not to mention 2-layer rainbow curtains. This curtain system originates from Korea with special structure and function. So what is a rainbow curtain? What are the advantages and disadvantages? In which spaces is the 2-layer rainbow curtain suitable for installation? The following article will help you have important information about this unique curtain model.

What is a 2-layer rainbow curtain?

Rainbow curtain is really a high-class interior product for living space. The introduction of 2-layer rainbow curtain marks a new step in curtain design. The design of the rainbow curtain has a combination of roller blinds and aluminum blinds. It is a design that can both flip and rotate the curtains and can be rolled up. The 2-layer rainbow curtain is made up of 2 layers of fabric and mesh that intertwine to help block the sun and regulate light. This is a very creative invention.

2-layer rainbow curtain is created by 2 layers of fabric and mesh layer interwoven together

Structure of 2-layer rainbow curtain

In general, the rainbow curtain has a quite special structure. Curtains are made of 2 layers of fabric woven entirely from polyester fibers. In which the material consists of interlaced light and non-translucent fabric. 

These 2 veins are about 8-10m apart. The main fabric has the ability to block light, prevent ultraviolet rays and absolutely prevent dust. The mesh fabric has many small cells with 60% light penetration. Thanks to that, the room still has light when needed. With such a structure, users can easily adjust the appropriate amount of light into the room.

The rainbow curtain set has a width depending on the needs of the customer. However, the maximum horizontal width is 2.8m. The combination of 2 layers of fabric creates a curtain with a unique and impressive design. At the same time, it can effectively block light and ensure the aesthetics of the room.

Classification of rainbow curtains

Rainbow blinds come in many varieties. And can be divided according to many different criteria. 

If divided by activity, there are manual-controlled blinds and automatic curtain motor-driven blinds.

If divided by brand, there will be rainbow curtains of brands such as: Ecohome, All Plus, MODERO, Santech, HS, Winlux,

In addition, rainbow curtains also have the following types:

Nice Rainbow Curtain

This type of curtain is designed based on the structure and design of roller blinds, horizontal blinds, and fabric blinds. The fabric is polyester imported from Korea. This is a fabric of good quality, environmentally friendly and with good elasticity. High quality polyester fabric imported from Korea, elastic as well as environmentally friendly.

Bali rainbow curtain

Bali rainbow curtain has a smooth surface, polyester fabric imported from Korea. The fabric is interwoven with colored threads to create unique horizontal stripes. Bali rainbow curtain has thin and light fabric but very effective light blocking ability.

Twin wide rainbow curtain

This type of curtain has a difference in leaf repeatability, which is available in a variety of colors. Uncoated fabric, no dust, easy to clean and very environmentally friendly. Moreover, Twin wide Rainbow Curtains are easy to use, highly durable, and can be installed in any space.

2-layer rainbow curtain has a variety of designs and colors

Advantages of 2-layer rainbow curtain

2-layer rainbow curtain is classified as a curtain system with the most modern style today. Therefore, this model also possesses many advantages:

The ability to easily adjust the light

Thanks to the structure of 2 layers of light-transparent and non-transparent fabric, the rainbow curtain can help control the light in the room easily. If you want a dark and private space, you can pull up the curtains with the main fabric that doesn’t penetrate the light. Conversely, if you want to get light into the room, just pull the end of the wire so that the fabric staggers together.

Luxury and class 

Double layer rainbow curtain is designed with high quality material, beautiful glossy appearance. Every detail of the curtain shows luxury and class. Therefore, your home will exude a modern beauty when installing this curtain set.

Compact design, does not take up much space

Double-layer rainbow blinds are lightweight and can be rolled or dropped at different levels. Therefore, the curtain design is very neat, does not take up much space. Suitable for many different installation spaces.

Rainbow curtain has a neat design, does not take up much space

A diversity of colours

The colors of the 2-layer rainbow curtain are very diverse. Including blue, pink, gray, beige, yellow, … From neutral colors to more prominent colors. Therefore, customers can easily choose the color that matches with other furniture in the room. 


The 2-layer rainbow curtain is not only capable of blocking light, controlling light well but also very durable. This curtain is designed with 2 layers. In which the outer layer is covered by a mesh. Therefore, the fabric does not tear, ruffle, and does not fade. In addition, the rainbow curtain uses polyester fabric, so it is less dusty and easy to clean.

Suitable for installation in any space

Rainbow curtains have a modern style, diverse styles, beautiful colors. So no matter where installed, this type of curtain also exudes elegance and elegance. Rainbow curtain can be installed in any space such as living room, bedroom, office of families, companies, hotels …..

User-friendly materials

Currently, most of the rainbow curtain models have materials imported from Korea. Therefore, the rainbow curtain has a beautiful, smooth, gentle, delicate, less dusty, safe and user-friendly surface. In addition, this type of curtain is also very easy to clean

Uses of 2-layer rainbow curtains

Not only impressed by the unique design, the rainbow curtain also attracts users by the uses that this product brings.

Create a private and cool space

With the main material is made of polyester fabric, and the unique design of 2 layers of black fabric, the 2-layer rainbow curtain has very good sun protection and light blocking. The light adjustment is very flexible and easy. 

In case you want to take part of the light, just adjust the light and dark fringes staggered. As a result, the room will be created to bring a very comfortable source of natural light. Rainbow curtains also help the room become cooler, regulate the temperature and air in the room, prevent ultraviolet rays. At the same time bring you a private, cozy space.

Rainbow curtain creates a private and cool space

Bringing a comfortable and luxurious space

The 2-layer rainbow curtain has a modern luxurious design and is equally poetic and romantic with light rays shining through the curtain. Combined with that is the subtle color of the curtain sets. That creates a very eye-catching color scheme. Thereby making the room space become luxurious and no less attractive.

Rainbow curtain is also a trend to choose according to modern European interior design style. This is a curtain system suitable for both Western and Eastern architecture. With sophistication and elegance, 2-layer rainbow curtains create a unique highlight for the room. 

Dust-proof, noise-proof and keep the room warm

Installing rainbow curtains is also a way to help your room reduce noise and dust. In addition, in winter, the curtain helps to block the wind and the room will become warmer.

Rainbow curtains both block light and dust very well

Where is the 2-layer rainbow curtain suitable for installation?

2-layer rainbow curtains are not only solid colors, they are also very diverse in materials and colors. Curtains are designed in a variety of colors. This diversity is the plus point that makes the rainbow curtain model can be installed in many spaces. Rainbow curtains can be installed in the windows of the bedroom, office, dining room, living room, office….Each color, each design will be an impressive highlight to help the space become more comfortable. .

Although rainbow blinds are still quite new to many people, the advantages and uses they bring are making this type closer to customers. Rainbow curtains are increasingly improved in terms of designs, colors, and quality to bring customers the best products. Therefore, we can see this type of curtain appearing in many places such as in families, corporate offices, restaurants, hotels, motels, coffee shops, etc. This curtain also brings a new and modern beauty.

Rainbow curtains are suitable for installation in many different spaces

The most reliable 2-layer rainbow curtain in Ho Chi Minh City

Although appearing in Vietnam for a short time, rainbow curtains have created a “craze” in the interior industry. Rainbow curtain with luxurious design, impressive color is becoming the first choice of wise customers. 

To meet that demand of customers, Elanoss curtains are ready to bring customers the best quality rainbow curtain models. Elanoss rainbow curtain is made from high quality materials imported from Korea. Therefore, Elanoss rainbow curtains always meet the needs of customers with the highest aesthetic taste. 

Elanoss rainbow curtain has overcome the limitations of roller blinds and horizontal blinds to create a perfect curtain system with outstanding advantages.

Installing rainbow curtains at Elanoss curtain company , customers can be assured of quality, service and price. Elanoss has a long-term warranty, ensuring you have a living space that keeps up with the trends of the times. Therefore, if you want to learn more about rainbow blinds and other curtain systems, please quickly contact Elanoss at 0911054308 for timely advice.

Surely with the above useful information, you already know what the advantages of 2-layer rainbow curtains are and how they are used. Do you want your living space to be more luxurious and comfortable? Take a look at the most beautiful rainbow curtain designs. They will brighten up your home.