Rainbow Curtain 3 Layers

What is a 3-layer rainbow curtain ? What advantages of the product can convince customers to use? See more information right in the article below.

Rainbow Curtain 3 Layers

3-layer rainbow curtain and things you may not know

3-layer rainbow curtains – a product with a relatively special name. Is this the right choice for all residential space architecture? Some of the advantages and disadvantages analysis below will help you have a better overview. 

Origin of the name rainbow curtain

Rainbow curtain with its name comes from the structure and colors of the curtain. Each complete set of curtains is made up of horizontal slats with a thick layer of fabric combined with a thin layer of interwoven fabric. In between these two layers of fabric will be a different solid color. Thin mesh fabric is usually white. Meanwhile, with thick fabric, there will be more colors. When you look at it, you will see different patches of colors that are interwoven like rainbow colors. 

The origin of the name rainbow curtain

Material and structure of the rainbow curtain

Some specific information about the materials used and the structure of the 3-layer rainbow curtain is as follows:

Curtain material

To make rainbow curtains need to choose a high-grade fabric. This fabric is completely woven from 100% basic polyester yarns with two interwoven fabrics. The distance between these veins is usually from 8cm to 10cm. Two textures will be divided into a main pattern and a chiffon (weaper weave). Chiffon has the effect of taking natural light and adjusting the brightness level to suit the needs of the homeowner. 

Normally, a set of rainbow curtains will have a maximum width of 2.8m. With this wide spectrum, the curtain can be applied to many types of door frames of different sizes.

Fabrication of curtains

A complete rainbow curtain will include 3 main parts: curtain box, curtain fabric and curtain bottom bar. In the curtain box, there will be a full range of components such as the curtain box at the top, the roller part of the curtain along with two covers to cover the trough and the hooks to attach the curtain to the door box. The main function of the curtain foot is to act as a counterweight so that the curtain fabric can run up and down easily and keep the curtain fabric taut and flat. 

Specifications of curtains

Basically, the rainbow curtain has all the separate standards, while ensuring the requirements for quality, aesthetics and durability for users. All fabrics and curtain gutters are imported genuine from Korea and have been tested for both durability and toughness to ensure that the product does not have any technical errors when the customer used goods.

Specifications of 3-layer rainbow curtain

As a standard, rainbow curtain fabric needs to be straight and free from wrinkles or folds. In addition, the block must have a maximum width of 2.8m to ensure technical factors on the installation terrain and easier during transportation. Thus, the process of installing and using the curtain is also much easier. 

The outstanding advantages of 3-layer rainbow curtain

A unique name, surely 3-layer rainbow curtain also has outstanding advantages that make users really enjoy. As follows:

Modern and eye-catching design

This is one of the first outstanding advantages of 3-layer rainbow curtains. Curtains are designed similar to roller blinds and aluminum blinds. However, it is more special when the rainbow curtain is modified in the fabric layer with different thin thickness interwoven. This design style is bold modern but equally youthful and extremely liberal. 

High quality fabric

Rainbow curtains are generally made from high-quality polyester fabric with extremely good heat resistance. In addition, 3-layer rainbow curtains also help you limit the attack and bad effects from ultraviolet rays. As a result, family members will feel much more comfortable and comfortable on hot summer days. Not only that, in winter, the overall room becomes warmer with the excellent wind resistance of 3-layer curtains. 

Using high quality polyester fabric

Good light and heat insulation

Due to the characteristics of being designed with layers of fabric of different thicknesses interwoven, and at the same time operating in a pull-up-and-down fashion similar to roller blinds, the ability to take natural light of the curtain is 100% effective. 

When you want to get a lot of natural light, you can roll up all the curtains. On the contrary, when you want to block the light, just pull the curtain down to the door. Not only good light blocking, 3-layer rainbow curtains also possess an extremely effective heat and heat insulation ability. 

Various colors

The next advantage to mention is the variety of colors. The most popular are the gentle tones that bring a pleasant feeling to the user. Curtains do not have too many hot or cold tones, but only neutral colors such as brown, gray, white, … These tones are suitable for many spaces, many objects and many different styles for you. easy to choose. 

Suitable for many spaces and architectures

Not only the variety of colors, the design of the rainbow curtain is also suitable for many different spaces such as bedrooms, living rooms, offices, … No matter where or in any space, This curtain still promotes its full strength and becomes a special highlight right in the middle of the room. The overall look will feel more comfortable, comfortable and spacious. 

Suitable for many different architectures – different spaces

Compact curtain size

Not too big and not too bulky, the size of this curtain is relatively compact. Thanks to this, the product is very easy to transport and can be installed in many different locations. And of course, the use of curtains is so much more convenient. Users will not feel heavy during use. 

Easy operation

Rainbow blinds work on the same principle as roller blinds. That means through the zipper system that you can pull up, pull down in the most simple way. Currently, with a special improvement, with just one button of the remote control, you do not need to spend much effort to go to the place to pull up or lower the curtain. 

Curtain operation is relatively simple

Easy to clean

The main material is polyester fabric with smooth surface. It is difficult to collect dust, so the cleaning process is also much easier. With just a handkerchief and clean water, you can clean the dirt on the curtain easily. For more stubborn stains, you can completely remove the 3-layer rainbow curtain for thorough cleaning. 

High product lifespan

On average, a model of rainbow curtains has a lifespan of about 5 – 10 years. This number is entirely due to the durability of high-quality fabrics along with modern and sophisticated stitching techniques. This is even more evident for products originating from Korea and Europe. 

Products with a long lifespan

Cons of 3-layer rainbow curtain

Besides the outstanding advantages, this product still has some basic disadvantages. Specifically, some of the obvious disadvantages during use are as follows:

More suitable for small spaces

Usually, rainbow curtain models will be installed in windows or glass doors with a modest area. Therefore, in large spaces such as villas or high-class apartments, rainbow curtains will not be the optimal choice. Because, when finished, the whole will look very disjointed and without a harmonious connection. 

Product price is quite high

Made from high-quality fabrics along with modern design, always updating quickly the trends of young people,… all these factors have pushed the price of the product higher than some products. similar. So, if your economic conditions do not allow, then rainbow curtains will not be the best choice for you. 

Some disadvantages still exist

Should I use 3-layer rainbow curtains?

With the above advantages and disadvantages, there are many people who wonder whether they should use this model of curtains or not. Most of the disadvantages of rainbow curtains will have the most suitable solution. However, you should choose depending on the purpose and personal use needs. Of course, do not forget to consider the suitability of your home space with this model of curtains to look the most harmonious and satisfied. 

A reputable place to buy rainbow curtains

3-layer rainbow curtains are more and more popular in our lives today. Therefore, the distribution units of rainbow curtains are also increasing to meet the needs of customers. However, the variety of choices also means that you have a great risk of buying fakes, imitations, and poor quality goods. That is also why Elanoss appeared on the market. 

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Choose Elanoss to buy reputable and quality products

3-layer rainbow curtains fully meet the factors of quality, design and durability. Even the most demanding customers especially love this particular curtain. With the updated information about rainbow blinds, hopefully you can make the right decision for yourself.