Curtain Rods

Learn about curtain rods – an indispensable accessory to complete the perfect beautiful curtains. So what do you know about this special hanging bar product?

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What you need to know about curtain rods

Curtains have an extremely important role in our human life. When it comes to curtains, surely the first thing that comes to mind is the fabric. However, you do not know that, besides the fabric, the curtain rod also plays an important role to complete the product. So how does the curtain rod affect the most perfect set of products?

The important role of curtain rods

The curtain rods are the curtain rods, this is an accessory made to hang the curtain hook in the right place, in the right place. Currently, the curtain has been designed in many different designs from simple to sophisticated to increase the aesthetic effect of the housing space. 

The curtain rod has many different names based on the shape, structure and certain regions. A few other common names like curtain frames, curtain cords or curtain rods, etc. As the name suggests, these accessories are used to hang the curtain and help the curtain to be attached to the window frames. or places that need to be covered. This is one of the final stages for you to use this curtain set according to your individual requirements. 

When choosing and using the right type of curtain rod, you will get the following benefits:

  • Increase the durability and life of the curtain set
  • Make the operation process easy. The process of pulling out and pulling in is also much more comfortable and simple. Thus, you will limit the problems of damage and inconvenience when using.
  • Increase the aesthetics of the whole curtain, so when using accessories in sync with the material of the curtain fabric as well as the room space is really necessary. 

Types of curtain rods available on the market

Currently, with the strong development as well as the increasing aesthetic and quality needs of users, the types of curtain rods are also much more diverse. From design to quality and color, all will satisfy customers with the most choices. To be able to classify curtain rods as follows:

Material for hanging bars 

  • Aluminum curtain rod
  • Stainless steel curtain rod
  • Wooden curtain rod

Various styles

  • Traditional straight curtain rod
  • Curved or U-shaped curtain rods (also known as window curtain rods)
  • Set of curtain ropes in the form of rolls or plastic strings, stainless steel wires

Advantages of curtain rods

Each type of curtain rod made from a different material has certain outstanding advantages. They completely meet the criteria and preferences of customers. 

Curtain rod made of stainless steel

For stainless steel curtain rods, you can also choose from many different designs to suit the best. Some popular designs such as: classic stainless steel hanging bar design, U-shaped hanging bar or rail-style hanging bar, … Depending on the design of the curtains and the personal use you choose. select the corresponding hanger.

Aluminum curtain rod

Aluminum curtain rods are relatively light in weight with relatively low prices, and the installation and maintenance process is also much simpler. It can be said that, of the 3 materials, aluminum curtain rods are used more commonly and are the most popular. The aluminum hanging bar has a light silencer feature, so it does not make the user wasteful when removing the curtain for cleaning. 

Curtain rod made of wood

Wooden bars show the luxury when combined with classical or neoclassical curtain sets, increasing the aesthetics from design to color elements. Usually, this type of hanging rod is quite heavy and has a relatively large size. That is also the reason why modern, more compact curtain designs do not prioritize choosing this type of hanging rod. 

Structure of stainless steel curtain rod 

The curtain rod made of stainless steel is extremely popular, almost every family prefers to choose this material. With a simple structure, there are only two parts including stainless steel bars and two fixed ends. They are hung in high positions with the disassembly mechanism which is also relatively easy, without much effort and time. 

Main components of the suspension rod

The main ingredient to make a sturdy hanging rod is stainless steel – a line of stainless steel with low nickel content, so it has an extremely reasonable price. Moreover, the applicability of the product is also very high, so it is suitable for the vast majority of curtain materials today. 

Suspension rod size

Usually, the size of the hanging rod will range from 50cm to 300cm. Products with smart structure can let you arbitrarily lengthen or arbitrarily shorten to make it easier to decide to install in many different locations. In general, all activities with hanging rods are quite simple and extremely quick. 

Mechanism of action

The curtain rod will have to bear a lot of weight from the curtain fabric, so the stainless steel can withstand quite a large force and is extremely durable. The rubber part is almost made of rubber or plastic material,… The two ends of the two sides will be fixed with foam to ensure that they can be grasped on high places without slipping. Inside the curtain rod are twisted threads with moving springs to create more effective lifting force. 

When installing the curtain rod in the two end positions, the inner spring will compress and create a strong push from the rod to the two bearing ends. Thus, you will firmly fix the product in that position. 

What should be paid attention to when installing curtain rods?

The stage of installing curtain rods can be considered as one of the most difficult steps for the most complete and impressive product. If the craftsmen do not perform this process properly, it will make the overall imbalance, uncertainty and loss of inherent aesthetic values. Here are some notes that you need to know when installing curtain rods yourself:

Before buying curtains

If there isn’t any support to fix or a drilled hole near the area where you need to hang the curtain, you should consider whether the hanging rod you choose is really suitable in this case or not. Usually, curtains with heavy fabrics require the hanging rod to be fixed firmly. 

If you live in a rented house, you can consider using a spring-loaded tree or magnetic hangers to limit drilling holes when installing. By the time you leave, it won’t take long to patch them up or at least won’t be in trouble with the landlord. 

Preparation process 

You need to plan carefully before doing the work of hanging curtains. First, fully and accurately identify the necessary accessories and arrange them on the floor neatly. 

Note, you need to bring a full range of utensils and tools to make the installation process easier. Next, conduct a careful inspection of the rails and other attachments. Remember to fully count the number of rings and screws before starting this step. 

You use extra metal wire to identify the correct areas that you need to drill and mark the position. When using a hole drill in the wall, you should put a plastic sheet on the floor to limit dust and dirt. Of course, bring extra goggles to prevent dust from getting into your eyes when drilling holes. 

Install the curtain

In most cases above, if you hang the curtains on the tree before hanging and fixing them on the wall, it will be a lot easier. However, you must remember to put the exact order of each piece of curtain to avoid the situation of removing and installing to correct your mistakes. Besides, if the curtain plants are no longer smooth, you should wrap them about two to three layers to avoid scratching or tearing the fabric, causing unsightly.

In case if the curtain rod is shorter than the length of the door, buy an additional extension kit with the same diameter as the original hanger. At this point, pull a part of the curtain rod and insert the extension in the middle to join them into a unified whole. If you can’t find an extension, you need to buy another hanger to better fit the size of that doorway.