Roller Blinds

What are roller blinds ? Where is the right place to install roller blinds? To find answers to these questions, please follow the following article.

Roller Blinds

What are roller blinds? Advantages of installing roller blinds 

Roller blinds are a type of curtain that is no longer strange to Vietnamese consumers. However, there are still people who do not really understand what roller blinds are? What advantages does this curtain have? Where is the right place to install the curtain? Therefore, in order to help all users understand this type of curtain, this article will share it all. 

What are roller blinds?

Roller blinds are actually a type of curtain . This type of curtain is made of many different materials with 2 main parts: the curtain layer and the roller. The layer of curtains with high tightness is used to block light for the window. The difference of roller blinds compared to other types of blinds is that they are designed in the form of a roll.

What are roller blinds?

The curtain layer is rolled into a roll bar that allows users to adjust the full door cover or pull it up completely without worrying about the surrounding space. Based on the operating mechanism, roller blinds are like a rolling door that can be pulled up and down flexibly to cover the light during use.

Roller blinds are designed quite simply but very modern and no less luxurious. The product does not use sophisticated textures, so it is very elegant, allowing users to use it for many different living environments in a suitable way such as: decorating offices, companies, houses, apartments, cafes. get high,…

Thus, curtains will help block and regulate light from outside the door into the style effectively. Currently, roller blinds are manufactured in many different sizes, so the product is completely suitable for areas no matter how small or large. Therefore, as long as you need to use this type of curtain, you can choose the right product.

The most popular types of roller blinds today

There are not too many types of roller blinds on the market today. Popular products are just some of the basic categories. So what types of roller blinds are, the answer will be:

Roller blinds have a variety of products on the market today

Mesh roller blinds

This is a model of blinds manufactured from special ingredients. In which the most popular type of curtain is the roller blinds made of PVC imitation glass fiber and mesh fabric. This type of curtain has the ability to block part of the sun and wind from outside into the house.

Picture roller blinds

Picture roller blinds are blinds made of thick fabric. On the surface of the fabric is printed many attractive images such as landscape images, flower garden images, house pictures, etc. So this is considered a roller blinds with high decorative value.

Even though it is a type of blinds, the properties of shading and shading still ensure good use. Moreover, when installing this type of blinds, it also helps to block dust and harmful ultraviolet rays quite well.

Automatic roller blinds

Compared to other types of roller blinds that are familiar to consumers, this is a new product with a more modern design. This model of curtains is used quite a lot in high-class apartments, smart apartments. When using, users only need to control the remote to effectively release the roller blinds.

Automatic roller blinds with modern design

Rainbow roller blinds

This type of curtain is familiar to many people. Curtains are designed to not only cover the sun, cover the wind, cover the light from outside into the room quite well, the product also has a very good decorative effect. This type of rainbow curtain is designed with only 1 thin layer of fabric but has a high shielding effect.

The surface of the curtain fabric is printed with many colors like a rainbow. Therefore, the product is often used for bedrooms, offices and living rooms for children.

Wooden roller blinds

This type of roller blinds is designed with the same operating mechanism as other types of blinds. However, the entire product structure is made of wood, so basically, this roller blinds model has a high aesthetic value.

Therefore, wooden roller blinds are often used for decorative purposes in the main rooms. As for the ability to block the sun and wind, this type of curtain only partially covers the sunlight and reduces the amount of heat coming in from the outside.

Aluminum roller blinds

This type of roller blinds are designed with aluminum tubes. So when using the product to help the room become more eye-catching. However, the disadvantage of this type of curtain is that it only partially covers the sun, light and wind can still easily blow inside.

Outdoor automatic roller blinds

Outstanding advantages of roller blinds products attract buyers

Roller blinds are a product line of curtains that possess many outstanding advantages to perfectly meet the requirements that users need. In which the most prominent and noticeable advantages from the product can be mentioned as:

Roller blinds have high aesthetics

Roller blinds are designed with a simple structure but still ensure high aesthetics for the project. Depending on different types of blinds, the project will be beautified in different styles. But one thing is for sure, using roller blinds will help you cover up the flaws in your room. At the same time, creating a lively and attractive personality to help the room become more beautiful.

For rooms that are both small, long and narrow, simple, modern roller blinds with horizontal stripes in white, cream, .. will help create the feeling of a larger room. The horizontal and vertical dimensions of the room will become more balanced. So using roller blinds products you will not have to worry about many defects.

Aluminum roller blinds – Hanging blinds bring high aesthetic value to the project

Roller blinds are easy to clean

Roller blinds have the effect of blocking the sun, wind, and dust, so they only need to be used for a while. However, with the advantage of being easy to clean, it is very easy to own clean and beautiful blinds like the original.

Roller blinds are made from materials that are resistant to dust. Especially the product can be washed and cleaned without damage. So you can clean your curtains anytime you want. This is one of the advantages that consumers especially appreciate for this type of blinds.

Roller blinds have good light blocking ability

Roller blinds are really one of the best blackout curtains. The curtain fabric has a tight seal, so when hanging the curtain on the door, the interior space will become soft and no more light rays pass through.

Especially according to updated information from the manufacturer and user reviews, the roller blinds product has the ability to block 100% of light. At the same time, the product also helps to prevent heat up to 90% depending on the material. So when installing this type of curtain, you can be assured of the ability to control light and temperature from the product.

The room becomes soft when covered with roller blinds

Many blinds products today are made from high-quality light-blocking fabrics. Therefore, just using this type of product will effectively block light and prevent heat from entering. For curtains made of thin mesh material, the fabric will often help block some of the light and be more decorative.

Roller blinds are durable and very easy to use

One of the remarkable advantages of roller blinds is their durability. If used with care, roller blinds can remain as beautiful as new for a long time. Especially with high-quality fabrics, the product takes a long time to damage.

In addition to possessing outstanding durability, roller blinds are also very easy to use. The reason is because the operating mechanism of the curtain is just rolling up and down. So just pulling the rope by hand can effectively use the curtain. Not only that, there are now roller blinds with remote control, so it’s much easier to use.

Installation location of roller blinds 

Roller blinds are a type of curtain with a relatively affordable price for consumers. Moreover, the ability to shield, prevent heat, and block light is also very good, so you can completely buy and use it. So where should roller blinds be installed in the right position?

Where can roller blinds be installed?

Based on the structure and aesthetic value of this curtain model, the installation position is quite diverse:

  • Fitting the heart of the windows of the house
  • Install light blocking, sunshade at the glass lines at the company
  • Install doors and partitions in the kitchen
  • ….

Where to buy roller blinds with good quality?

Roller blinds are increasingly used in life, so buying this curtain product is not difficult. However, to be able to buy products with the best quality, competitive prices, you should find reputable suppliers. In addition, you can also order at for more peace of mind about the quality.

Where to buy good quality roller blinds?


What are roller blinds ? Where is the advantage and location to install roller blinds? All have been shared in detail in the article above. Hope you can understand and have a choice for yourself about a beautiful, quality curtain.