Roller Curtain Motor

Roller curtain motor  is one of the parts that make it easier to control the curtain via remote control or smartphone software.

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What is Roller Blinds Motor? Explaining Product’s Attraction to Consumers

Roller curtain motor is more and more people choose because of the convenience of the product. By using a special motor, users can more easily control according to their will. This is also a product that is considered a utility, becoming a trend in 2021.

What is roller blinds motor?

Roller curtain motor is the part used in the design of curtains today. They are a motor shaft operated via remote or smartphone. In terms of shape, automatic blinds are no different from conventional models. However, users can adjust up and down, retract or open the curtain quickly without directly using their hands.

Roller blinds control is considered a new step in the design of curtains today. In particular, with increasingly modern technology, you can control all blinds at the same time in a split second without having to move far. 

The introduction of roller blinds motor has helped users solve the needs of time and effort in using blinds. Not to mention, having to adjust each curtain can sometimes make users feel uncomfortable and annoying. So just a small motive, but they can bring you a truly comfortable life.

The design of automatic motors in curtains is having a great reception among consumers today. In particular, with increasingly high requirements for quality of life, roller blinds motor has contributed to satisfying the needs of users. So do you know what are the advantages that this engine system brings?

Why roller blinds motor is used a lot in the field of curtain production today?

In recent years, the development of automatic motors used in roller blinds is undeniable. Even more, they are becoming trending products and are the top priority of shoppers today.

Explaining this attraction, many people claim that the roller blinds motor makes using the curtain much simpler and faster. Instead of spending too much time adjusting each curtain in the house, with just one button, users can completely choose the command at will, enjoy a modern and comfortable life in the true sense.

Bringing a modern and trendy look to roller shutters

In fact, when looking at models of roller blinds with motors installed, customers will find them very eye-catching. Because motorized curtain models are carefully measured in terms of design and size to ensure smooth operation, they look more trendy and modern.

Manufacturers are also quite focused on the production of curtains with additional motors to easily attract the attention of customers. In the age of technology, smart products always receive a lot of interest and understanding from buyers. Tapping into this mentality, roller blinds motors are often quite focused on aesthetics when manufactured.

A highlight is that the roller blinds motor can be used for many types of blinds with different materials such as fabric, wood, bamboo or even mesh. Therefore, with any curtain style, they can bring users absolute convenience. 

Ensuring both functional use and design, the automatic motor has played a significant part in helping the current new curtain models show a modern and fashionable appearance, in line with current trends. most complete way.

Improve the usefulness and convenience for users

Curtains are mainly used to block the sun and rain as well as embellish the living space. Because of the needs of use, users will often have to adjust the curtain to best fit. However, what happens when you have to pull all the curtains in the house at the same time? This must be something anyone would be discouraged to think about.

However, when switching to motorized roller blinds, users no longer need to worry about this problem. With a system of roller blinds via remote control, you can adjust all blinds or specific places at the same time to your liking.

Roller curtain motor helps users just sit still and can easily adjust the curtain. For families who use a lot of curtains in windows and doors, they will save you a lot of time and effort. So compared to traditional roller blinds, it is clear that these products bring better utility as well as convenience.

Nowadays, technology is applied a lot in people’s life. So with such small things, people often prioritize choosing optimal solutions that still ensure efficiency. So the convenience of roller blinds motor is highly appreciated by users when using.

Limit the situation of jamming curtains when manually pulling

Traditional roller blinds will often use a string with small circular beads to pull the curtain up or down. This adjustable rope has such a design to create friction, helping the curtain stay in the position that the user wants.

But this design also becomes a limitation when using the curtain for a long time later. Accordingly, these manual cords are easy to jam the curtain and cannot be pulled smoothly. On the other hand, they are also prone to misalignment and make it more difficult to pull the curtain. Therefore, the situation of roller blinds jam happens quite often.

By integrating roller blinds motor, new products can overcome this situation well. No need for human force, the system will automatically stretch or retract the curtain at a steady speed, ensuring a smooth coordination between the parts. Thanks to this, controlling the curtain is not only simple but also overcomes the jam quite well.

Another advantage of roller blinds is that they have very good traction. So even for large, heavy-duty curtains, you can be assured of the motor’s performance. So not only encapsulated in the family premises, at the company, office, or customer, you can also consider using this special curtain motor.

What types of curtain motors are commonly used today?

When learning about roller blinds motors, many of you think that they are just a single motor. However, in fact, there are quite a few different types of motors in use today. Besides products made in Vietnam, there will be other imported brands. 

Accordingly, when it comes to automatic motors for roller blinds, here are the most prominent brands trusted by customers: 

  • Motor system imported from China: Our country currently imports a lot of automatic systems from China because of their low price and diverse features. Some prominent brands can be mentioned such as AOK, DOYA, LONGSAM or FAMAX. For customers who want to find affordable but good quality brands, these are very suitable names.
  • High-end motor system: If you want to invest and have financial conditions, you can choose more advanced roller blinds. Some of the most expensive brands are known as FOREST or SOMFY. Not only helping you to adjust the curtain easily, the motors from these brands are also very durable, quiet and optimized for use.

What kind of common roller blinds are fitted with an automatic motor?

Most roller blinds today are equipped with an additional motor. From material, style to design, all are suitable for certain automatic engines. So when learning about automatic roller blinds, you just need to choose the style that you like. Accordingly, there are 3 types of motorized roller blinds that are trending in 2021 that you can refer to:

  • Automatic sunshade: This is the most popular product that every family has. The main function of this type of curtain is to have good light blocking ability and is suitable for windows and doors with a moderate area, not too large.
  • Automatic mesh roller blinds: This type of curtain is used more in showrooms or open spaces such as cafes and restaurants. This is also one of the products that use roller blinds that many customers learn and choose to buy.
  • Automatic picture printing roller blinds: These curtain models are often appreciated for their aesthetics when printed with extremely vivid pictures on the surface. Besides blocking the sun and rain, this type of curtain is also used as an indoor decoration.

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