Roman Blinds

Roman blinds with luxurious, modern design, diverse designs make your living space more impressive and beautiful. Elanoss Curtains is proud to bring you the best quality roman blinds.

Roman blinds

Roman blinds – the latest trend of curtain selection in 2023

Luxurious and beautiful living space will help you feel extremely excited and comfortable every time you return to your home. That is made up of seemingly simple furniture. Roman blinds are one of them. With a luxurious and modern design, Roman blinds help increase the aesthetic value of the house. At the same time, it helps you easily adjust the light to suit your needs. So what are roman blinds? What types are there? What are the benefits? Discover the secret of this curtain with Elanoss blinds.

What are Roman blinds?

Roman blinds are also known by the common name layered blinds. This type of curtain has just appeared in the Vietnamese market not long ago. However, just recently launched, Roman blinds have created a craze to attract many customers by their modern, youthful and elegant design. 

Roman blinds are designed very simply but still exude luxury, fashion and elegance. Curtains have a layered structure. Depending on the needs of the customer and the width of the door, each fold has a height of 20-40cm. With this design, users can easily pull up or let down the curtain in layers very neatly.

Roman blinds are designed with a layered structure to keep the space neat but no less sophisticated

How Roman blinds work?

Roman blinds are sewn by a flat piece of fabric. The back of this fabric, the manufacturer will sew an extra layer of lining fabric from there into a closed cloth. The folds are formed by the bars (wooden, metal…) that match the fabric. Roman blinds use strings that are evenly spaced across the width. These wires will be threaded along the length of the fabric and fixed to the hanger. The end of the rope is threaded through the hooks. They are then pushed aside like a pulley.

The fabric will be raised and lowered by the pulley chain at the top of the bar. When the curtain is pulled up, the fabric folds and stacks in the folds. When the curtain is lowered, the fabric will be stretched flat to completely cover the door frame. With the structure and operating mechanism as above, Roman blinds easily regulate light. 

Depending on the needs of the customer, this type of curtain is also equipped with an automatic curtain motor. Thanks to that, users can control the curtain by smartphone or remote….

Roman curtain material

Most of the current roman blinds are made from materials imported from Australia, the Netherlands, and China. In general, roman blinds can be made from a variety of fabrics of good quality. In which the most popular are linen, silk, cotton, polyester fabric, rough fabric. Roman curtain fabrics are stretchy fabrics that are not only beautiful but also very durable. This results in sharper and straighter creases. The curtain set is also much more solid and professional.

The fabric used to make roman blinds is also very rich in color. From plain fabrics to patterned fabrics. The main colors are gentle and elegant. You can easily choose the right color to coordinate with the interior space. 

In addition, the materials used to make Roman blinds have the effect of blocking sunlight, light and heat. Therefore, it is suitable for installation in rooms with a lot of light. Therefore, Roman blinds are a very good choice if you want to have a space that is both beautiful and protected by sunlight. 

Roman blinds are designed with a variety of beautiful materials, colors, and patterns

Popular types of roman blinds 

Roman blinds have many designs with novel layering, helping the house space become neat and tidy. With smart and modern design, Roman blinds usually have 2 popular types: 

Roman blinds 1 layer

Curtains are designed layered with a simple design. The design of the curtain fits very well with the door frame. You can custom pull the curtain up and down to get the right light.

Roman blinds 2 layers

Roman curtain 2 layers design with new beauty and personality. 2-layer curtain is designed similar to a regular curtain with a layer of fabric and a thin layer of chiffon. You can pull up the curtain layer by layer vertically. So the space will exude a new beauty but very gentle and elegant.

The 2-layer roman curtain pattern makes the space impressive and unique

Pros and cons of Roman blinds

Roman blinds are a modern and popular curtain model. You will find that this type of curtain has many advantages that make you want to choose them right for your living space. 

Advantages of Roman blinds

  • The first thing that makes Roman blinds attractive to users is the unique, modern and very smart design. Curtains are designed to make the space more neat.
  • Materials, colors and designs are diverse, delicate and elegant to suit the tastes of the majority of customers.
  • Roman blinds also help control light very well. Layer drag design makes it easy to adjust the right amount of light. Roman blinds are made from materials that block heat and light well, giving you a private and cozy space. 
  • Roman blinds meet the high aesthetic requirements of customers with many different designs. Can be used to install in many different spaces. This is the biggest plus point of this type of curtain.
  • Curtains have a simple design, easy to use.

Roman blinds smart design, modern to meet the tastes of all customers

Disadvantages of Roman blinds

Above are many advantages of Roman blinds. However, this type of curtain also has some disadvantages you need to consider when buying:

  • When closed, you will not be able to observe the outside space because the curtain’s light blocking is very good. 
  • The lifespan of the curtain is not high compared to some other types of blinds such as fabric blinds.
  • The moisture resistance of Roman blinds is also not high compared to conventional blinds. 

Benefits of using roman curtains

With many advantages as above, Roman blinds bring you many different benefits. Even the most demanding customers enjoy this type of curtain.

  • Help space luxury, modern: This is of course. Roman blinds are designed with delicate designs, colors, and modern designs. When harmoniously coordinated with the space, they will help the room become more comfortable and modern.
  • Blocking sunlight and blocking light: Rem roman helps to adjust the light to the room to suit your needs.
  • Prevent wind, prevent dust: Roman blinds also help limit wind and dust from entering your living space.

Roman blinds have a very good effect of blocking light, sun, wind and dust

The most popular models of roman blinds today

The advantage of Roman blinds is the variety of designs and colors. Therefore, this type of curtain can be used in many different spaces.

Roman blinds for the living room

In fact, roman blinds are not commonly used for living rooms, but curtains are more commonly used. However, if the living room window is small and you want the space to be neat, Roman blinds are also the solution to be used as an alternative to the curtains. However, when choosing roman blinds for the living room, you need to pay attention to the color, style, design, ….

Roman blinds for the bedroom

For bedrooms, Roman blinds are the best choice, because bedroom windows are often very small. Roman blinds make the bedroom easy to adjust the light according to your preferences. 

For bedrooms with a lot of sunlight and high light intensity, you need to be careful when choosing curtain materials and colors to create a quiet private space for the room. Usually, roman blinds with dark tones are the most appropriate choice for the bedroom.

Roman blinds for the dining room 

The dining room is a place that needs a lot of light. With kitchen windows, you need to choose curtains to help air circulation and good light. At the same time, the kitchen curtains need to have a neat design. Therefore, roman curtains are a very appropriate choice. 

However, when choosing Roman blinds for the kitchen, you need to choose materials that are fireproof, anti-fouling, and anti-odor.

Roman blinds for the office

For the office, 2-layer Roman blinds are a very reasonable choice. This type of curtain can both help protect the room from the sun and help you have a quiet and private space to work. You can also easily pull up the curtain when you don’t need sunshade to relax and enjoy the outside space.

Roman blinds are suitable for installation in many different spaces to bring a modern beauty.