Silk brocade curtains impress consumers with their great aesthetic beauty and time-proven durable quality. Silk brocade fabric is one of the most beautiful, sophisticated and quality fabrics. Today, silk brocade fabric is often used in the design of curtains, bringing elegance and nobility to the living space of each family. Under the creativity of people, silk brocade curtains are becoming more and more diverse and richer.

Silk Brocade Curtains

What is silk brocade curtains? A brief introduction to the hottest curtain on the market

Silk brocade curtains are curtains made from silk brocade, a fabric that uses silk as the main material. Historically, this is a type of couple that represents nobility and nobility. Mandarins, kings in the court all used them to make clothes or other household items. Today, the value of that beauty of brocade fabric is still intact.

What is silk brocade curtains? A brief introduction to the hottest curtain on the market

Because of the diversity of users, the current brocade curtain models are quite diverse such as cotton brocade, synthetic fiber brocade, etc. However, silk brocade curtain is still considered the purest with traditional brocade because it uses silk thread. silkworm mainly. Therefore, in terms of light catch, the rigidity of the fabric keeps the form, but when it is smooth to the touch, this is still the best curtain.

Compared to other common curtains, silk brocade curtains are relatively expensive. However, because of its superiority in durability and aesthetics, many people are still willing to pay to embellish their homes. So do you know this type of curtain has any outstanding features that attract users so much?

The outstanding advantages of silk brocade curtains

Brocade fabric is very easy to distinguish, even if you are not a person who is knowledgeable about sewing, just looking at it, you can easily recognize what is silk brocade because of their basic characteristics. Therefore, silk brocade curtain fabric also becomes more special than other similar products. Accordingly, the outstanding advantages that no one is unaware of this type of curtain are:

The outstanding advantages of silk brocade curtains

About the service life

Curtains made of silk brocade fabric have a fairly long service life. The fibers are tough and tightly knit together to help prevent the curtain from being ruffled or broken even after washing many times and using it for many years. In particular, the color of the curtain is also very good, so it almost does not fade over the years. When looking at, the fabric still has the characteristic shine of silk and the aesthetic of brocade.

About color

As can be seen on the market, silk brocade curtains are the most “chameleon” product line when full of the most trending colors on the market. Because of its ability to catch light well, even basic colors when dyed on the fabric are also bright and extremely eye-catching. This is thanks to the visual effect that the fabric affects the eye of the beholder.

Silk brocade fabric has quite a variety of colors

Compared with other types of blinds, silk brocade curtains have better light reflection. Therefore, when choosing curtains as a highlight for living space, many people will often prioritize choosing this product line. It can be said that the ability to catch colors is the biggest advantage that makes silk curtains so popular.

About decorative motifs

One of the other highlights of silk brocade curtains is the unique and delicate pattern. Although there are now even lines of plain fabric products, the patterns are somewhat richer and more diverse. Another point of the curtain made from silk brocade is that the pattern is embroidered directly during the weaving process, not heat printing or embroidering like many other types of curtains.

The decorative patterns on the curtain are mainly stylized and symmetrical motifs, bringing a harmonious blend of modern and traditional qualities. As a result, the overall curtain looks very convenient, not too cumbersome but still impresses the viewer. This is also a detail that shows the artistry only in silk brocade curtains.

Outstanding decorative motifs

About form and direct feeling

The special feature of curtains made from silk brocade fabric is that they are very upright in shape. When hung up, the curtain is straight, with clear and unobstructed wavy lines, giving a feeling of solidity and luxury. However, when you touch it directly, you can feel the cool and smooth of silk. This is also a special feature of the product that few types of blinds have.

Because it can keep the standard form, you do not need to spend too much effort in re-folding the curtain after each wash. On the other hand, because the brocade fabric is not ruffled, the curtain can be put directly into the washing machine, without needing to be hand washed or laundered at the store. So choosing silk brocade curtains is a smart choice that many people are aiming for today.

Silk brocade curtains stand very well

About the material:

Another outstanding advantage that cannot be ignored is the material of the curtain. There are many different types of brocade fabric, but for users, silk brocade is still more special. Their speciality lies in their naturalness and safety with the environment. Instead of using synthetic fibers and chemicals, silk brocade contains mainly silk and is woven entirely by hand.

From production to finished products, brocade silk fabrics show their friendliness and safety for the environment because they do not use harmful chemicals. Therefore, when making curtains in the house, they do not cause irritation or health problems for members. Especially for sensitive people, this is the most suitable type of curtain to use.

Why are silk brocade curtains chosen by many families today?

Only with brocade curtains, but there are many different types. So why is a silk brocade curtain that costs 2 or 3 times higher than other products that are chosen by so many people? Here are some of the most typical reasons why you can’t miss this curtain:

Why are silk brocade curtains chosen by many families today?

  • Curtains made from silk brocade fabric have a solid shape, not lost after washing and keep many times, ensuring aesthetics when used in the living space of each family.
  • The fabrics are tough and have good light-catching ability, both highlighting the color of the curtain and brightening up the living space, giving people the most comfortable and pleasant emotions.
  • The ability of the curtains to block light is relatively good, so besides being beautiful, they are also appreciated for their ability to block sunlight
  • There are many different designs from plain colors to delicate patterns, hand-woven characters, suitable for those with an interest in beauty.
  • The service life of the curtain is very long thanks to good natural materials and professional and professional manufacturing process
  • It does not take much time to clean the curtain because the quality must be good, not ruffled 
  • Contains no harmful chemicals, good for users’ health and for the environment

Are there types of curtains from silk brocade fabric that consumers choose today?

Silk brocade curtains have 2 main categories: plain and patterned. These are two styles that are suitable for most consumers today when they follow two different ways of being simple and sophisticated and one side is more sophisticated, artistic and nobility.

Are there types of curtains from silk brocade fabric that consumers choose today?

Silk brocade plain curtains

Curtains made from plain brocade fabric do not use any pattern, whether floating or sinking. The overall curtain has only a single color. However, the feeling and aesthetic beauty they bring is not as boring as many people think. The special fabric texture helps the curtain always catch the eye even with only one unique color.

Accordingly, the plain curtain models pay special attention to the light capture as well as the gloss of each fabric. Therefore, no matter what colors are used, they create attraction, suitable for basic, modern and elegant styles. Not to mention, instead of basic colors, there are many different color tones for customers to choose from.

Silk brocade pattern curtain

Patterned curtains are often more decorative. On the curtain, there are not only decorative motifs, but also the array of colors used more flexibly and vividly. Compared to more curtain models, the gloss of pattern curtains will be a bit lower to focus on the details. This curtain model is usually suitable for classic, luxurious and noble styles.

Silk brocade pattern curtain

Classification of brocade curtains is mainly based on the number of colors used. Accordingly, there will be curtain models such as duality, body, five body or loss. The selected textures are also symmetrical, ensuring that the curtain is completely covered without creating a cluttered feeling. Compared with plain curtains, patterned curtains will be more expensive because of their pickiness.

Where should I order the best quality silk curtains?

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Where should I order the best quality silk curtains?

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