Thread Curtains

Bringing light coverage to separate spaces or make curtains, thread curtains are extremely popular today. What are the features of this curtain?

Thread curtains: floating features and popular models today

With the common use of separating space in an artistic and subtle way, thread curtains are used a lot in service providers today. Although not common in households, this type of curtain is contributing extremely positively to decorating and beautifying the space.

What is thread curtain?

Also one of the types of curtains, but thread curtains are a fairly new name for many people as well as many people rarely see it in the home space. It brings a new, beautiful space with lightness and sophistication.

This type of curtain is also known as a thread curtain. It is formed from many small threads braided together meticulously, sophisticatedly and neatly to create a beautiful and harmonious whole. The purpose of the curtain is usually only used as a curtain in spaces such as spas, beauty care centers, cafes …

With private homes, many families also use them to make walls between spaces, especially is the living room and dining room space, but now it is not as popular as it used to be. The appearance of curtains only makes the space light, elegant and comfortable. 

At the same time, it is extremely suitable for spaces such as spas or health care, beauty salons, hair salons because it will create separation spaces between areas without having to make partitions, walls, etc. making the space even more cramped.

Outstanding features of thread curtain

Compared with other types of blinds, thread curtains are a separate type with unique characteristics. Let’s see how it is similar and different from other blinds on the market.

Structure of thread curtain

In terms of structure, it can be seen that most blinds have a very simple structure. Because of the benefits of convenience, ease of installation, and ease of construction, the current blinds are all manufactured according to the most convenient, safest and easiest to disassemble trend. Same goes for curtains.

A perfect curtain set has 2 main parts:

  • Curtain frame: This is the part to fix the threads. Usually, the curtain frame will be made of steel or stainless steel. But with the curtain only, because the weight of the curtain is only lighter and this is a curtain with a more gentle style, the curtain frame is also relatively slender.
  • The threads run from top to bottom: it is each small thread that is firmly braided, in many different colors, some even with sparkling glitter, extremely beautiful. Depending on the needs or preferences, customers will choose large or small threads, the same color. 

Size of thread curtain

Usually, the curtains are woven and supplied to the market in a certain size. Current fixed size is maximum width 3m, maximum height 3m. Even though it is such a pre-specified size, customers do not need to worry too much, because when constructing, the restaurant will execute according to the width and height required by the customer.

In case the customer actively builds at his home or facility, he can order according to the desired size. Most stores are willing to sell to you according to the size of the construction site.

About color

Compared with the color of other types of blinds, fiber curtains are not too different. Because of the diversity in color mixing has made the color of today’s blinds extremely diverse. There are stores, offering customers up to nearly 20 different color samples for customers to choose from. Color types from warm to cool, neutral colors are available. 

Therefore, depending on the space to hang the curtain as well as personal preferences, the color style of the house for you to choose accordingly. Popular color patterns that users are currently liking such as blue, white, pastel colors, light red, moss …

Popular types of thread curtains

On the market, there are many different types of thread curtains and also many different ways of dividing them. But the highlight is dividing the curtain into 3 types as follows.

  • Single-color blinds: This is a plain-only product line with many different monochrome colors. It is the most popular and is used for its simplicity, not too fussy but still gives the space a feeling of lightness and relaxation. The advantage of this product line is that it is cheap and affordable for many people
  • Curtains combined with glitter: its advantage is a beautiful, sparkling combination with tassel threads with glitter. The highlight is the sparkle of glitter, so it gives the space something new, special and impressive.
  • Curtains combined with sequins: These are the product lines of a combination of soft and gentle thread along with sequins and glittering imitation stone resins. This curtain is suitable for resort areas, spas or luxury spaces. It has the effect of adorning and beautifying the space, making the space more sophisticated and luxurious.

Which space is the thread curtain suitable for?

Before answering this question, let’s see what the main purpose of this type of curtain is. The first effect of curtains is to beautify the space and decorate the room. This is the biggest effect of curtain only. 

That is also the most obvious difference of this type of curtain compared to other blinds on the market. We can easily recognize that other types of blinds such as fabric curtains, brocade curtains, solid blinds, canvas curtains… have the main effect of shading, covering from rain, blocking wind or blocking light. effect of the product. Because with thread curtains, the hanging threads are only suitable for decorating and beautifying the space.

In addition, its effect is to create a false partition, “Just closed and open”, which can serve the purpose of separating spaces from each other or separating according to feng shui. 

With those effects, we see this curtain is mainly used in indoor or outdoor space, suitable for shops such as spa, nail, beauty, health care places, massage or tools. on the stage…

Is it difficult to install thread curtains?

With a simple structure as we mentioned above, the installation and construction of this type of curtain is not difficult. In terms of structure and weight, the curtain only has a simple structure and is much lighter in weight than other blinds on the market. As can be seen, the most difficult thing in installing curtains is to make sure the threads do not intertwine, making it difficult to remove.

Curtains are simple to install, and do not take much time and effort of the worker. Just attach the threads to the frame and fix the curtain. If the curtain needs to be lifted, there will be additional accessories attached to fix it. If you are not too picky and want a more creative design, you can also use strings instead of curtain rods. However, using laces can be nice, but only for a short time, as the weight of the thread will cause the curtain to sag. However, this is also a good idea for you.

Some notes when choosing to buy hanging curtains

Many customers wonder how to choose curtains to suit the space without being out of fashion. Here are a few suggestions for you:

  • Curtains have a fixed size with a length of 3m and a maximum width of 3m, so for families and individuals who want to install in larger spaces, they can put the curtains together to create different effects. Larger size curtain
  • The height of the curtain is 3m, but what if your home space does not need to be that high? The simple way is that you just need to install as usual, then see the drop of the curtain and use scissors to cut it in the right position. You can rest assured that, when cut, it will not affect the quality of the curtain, because this curtain will not be opened just like other types of curtains.
  • How to choose the right color; You need to see how the main color of the space is and apply the color scheme in the design to choose. You can absolutely use the main color of the room or the second dominant color. However, you should choose the most dominant color to install to create accents for the space.