Velvet brocade curtains score strong points with everyone because of their eye-catching beauty, suitable for decorating living space. Accordingly, because of their high aesthetic value, these types of curtains are often used as a way to embellish living spaces. Especially for those who love luxury, nobility and modernity, this curtain made from velvet brocade fabric cannot be ignored.

Velvet Fabric Curtains

What is velvet fabric? About brocade curtains on the market

Unlike traditional brocade, velvet brocade is a fabric that is woven from synthetic fibers in a woven stitch. Because the weaving process must use machines, the weave of the fabric is very small, almost hidden by the soft and shiny velvet. The silk fibers used are mostly artificial silk combined with a small amount of silk, so it has a high shine and reflection.

What is velvet fabric? About brocade curtains on the market

If you use brocade curtains, you will find that the fibers are often very long to create softness. Therefore, the same color, but the ability to show the tone of them can sometimes be dark or light depending on the direction of the fabric. This is an interesting feature when using brocade curtains to decorate the house.

Velvet brocade curtains are not the best product in terms of functionality. However, they are superior in aesthetics and are popular with many users. So with the increasing demand for curtains to decorate the house, the number of brocade curtains is also more consumed.

What advantages do brocade curtains have over other products?

If you compare velvet fabric with other specialized fabrics used to sew curtains, their ability to block light or stand is not as good. However, today, users do not require too much of this requirement because they can use all kinds of sun-proof glass doors. 

What advantages do brocade curtains have over other products?

Users began to pay more attention to the beauty and feeling of curtains. So brocade curtains possess outstanding features that can meet the criteria of customers as follows:

Velvet brocade curtains can catch light well

Velvet brocade fabric contains a large proportion of synthetic fibers. Therefore, their luster compared to silk or natural fibers is much larger. When viewed from the outside, it is clear that the brocade curtains create a more stimulating visual effect.

The fabric characteristics of brocade curtains are easy to recognize when there is a glossy end with a light color and a matte end with a darker color. When stroking the fabric in the forward or backward direction, the color of the curtain also changes accordingly, becoming darker or lighter.

Velvet brocade curtains can catch light well

This interesting contrast has helped the velvet curtains to catch the light better. Based on the luster of the fabric fibers, light will be absorbed and reflected back into the human eye. Thanks to that, even from a distance, you can also notice the shimmer and eye-catching of these curtains.

Because of their ability to catch light well, velvet curtains have great aesthetic value. They not only make the living space more eye-catching and brighter, but also partly show the owner’s personality.

Curtains have a soft texture and hold their shape well

An appreciated advantage of brocade curtains is that they have a very soft texture. Partly because the synthetic fibers used are very thin and soft. At the same time, because of the small woven needle, the curtain is even softer and more flexible.

Compared to curtains made from mainly natural fibers, brocade curtains are less prone to wrinkles. Whether you use your hands to fold or fold them for a long time, when you shake them, they are straight as new, leaving no wrinkles. Therefore, you do not need to re-treat the curtains as often as you do with other natural fiber curtains.

Because curtains made of brocade do not lose their form, you can comfortably wash them without keeping the folds. However, the ability to keep the color of synthetic fibers is not too good, so you should limit the use of washing machines. Instead, you can use steam cleaners that will be more convenient.

Has high aesthetic value

Curtains made from brocade fabric are considered as one of the most aesthetically pleasing products. Besides creating a sparkling effect like fish scales, this type of curtain is also impressive by its colors and decorative motifs.

The smooth velvet brocade curtains often bring a more modern and luxurious feeling. Accordingly, neutral curtain colors are used a lot because they are suitable for all types of houses, always following the trend without being old.

In contrast, brocade curtains using textures are somewhat more noble and superficial. Because the feature of the curtain is that it has long fibers, it is only suitable for imprinting. However, when combined with the brightness of the curtains, they create a very strong visual effect and make your living space more prominent.

Velvet brocade curtains have good durability

Another advantage in highly appreciated brocade curtains is their extremely good durability. The stitches are done by machine so they are very close together and have small eyes. The synthetic fibers used are also very tough, which increases the durability when used. Therefore, the lifespan of each type of curtain is quite long.

Velvet brocade curtains with good durability are highly appreciated by users

High ability to keep warm

One of the biggest advantages of velvet fibers is their ability to absorb and retain heat well between the gaps of the hairs. Therefore, when using brocade curtains in winter, they will help the space become much warmer.

This is an advantage, but at the same time, a small limitation of these velvet curtains. Accordingly, in the summer, because of their ability to retain heat well, they will often bring a feeling of mystery. Therefore, brocade curtains are often used more in winter in families.

What types of curtains made from velvet brocade fabric are being distributed today?

Velvet brocade curtains are more and more diverse to suit the needs of each customer. In particular, the development of dyeing, printing or weaving technology has facilitated the introduction of more and more brocade curtains on the market.

What types of curtains made from velvet brocade fabric are being distributed today?

With every personality, style and taste, you can find the right product line. To make it easier to choose, you can refer to the hottest models of brocade curtains in 2023:

Velvet brocade curtains wrinkled

The feature of this type of curtain is that they are not a smooth surface that will be woven with ribbed lines. The fabric used in this type of curtain is quite short, easy to clean, and focuses on shine and catching light. These types of curtain designs are often just plain weave or because there are already accent lines.

Woven velvet brocade curtains

With woven velvet curtains, they will often be woven with patterns during the production process. Accordingly, the positions for the pattern will be removed from the velvet fibers, helping the pattern to appear more clearly. Because it is a woven curtain, the knitting eyes are very small, helping to show the pattern on the curtain most clearly.

Woven velvet brocade curtains are printed with extremely sophisticated and eye-catching motifs

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