Vertical Blinds

Vertical blinds are a smart choice for many people. This curtain has a very simple but elegant design and is easy to use. Contact Elanoss curtains to choose the right curtain model.

Vertical Blinds

Vertical Blinds – A great choice for comfortable and luxurious spaces

The luxurious and beautiful vertical blinds will enhance the comfort and modernity of your living space. Therefore, vertical blinds are the choice of many families, offices, restaurants, hotels… So what types of vertical blinds are there? What are the advantages and disadvantages? Why are vertical blinds so attractive? Let’s learn about this modern curtain model with Elanoss curtains.

Find out some information about vertical blinds

Today, curtains are indispensable furniture in many homes and offices. Vertical blinds are the ideal choice to make the space more private. And more importantly, they help tailor the lighting to the user’s needs. So do you know what vertical blinds are?

What are vertical blinds?

Vertical blinds are one of the most popular types of blinds today. They are made from synthetic resin material. Therefore, vertical blinds are loved by their excellent heat insulation and light blocking capabilities. With this type of curtain, you can rest assured that you will not be affected by ultraviolet rays entering the room. In addition, with this material, vertical blinds are more resistant to dust and fire than other blinds.

Vertical blinds are combined by successively arranged fabric leaves that drop vertically downwards

Vertical blinds are specially constructed. Each curtain is a combination of consecutive fabric leaves that drop vertically downwards. These fabric leaves are designed to be attached to each other by extremely strong ropes. The width of each leaf plate is from 8.9cm to 12.7cm. With this design, vertical blinds have a very flexible way of operating. You can flip the curtain left or right 180 degrees. At the same time you can drag them to one side or two sides depending on your preference. Therefore, adjusting the light in the room also becomes very easy.

Styles and colors

Vertical blinds impress customers by the variety of designs and colors. The most popular are light tones such as white, beige, yellow, blue, gray and some other neutral colors. 

Size, vertical blinds are designed with many different sizes, suitable for the width of the door frame. However, most vertical blinds are usually designed with a large size, suitable for large door frames in luxurious spaces such as family living rooms, corporate offices, hotels, places with glass doors with large windows. open space design. 

The warp fibers are 8.9cm, 10cm and 12.7cm wide. They are held together by ropes and moved by aluminum rails.

Fabric blinds have a variety of designs and colors to help customers have more choices

Vertical blinds accessories

Due to the simple design, there are not many types of vertical blinds accessories. Accessories include: curtain zipper (this wire can be made of plastic or copper, stainless steel)

Classification of vertical blinds

Currently on the market there are two types of vertical blinds that are 70% light blocking and 100% light blocking.

Vertical blinds block 70% light

Vertical blinds that block 70% of the light are made up of sheets with a width of 8-10cm. Especially, 70% blackout curtains are made from synthetic fiber fabrics. Therefore they can still let some light through. The structure of this type of curtain is similar to other vertical blinds, only different in material and ability to block light. Vertical blinds with 70% light blocking are the cheapest on the market. 

Vertical blinds block the sun, block 100% of the light

This is a type of curtain that is popular with customers and chooses to be installed in many different spaces, especially in spaces that require luxurious comfort such as offices and offices. Blackout curtains, 100% sun protection are also very suitable for covering glass walls in office space.

Advantages and disadvantages of vertical blinds

Admire the vertical blinds designed by Elanoss curtains with your own eyes, you will definitely want to get one to decorate your interior space. Indeed, with many advantages, vertical blinds are always attractive to customers.

Advantages of vertical blinds

  • Vertical blinds have high aesthetic value, contributing to the luxurious beauty of the room. The gently falling curtain leaves help not to add an impression.
  • Vertical blinds are easy to use, easy to adjust the light at the right angle.
  • Made of plastic, the vertical blinds are easy to clean with a wet cloth. Or you can use a vacuum cleaner to clean. 
  • The ability to block light and heat is very good, ranging from 70-100%. This makes the room more private and airy. 
  • Curtains are designed to be simple but very modern, suitable for many different spaces such as family living rooms, corporate offices. This is the ideal choice for newly built office buildings. Both have the effect of blocking light, blocking heat, and having a decorative effect.
  • Vertical blinds are designed youthful, modern, diverse colors, rich sizes to suit all preferences of customers.
  • Vertical blinds are durable and long-lasting. 

Vertical blinds are designed youthfully, modernly suitable for luxurious comfortable space

Disadvantages of vertical blinds

Despite having many advantages and receiving favor from customers, vertical blinds also have some disadvantages. 

  • Curtains are quickly damaged because the link between the leaves is broken, causing the curtain to tangle.
  • Vertical blinds are difficult to use for first-timers.
  • When using vertical blinds, even though they are closed, there are still small light slits in each curtain leaf.
  • Using vertical blinds will take up a lot of room space.

Benefits of vertical blinds

Vertical blinds are loved by users for many different uses. Most customers who use Elanoss vertical blinds are highly appreciative of this type of curtain. Accordingly, vertical blinds have many benefits:

Bring cool atmosphere to living space

Vertical blinds are often installed in large windows, main office doors, corridors, as office partitions. With the ability to block sunlight and block light from 70-100%, this type of curtain works to help the living space become cooler and more airy. Vertical blinds also help prevent dust, ultraviolet rays and other harmful agents from outside the environment. Therefore, this type of curtain is widely used in the interior space of homes and offices.

Vertical blinds make the space cooler

Cost savings

Using vertical blinds is one of the great solutions to help you save money. That’s because vertical blinds are cheap and have a long life. In addition, it is very easy to clean. Thus saving you a lot of time, effort and money.

Increase the aesthetics of living space

Using vertical blinds is also one of the secrets to help you decorate your living space. Vertical blinds not only have the effect of shielding, they also increase the aesthetics of the space. Your living space will become more liberal, gentle and impressive. With elegant tones, you can easily choose the right color for the general interior space to enhance the beauty of the room.

Using vertical blinds is a way to help you decorate your interior space more beautiful

Which spaces are vertical blinds suitable for?

Vertical blinds are an option not to be missed if you intend to decorate the interior of your office or office. With just a few simple adjustments, you can easily get the light you want. You can easily rotate them, or drag them to the side as you like.

Besides, vertical blinds are also commonly used to install large windows and sliding doors. Vertical blinds are a great choice for large windows, doors, and large glass walls. The larger the door, the wider the length of the curtain.

Vertical blinds are suitable for covering glass walls in offices

Revealing the address to buy good quality vertical blinds in Ho Chi Minh City

Curtains have become common items in every home. The higher the demand for blinds, the more established suppliers. However, among all those suppliers, not all of them have a reputation for quality. Some business units are snatching, unreliable, and losing customers’ trust. Therefore, when choosing to buy vertical blinds, you need to find reputable suppliers in the market. 

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So you know what vertical blinds are, you also know what advantages and disadvantages this type of curtain has. Hopefully with the information that Elanoss curtains provide, you will choose the type of curtain that best suits the installation space. Elanoss is proud to be the leading supplier of curtains in Ho Chi Minh City.