What Is Curtain Rod?

Curtain Rods – An indispensable product to create the perfect curtain sets. So what is a curtain rod? Advantages of hanging bars? The answer will be shortly.

What is Curtain Rod? 

What is Curtain Rod? Advantages and detailed classification

Curtains have now become indispensable interior products for houses, hotels, restaurants, resorts, etc. The product was born to play the role of blocking sunlight, reducing temperature and helping to improve aesthetics. space. And to make the curtain next to the curtain, you need a curtain rod. This is an important detail that directly affects the set of curtains. So what is the nature of the curtain rod?

What is a curtain rod?

The curtain rod is the part of the frame that creates the operation of the curtain set. However, many users are often only interested in the curtain and pay little attention to the hanging rod. That’s why first let’s learn about the concept of curtain rods.

Specifically, the curtain rod is called the English name Curtain Rod. This is an indispensable part of any curtain set. The hanging rod takes on the role of fixing the curtain in the right area. At the same time, it helps to support the curtain as well as ensure the correct operation of the curtain effectively and smoothly. It is the curtain rod part that directly determines the longevity and durability of the curtain product.  

Classification of curtain rods

There are many types of curtain rods on the market today. Each different classification will have different types of curtain rods. You can rely on each of these classifications to make it easy to buy and sell products when used.

Classification based on design characteristics

To classify the basic curtain rods, you can base on the design characteristics of the product to identify. In general, when determining according to the style of the curtain rod, it can be designed in the form of 2 main options. It is a product designed in a complex or basic form. The more complex the design, the higher the investment cost. In addition, based on the style of the curtain rod, we can give specific models. Examples such as:

  • U-shaped curtain rod
  • Curved curtain rod
  • Curtain rod I
  • ….

Classification based on design material

In addition to classification based on design characteristics, curtain rod products are also classified by design material. Depending on how you type this, you will have the following curtain rod products:

Wooden curtain rod

This type of curtain rod is made of wood. This type of hanging bar is considered as a product that will help the installation space become more luxurious and classy. The wooden curtain rod when combined with the curtain set will help the curtain hang firmly on doorways of all sizes.

Normally, wooden curtain rod products are made entirely from natural wood. Therefore, this type of product has high strength and the ability to withstand large loads. The hanging rod does not warp during use. This is the reason that wooden curtain rods are often chosen for heavy-duty curtain products.

Powder coated aluminum curtain rod

Curtain rods made from powder-coated aluminum are also one of the most popular curtain rods today. This type of product is often used to make hanging rods for curtains such as ore curtains.

The advantage of this type of curtain wall is that it brings high aesthetic value, outstanding durability. Especially, the entire surface of the product is also electrostatically painted, so the process of use does not occur under the influence of the environment. Therefore, the product is increasingly popular and widely applied in life.

Curtain rods made of hard metal

This is a high-quality curtain rod. The rod is made entirely of solid metal. Therefore, the product weight is often much larger than wooden and aluminum hanging bars, etc. However, owning this advantage also helps to bring this type of curtain rod to own many outstanding advantages that users need.

  • Sturdy curtain rod
  • Curtain rods can withstand heavy loads, do not warp or deform
  • Hanging wall for long service life
  • ….

Stainless steel curtain rod

Once classifying the curtain rod based on the design, it is impossible to ignore the stainless steel material. The essence is because the current stainless steel curtain rod has an extremely high popularity. It is also the most popular product on the market.

This curtain rod model possesses in itself many impressive advantages to conquer customers. Even the most demanding customers can’t be faulted. In which the product possesses a shiny, smooth and smooth beauty, when using stainless steel curtain rods, it does not rust under the influence of the environment, high product durability. Above all, the stainless steel curtain rod also has the cheapest price of all materials, so it is easier to understand.

Sort by price

In addition, when classifying curtain rods, you can divide them based on cost. Although this factor has a fairly broad scope, it is not difficult to identify. Through this classification, users can own the optimal financial product.

Specifically, to classify by basic cost will include 2 main types. Includes low price curtain rod and high price curtain rod. In which the low-priced curtain rods are made of stainless steel, aluminum, copper, etc. The high-priced products are mainly made of wood, durable and precious metals, etc. Just rely on this form to buy. Sellers can calculate investment costs as well as their own needs effectively.

Advantages of curtain rods

The actual curtain rod depends on the type of product, the hidden advantages will be different. However, the fact cannot deny the advantages that the product brings with a high degree of diversity. Some of the outstanding advantages of curtain rods can be mentioned as follows:

  • Good resistance to curtain rod, can minimize finishing impact.
  • Ensures optimum performance for any type of curtain during use
  • Product design is not only made simple but also very elegant and beautiful, bringing high aesthetic value.
  • The curtain rod is compatible for all positions, different designs regardless of whether the area is tight or airy.
  • Long service life can be up to 30 years in accordance with the requirements that users need. Thereby helping users minimize the cost of replacing new blinds.
  • High aesthetics, durable over time without fading.
  • Diversity of products to choose from to help users optimize their needs
  • The processing is convenient, the design is easy to install
  • The curtain rod model is compatible with a variety of current curtain models from simple to high-end, luxurious.
  • The price of buying and selling curtain rods belongs to many different segments. Users can easily choose affordable products
  • ….

So where to order curtain rods on the market today?

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Above is a summary of basic information about curtain rod products . Hopefully, based on the detailed answers above, you will get yourself a useful amount of knowledge to have essential experience when using. And do not forget to accompany Elanoss.com in the near future.