Wired Honeycomb Curtain

Currently, wired honeycomb blinds are gaining popularity over time. So what’s hot about the product, let’s find out in detail the following article.

Wired Honeycomb Curtain

Wired honeycomb curtain and some useful information

Are you in need of decorating the space of your home, office or company? Are you thinking of choosing curtains to improve the decorative effect as well as the benefits it brings? However, in the middle of the market with a variety of products, you do not know how to choose the right one? Which product is the best? So why don’t you consider choosing a wired honeycomb curtain product.

What are Wired Honeycomb Curtains?

Wired honeycomb blinds are actually known by many different names depending on the region. For example, wired honeycomb blinds, wired honeycomb blinds, etc. In which the product has the English name Honeycomb Blinds.

Wired honeycomb curtain model is currently a popular product on the market

Basically, this product model is designed similar to regular curtain models. Consists of 2 main parts: curtain fabric system and fabric zipper part. However, the difference in this curtain model is that the curtain fabric system is designed quite impressively.

Specifically, curtain fabric is made from polyester fiber with light weight, which is glued together. Therefore, the texture of the curtain fabric is not as straight as the usual curtain models, but folds in a hexagonal shape. When pulling the curtain at a moderate level, it will create eye-catching cup folds.

Classification of wire honeycomb curtain products on the market today

In general, wire honeycomb blinds today have a variety of designs and designs. Each product has its own attractive features that attract a large number of customers to choose. However, it is basically possible to classify products based on the degree of shielding of the product. Once based on this factor, products can be divided into 3 main categories. Includes the following types:

  • Gentle shielding product. This product is made of Sheer fabric which is compatible with enclosed rooms.
  • Relative light shading product type. The product is made of transparent fabric. The product is compatible with areas that need shading but still need light to enter.
  • Product type high degree of shielding. The product is mainly made of a specialized cover cloth with a silver coating in the middle. The sun protection effect of the product is at an absolute level. The product is compatible with spaces that are private or do not require light, such as bedrooms.

Products have a variety of types and designs to bring many choices for customers

The superior value of wired honeycomb blinds brings to use

Once you choose curtains to decorate your space, don’t miss the wired honeycomb curtains. Because the product brings a lot of preeminent values ​​to meet the strict standards of users. And among those impressive values ​​can be mentioned as follows:

Excellent sun blocking effect

The main role of the product is to support sun protection. The product can improve UV light. Especially as also analyzed above for wire mesh honeycomb products with 3 levels of sun protection that you can choose from. Includes gentle shading, relative opacity and absolute opacity. You do not need to worry about space constraints if you install the product.

Help to reduce the noise of the room perfectly

A surprising plus of the zippered honeycomb curtain is noise reduction. This is one of the impressive points that is different from other sunshade product lines. At the same time, it is an effective solution for users in areas affected by noise.

Impressive product structure effectively reduces noise during installation

The essence to make this use partly comes from the structure of the wired honeycomb curtain. Specifically, the honeycomb block design creates a rotating flow to minimize sound when impacted. Moreover, inside the bee hole, there is also a solid silver layer arranged. Therefore, when the sound affects the curtain, half will be bounced back to the environment and the other half will transition into the honeycomb rotation and gradually reduce the sound when passing through the curtains.

Improve building aesthetics

In addition to effective sun protection, the product is also known as the optimal space decoration. It is to create a luxurious, high-class and sophisticated space, easily compatible with all aesthetic trends. Because the product converges in itself with all the elements to help you satisfy all decorating ideas and refresh the space. Includes such as:

  • The variety of product colors is not only monochromatic but also multi-color. Above all, the 2 curtain sides have 2 opposite colors, no matter which side you install, they are all beautiful.
  • Impressive design motifs easily conquer the eye.
  • The product size is suitable for any installation position.
  • Impressive curtain design that is compatible with any space from apartments to offices, shops,…

Effective waterproof limit

The problem of water absorption when it rains is inevitable for all types of curtains. But for wired honeycomb blinds this problem can be greatly improved. Although the waterproofing effect is not 100% absolute, it is not impossible.

Wired curtains have good water resistance

Based on the special textured fabric, the product can limit water resistance very well. Whether you use the curtain in the window position or the kitchen location, the bathroom is also compatible, no need to worry about the curtain quickly damaged by moisture.

Products that support good insulation

Not only stopping at soundproofing, but wired honeycomb curtains can also effectively insulate. This advantage is also derived from the honeycomb block structure of the curtains. Accordingly, this space helps regulate the temperature from both sides to help the room not be dominated by the outside temperature.

That’s why when using the product, the room will always be cool in the summer and warm in the winter. At the same time, because of this optimal heat-blocking effect, when you use it, you will save on energy costs.

High product safety

When it comes to the superior values ​​that wired honeycomb blinds bring to users, this issue cannot be ignored. Because this is also a major deciding factor on whether or not to choose a product.

Wired honeycomb curtains can be completely insulated to help keep the space cool and airy

In which, the product undergoes a high-tech production process that meets European standards. The product is completely friendly to the environment as well as the user’s health. Therefore, when installing the product, you do not have to worry about the problem of being affected by unhealthy ingredients like some other bad curtain models.

In addition, the installation of wire honeycomb curtains is also a safe therapy to help you prevent harmful agents from the environment. For example, insects, smoke, radiation, etc. This is the most effective indirect method to help you protect the health of your family and yourself.

Long service life

Each sunscreen product competes not only in efficiency but also in longevity. The longer a product has a shelf life, the better it is when used. And for wired honeycomb blinds perfectly do just that. Relying on its impressive design and undergoing a selective manufacturing process, the product offers a long service life. Blinds can almost be used for 5 to 6 years if properly maintained.

 Because of such an impressive lifespan, the use of sub-products helps you save costs. That is to save maintenance costs, purchase and sale fees for replacing decorative materials, etc.

The long lifespan of wired honeycomb curtains helps users save money on new purchases

Satisfactory purchase and sale costs

In addition, wired honeycomb curtains are now being sold at extremely reasonable prices. The cost offered is fully compatible with the user’s finances. The prices of many different segments help users choose the product that suits their needs and pocket.

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