Wireless Honeycomb Curtain

Are wireless honeycomb blinds really any good? Should I choose a product to use? To know the correct answer for yourself, do not miss the following answer.

Wireless Honeycomb Curtain

Discover the details of the wireless honeycomb curtain product

Honeycomb curtain is a type of hanging curtain that not only has a new name but is also a new product appearing in the Vietnamese market. In particular, the wireless honeycomb curtain is popular with Vietnamese and international users. So to better understand the type of wireless curtain, please take a moment to explore the product details through the sharing in the following article.

Introduction of wireless honeycomb curtain

Wireless honeycomb curtain is a relatively new hanging curtain product for Vietnamese users. Therefore, information and understanding about this unique type of curtains for users is still limited. This is the reason that many people don’t even know what the wireless honeycomb curtain is?

Typical wireless honeycomb curtain

What is wireless honeycomb curtain?

Wireless honeycomb curtain aka honeycomb piece. The product is designed to be very similar in appearance to ordinary roller blinds. However, the zipper system is designed into a handle with the function of pulling the curtain up and down to adjust the light flexibly.

The curtain surface is made of honeycomb texture fabric. The product is light in weight. The surface of the fabric, when let down, has two cross-sections on either side that have a hexagonal shape with core cells resembling the inside of a honeycomb. This is the reason the product can be called honeycomb curtain.

The honeycomb curtain has a special structure, the air cushion in the middle works to help bring good light blocking to the product. At the same time, it limits the effects of light and temperature directly on the interior space. Depending on the different types, the light blocking ability of the product can reach from 50 to 100%.

Using this type of curtain when pulled to a moderate level, the product will fold up with clear folds that are very eye-catching. A variety of product colors help to increase the aesthetics of the installation.

Types of popular wireless honeycomb blinds today

There are many different ways to classify wireless honeycomb curtains. In which, the most popular way to classify products today is based on the mechanism of action. Accordingly, there will be 2 types of wireless honeycomb curtains that you can choose from as follows.

Wireless honeycomb curtain includes 2 main types

Traditional wireless honeycomb curtain

This is a wireless honeycomb curtain with a traditional operating mechanism. The product is designed with a handle so that the user can conveniently open and close the curtain. Just make the push up, pull down, you can comfortably adjust the blackout curtain at the position you want.

Automatic wireless honeycomb curtain

Automatic wireless honeycomb curtain is a type of curtain with a modern operating mechanism based on remote control. That is, when you want to open and close the curtain, just press the button on the remote control to completely adjust the curtain to your liking. This curtain model is bringing users many great benefits during use.

Automatic wireless honeycomb blinds can even integrate with smart phones or tablets. So you do not need to use the remote control and can still open and close the curtain at will.

7 remarkable advantages of using wireless honeycomb curtains

Based on the impressive structure, the wireless honeycomb curtain offers many impressive advantages. This has been specifically identified and evaluated by users and experts. And for you to have a clearer view, here are 7 outstanding advantages that help wireless honeycomb curtains conquer fastidious users.

The product was born with many impressive advantages

Create a good sun protection frame

The first advantage of wireless honeycomb curtains comes from the protection of the space by the sun. According to analysis the product can block UV rays, UV rays are perfect. The level of sun blocking of the product reaches 70% to 90%, which is compatible with the choice of a large number of users.

Outstanding product with energy-saving features

The essence of the wireless honeycomb curtains is designed with a padding between 2 layers of fabric. This is the factor that helps the product when installed can prevent the optimal temperature for the space when the environment changes. More specifically, the product can support insulation. Regardless of whether it is hot or cold outside, the temperature in the room is still not affected much. Instead, the room is always in a warm, harmonious and airy state.

Because of the same operating mechanism, when installed for buildings, the building can save energy optimally. The heat source in the room will not be sucked out, making the machinery system operate continuously with heavy loads. Now, monthly electricity costs are also a matter of great concern to people.

Wireless honeycomb curtain helps to insulate the space

Easily compatible with any special space

Based on the above classification, you can also see that the wireless honeycomb curtains have a quite special operating mode with a high diversity. The product when installed can be operated open up, open down as you like. Because of the uniqueness of such a mechanism, the curtains can be compatible with many special locations and spaces. For example, spaces with a small area or architectures with special shapes such as inclined, arched, round, etc.

Improve the aesthetics of the building

When it comes to the advantages of wireless honeycomb blinds, it is definitely impossible to ignore the ability to decorate the work. The product is not only known for its good sun protection effect but also helps the room become brighter. That’s why now the product is not only applied in apartments, houses but also integrated for Villa, Resort, restaurant, etc.

In particular, using the product also indirectly shows the standard aesthetic taste of the future owner without being outdated. Instead, it is modern, sophisticated and perfect in each space line. Among the factors that help the product to both express its own quality and decorate the space are:

  • The color of the product is in line with modern trends and does not go out of fashion over time
  • Product sizes vary from large to small, compatible with all creative ideas
  • Easily change according to the shape to create a unique design.

Using wireless honeycomb curtains helps to increase the aesthetic effect

Guaranteed safety 

What are the advantages of wireless honeycomb curtains? The next answer for you is to ensure the safety of users when using. Especially for young children and the elderly with weak legs and soft hands. Because the product structure just needs to use the handle to push up or press the button automatically. Therefore, the operation is very simple, easy and does not require too much effort.

Moreover, the safety here is also reflected in the design material. The product is made of high-quality standard fabric that is completely free of any harmful ingredients. Before launching into the market, it is also tested to ensure that it meets European standards. Safety and environmental friendliness are maximized.

Not only that, using a wireless honeycomb curtain product also helps create a thermal barrier to protect the health of users. Especially support to improve colds, sneezing, … Because the product can prevent dust, pollution from the outside environment from attacking.

Bring a quiet space to the house

Either way, you have to praise the soundproofing advantages that wireless honeycomb curtains bring. This is considered one of the most impressive advantages that help the product easily make a mark in the market.

The product supports good sound insulation

Specifically, the advantage of anti-noise is formed in part thanks to the product structure. The honeycomb curtain design is integrated with a silver core inside, so it can minimize the sound when approaching. 

Accordingly, when the sound reaches the curtains, it will be reflected in half of the environment while the other half is always transferred in the silver core and minimized when entering the space. Thanks to that, the product can be installed in the living room, bedroom, office to create effective quiet.

Some other advantages

In addition to the main advantages on the actual wireless honeycomb curtain, there are many other equally impressive advantages. Notable ones include:

  • Easy to operate and use
  • Easy to install
  • Easily adjust the light to your favorite intensity
  • Support fire resistance
  • Limit water absorption
  • Product life is high, long durability
  • Less color fading after use
  • Reasonable investment costs
  • ….

Where to buy wireless honeycomb curtain to ensure the best quality?

Wireless honeycomb curtain is a relatively new curtain product for many consumers. So when buying this product for use, you need to be very careful to avoid buying a poor quality product. It is best to spend your time looking for reputable suppliers, where you can be more assured of quality.

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It can be said that the wireless honeycomb curtain is a good product in the work of blocking sunlight and protecting space. So if you are looking to buy and use curtains, do not miss the product for yourself. You will be completely surprised about wireless honeycomb curtains when using in the future.