Wooden Blinds

Are you looking for a curtain product for your home? But have not found the product line you like? So why not try to consider high-end wooden blinds ?

Curtains are known as an indispensable piece of furniture for living spaces. In many product lines today, wooden blinds are always enthusiastically received because of their aesthetics and durability. If you are looking for a curtain line for your home, then wooden blinds are a good candidate.

Wooden blinds

What are wooden blinds?

Wooden blinds are one of the new and unique products that are loved by many. So what are wooden blinds? As the name suggests, wooden curtains are made of wood. In other words, the structure of wooden curtains is the wooden slats that are joined together at a certain distance.

Wooden blinds – High-end product line 

Wooden blinds often use high-quality natural wood, which is treated with warping and termites before processing. Therefore, in terms of durability, wooden curtains are not inferior to any other product line. Meanwhile, in terms of aesthetics, wooden curtains have the natural color of the material, so they are eye-catching, luxurious and extremely modern. 

Nowadays, more and more families and office companies choose the line of wooden blinds. Because curtains are suitable for modern architecture, durability and high aesthetics. Above all, the wood color always exudes sophistication, opening a luxurious but equally cozy living space.

Features of wooden curtains

Wooden blinds are becoming more and more popular. Because wooden curtains hold many outstanding features that other product lines do not have. More specific:

High durability, safe for people and the environment

Wooden curtains are made of natural wood materials, but mainly high-quality wood materials such as oak, walnut, pine, …. Not too much controversy, these are all natural wood materials with good bearing capacity, suitable for the climate in Vietnam. During use, there is no warping, termites. 

Wooden blinds are durable and safe for human health

Plus the processing, machining removes all dirt. In the process of making curtains, no harmful chemicals are used. Products are safe for human health as well as the environment. High durability, human safety and environmental friendliness are among the first outstanding features that make many people choose wooden curtains.

Satisfying aesthetics

Each product line has its own unique beauty. Wooden curtains are no exception. Wooden curtains bring the natural color of wood material. So when installing for living, working and studying space, the room becomes delicate, luxurious with modern beauty.

For the living space, wooden curtains with warm or bright wood tones like white oak bring the coziness needed but are not boring and monotonous. In some product lines, wooden curtains are also printed with patterns to bring freshness to those who love delicate beauty.

Suitable for any space

It is easy to see that different curtain lines are applied in different environments and spaces. Meanwhile, wooden curtains are suitable for all architectural spaces from classical to modern. From the office environment, office space, study room, bedroom, living room, etc., wooden curtains are also suitable.

Suitable for any space

Especially for modern homes, simple and elegant wooden curtains are even more suitable. But do not forget to choose the right product line with the available furniture in the room to have a certain fit and cohesion.

Good sound insulation

Wooden curtains have better sound and heat insulation than some product lines. The reason the sound and heat insulation of wooden curtains is better is because the wooden slats have a certain thickness. Thanks to that, the ability to block light and absorb heat is almost absolute. Therefore, on hot summer days, the room is always cool, minimizing power consumption to cool the room.

In addition, the wooden curtains are designed to penetrate the window frames. When installing wooden curtains, the room becomes neater and more beautiful. In addition, the use of wooden curtains is quite simple, users just need to pull up, pull down. Even if you want, you can flip it 180 degrees to adjust the light to your liking.

Types of wooden blinds

In order to meet the needs of customers, wooden blinds are classified into many different types according to different criteria. So what types of wooden blinds are there?

Natural wood curtains: This is a product line made entirely from 100% natural wood. For example, oak, pine, walnut, etc., after being processed, can be processed directly.

Industrial wood curtains: Instead of taking wood material from natural wood trees, industrial wood curtains make use of wood chips combined with chemicals or glue to form complete pieces of wood. Of course, in terms of durability, this product line may lose with natural wood curtains, but in terms of aesthetics, it is not inferior. At the same time, the price of the product is also more favorable.

Wooden curtains with a variety of products

Imported wooden curtains: Referring to imported wooden blinds, we immediately think of quality products, produced on a closed line. Imported wooden curtains are strictly treated before being processed, no warping or termites. Of course, the imported line will cost a bit more, but in return, customers already own quality products.

Domestic wooden curtains: These are the product lines produced in the country. In terms of quality, form, and aesthetics, it is not inferior to any other product line. While the price is somewhat more favorable than imported wooden curtains. With a variety of wooden curtains, customers will have many choices according to the purpose and financial budget. Each product line has its own unique advantages.

Address providing reputable curtains, quality, good price

Wooden curtains are suitable products for any living space. Curtains hold many outstanding advantages that are rare and hard to find. So it is understandable that many people love this product line. So have you found a reputable supplier of products yet? 

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 Elanoss – The address that provides quality curtains, good prices

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For a long time, wooden blinds have become the secret to opening a luxurious, sophisticated and modern living space. With a variety of models, designs, etc., users always have many choices. If you are wondering which product is suitable for your living space.