Embroidered Fabric Curtains

Embroidered brocade curtain is a curtain product that is trusted by many people because of its outstanding advantages. Please refer to the following article for more details. 

Embroidered Fabric Curtains

Information you need to know about high-quality embroidered brocade curtains

In the field of home decor, brocade curtains are currently a favorite and chosen item by many consumers. So why are brocade curtains so trusted? What is the way to preserve the embroidered brocade curtains to always be beautiful? In the article below, we help you answer these questions in detail.

What are embroidered brocade curtains?

Embroidered brocade curtains are a type of curtains made from brocade fabric. The feature of this type of curtain is its noble and rich beauty, which is extremely suitable to appear in spaces designed to mix classic with modern. 

Embroidered brocade curtains are suitable to appear in neoclassical style spaces

Made from precious brocade material, most of the embroidered brocade curtains are high-quality products, ensuring long-term quality. The product has beautiful colors, simple but luxurious, delicate textures and outstanding durability over time. 

The most popular form of sewing brocade curtains is the ore form. There is also a form of sewing, combined with curtain rods made from high-quality aluminum. Besides, embroidered brocade curtains are suitable to decorate the family living room space. Both enhance the aesthetic beauty of the living space, while cleverly showing the eye level of the owner. 

Uses of embroidered brocade curtains 

Curtains are an important piece of furniture in your home. Embroidered brocade curtains not only have the effect of blocking the sun and wind, but also can enhance the beauty of the indoor living space. The main uses of brocade curtains can be mentioned as follows: 

  • Effective sun protection, bringing a cool space in summer and warm in winter.
  • Enhance the aesthetic beauty of the room. In order for embroidered brocade curtains to promote the decorative effect, you should have a reasonable choice from the style, color, and fabric material to suit your home space. 
  • Besides the ability to change the light for the room, brocade curtains also block noise quite well. Help the family have a private space when inside the house. 

Brocade curtains meet the basic uses of a curtain product.

Types of basic embroidered brocade curtains today 

On the market, brocade curtains are divided into 2 main types: plain brocade curtains and brocade curtains.

Smooth brocade curtains

This is a type of curtain that does not have a pattern design or texture on the surface. That is why the smooth brocade curtains bring a soft, elegant feeling. This type of curtain has a high gloss and strong light catch. You can take advantage of this advantage to use curtains for spaces that need a lot of light, such as the living room.

Plain brocade curtains are designed in a variety of colors. Families can choose a color according to their preferences, as long as it matches the interior colors available in their home. This type of curtain is quite easy to combine with the interior of the home. 

You just need to choose the same or similar curtain color as the wall paint color to have a beautiful and harmonious whole. Choosing the right curtain color with the paint color will also help the indoor space feel more spacious and comfortable. Plain brocade curtains are often more or less similar to veined silk curtains. However, just looking closely, you will realize that brocade curtains are not as sophisticated as silk curtains. 

Floral embroidered brocade curtains

Floral embroidered brocade curtains are curtains made from brocade with intricate patterns and textures woven. Because of this feature, it is necessary to have a complicated weaving process, elaborate techniques and manual work to ensure product quality. 

The cost of brocade curtains is usually higher than plain brocade curtains. This is a high-quality curtain. Often used for villas designed in neoclassical style. In particular, when combined with other luxurious furniture, it will further honor the aristocratic and classy beauty of your home space. 

Floral embroidered brocade curtain with luxurious and noble beauty

Advantages of embroidered brocade curtains 

Embroidered brocade curtains are favored by many people because of their outstanding advantages over conventional curtains. 

Luxurious colors, variety

The colors of embroidered brocade curtains are often very diverse. The delicate color scheme on each product brings impressive beauty and portrays the elegance and nobility of this high-class item. 

The outstanding feature of brocade fabric is its ability to catch light extremely effectively. Create a great visual impression in the eyes of the beholder. Whether designed with any type of pattern, any texture has a unique and attractive appeal. 

Unlike other materials, brocade fabric is often dyed before weaving. Therefore, whether using weft or warp weaving techniques, the finished product is very harmonious and beautiful. 

This makes the embroidered brocade curtains, when receiving the sun, become more vibrant and vivid than any other type of curtains. Therefore, if you are looking for a type of curtains that can honor the noble beauty of your home, do not ignore embroidered brocade curtains. 

The colors of curtains made from brocade fabrics are often very diverse

Exquisite pattern

Decorative patterns on embroidered brocade curtains often require elaborate and complicated techniques. To create lasting patterns on the brocade fabric, it requires workers to have high skills and aesthetic taste in order to produce finished products. 

Patterns are designed to blend traditional and modern art. Embroidery in a simple symmetrical layout highlights the nobility and luxury of high-class embroidered brocade curtains. 


Embroidered brocade curtains are made from high quality brocade fabric. Therefore, they often have higher thickness and durability than products made from other materials. Moreover, the color of the product is also very durable. Even after many washings, there is very little color fading, but still beautiful and smooth, keeping the aesthetic effect of the product. 

Notes when using embroidered brocade curtains

Here are a few notes in the process of using brocade curtains that you should know to be able to use the product in the best way. 

What should be noted when using embroidered brocade curtains?

Attention on choosing brocade curtains to hang the door

Currently, brocade curtains are usually made from two materials: silk brocade and polyester brocade. To choose the best type of brocade curtain for your home, you should refer to the characteristics of each type below. 

Silk brocade curtains are high-class products, with very high elasticity and durability. If you choose this type of product, you need to avoid contact with water. To prevent the curtain from being soaked in water, it will easily tear. If you want to use it for the bathroom, you should refer to other types of curtains.  

This product usually has poor thermal and electrical conductivity. In contrast, the ability to keep warm of silk curtains is quite good, can keep the house warm in winter weather.

Brocade curtains from polyester usually have a lower price because the production material is industrial brocade. This type of product has good heat resistance, high light reflection, less color fading. Therefore, polyester brocade curtains are often used in locations exposed to a lot of sunlight. The disadvantage of this type of curtain is that it is very easy to be charged with electricity and dust.

Pay attention to the care of brocade curtains 

To use brocade curtains for a long time, you need to note a few things in how to preserve the product: 

  • It is recommended to wash the curtains by hand to keep the color of the product always bright. In addition, only neutral soaps should be used, and soaps with strong detergent properties should not be used. 
  • Do not wash curtains in warm water. Because the high water temperature will easily decompose the product components. 
  • When washing the curtain, do not use a strong scrub brush, but only gently rub it.
  • Ideally, iron the curtain at a temperature not exceeding 150 degrees Celsius. Before doing so, you should use a spray bottle to spray a little water on the curtain first, to keep the temperature on the surface of the product from overheating. 
  • Hang the curtains in a shady place, away from direct sunlight.
  • When drying the curtain, you should expose the inside to the outside to limit the color of the brocade fabric. Especially with brocades that have a lining on the surface of cotton or silk.

Address to sell prestigious embroidered brocade curtains

Currently, because the embroidered brocade curtain has many outstanding advantages, especially the aesthetic beauty is more outstanding than ordinary curtains. Therefore, this product gradually dominates the market and is trusted by the majority of customers. Since then, there have been many businesses selling curtains and hanging curtains made from brocade fabric. Making it difficult for consumers to distinguish between a reputable establishment and a poor-quality address.

Embroidered brocade curtains are trusted by many customers

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Above are detailed information about high-class embroidered brocade curtain products that are very popular with consumers on the market today. Hope this article will be a useful reference resource for readers.