PVC Cooling Curtains

What are the outstanding advantages of PVC cold curtains? If you want to know the answer, then take the time to follow the information shared in the following article.

PVC Cooling Curtains

What are the outstanding advantages of PVC cold curtains?

Recently, a lot of questions have been raised regarding the PVC cold curtain product line. In which the most interested question is what are the outstanding advantages of PVC cold curtains? So if you are having the same interest, let’s learn more about this special type of curtain through the following shares.

What is PVC cold curtain?

PVC cold curtain is also known by many other names as insulation curtain, PVC curtain. This type of curtain is made of good quality PVC material. Special PVC material helps keep the cold air in the room from escaping to the outside space.

The structure of PVC curtain products consists of thin transparent plastic sheets. There are several varieties in color. The product is used to replace the fixed glass panels that cause many obstacles in the process of moving in and out of the room frequently.

PVC curtains have great tightness. The product has the effect of sealing cold air such as effectively reducing the loss of cold air heat from the inside environment to the outside. At the same time, this product line when used can also help prevent harmful substances, dirt, bacteria and insects from outside flying inside.

In the past, PVC cold curtains were mainly used in frozen warehouses, supermarkets, and warehouses. However, now this special curtain line has been applied more widely in life because the efficiency and cost of installation and maintenance of this type of curtain is much lower than that of glass partition walls. Therefore, the product is more and more popular among users.

Types of PVC cold-blocking curtains on the market today

How many types of PVC cold curtains are there? In fact, there are many different types of blinds on the market. However, based on the specifications as well as the curtain system of the product, the cold curtain is classified into the following common types.

Basic laminated PVC leaf curtain

One of the popular PVC cold-blocking curtain products on the market today is the basic layered leaf curtain. This is a type of curtain designed to use many PVC foils together to form a complete set of cold-blocking curtains.

PVC cold curtain pulls adrift

This type of curtain is designed to use rollers on a u-rail. The large curtain leaves will be folded and welded together to form a large plate. Drifting systems are often used in car garages, car wash garages. Compared to the basic layered cold curtain, this cold curtain has a more special structure.

Sliding (sliding) PVC cold curtain

Sliding PVC curtain is an upgrade from the basic layered PVC curtain. So basically this type of curtain uses the same roller attachment in the u-slider. Sliding curtains when in use are able to bring users maximum comfort. When not in use, you can slide the curtain to one conveniently, saving space.

Rotating PVC cold curtain

The next type of PVC cold curtain that many people choose today is the rotating folding curtain. This type of curtain is designed with a rotating opening system. Therefore, compared to the above types of blinds, this will be the optimal choice for spaces with limited space. Moreover, the rotating opening and closing mechanism also helps to give the building a higher aesthetic value.

Roller PVC cold curtain

Roller PVC cold curtain is a product line that combines cold curtain and cold curtain. So for this product, the ability to prevent cold is extremely good. Products are often used in open spaces such as restaurants, bars, coffee shops, etc.

Outstanding features and advantages of PVC cold curtains

PVC cold curtain is a curtain model that converges many outstanding advantages. Therefore, this type of curtain is now widely used in interior spaces. Among the most prominent are the following advantages.

PVC cold curtain is light in weight

PVC curtains are manufactured to take on many special functions that ordinary curtains cannot do. However, this product is still designed in a simple structure, convenient for users. Especially, the drop-in curtain style helps users move in and out easily.

Not only that, this type of curtains is made mainly of PVC. This is a low weight plastic. Therefore, the product is very light in weight, when moving and installing, it is very light, easy to hang and easy to manipulate. Therefore, light weight is considered one of the great advantages that make the product easy to attract users.

PVC cold curtain is durable, long life

As mentioned above, PVC refrigerator curtains are made entirely of PVC material. This plastic is not only lightweight, but also a high-quality material that meets European safety quality standards. Therefore, PVC material helps the product to be durable, long-lasting, less damaged during use.

According to test results from the manufacturer, the service life of genuine PVC cold curtain products can last up to decades. You only need to spend money to buy the product once and you can use it for a long time without having to replace it often.

In case you do not want to use it, you can still use PVC curtains for other purposes. Specifically, PVC curtains are recycled to create other products that can be used for many other uses in life.

Using PVC curtains is always durable with time

PVC cold curtain has good heat insulation

 Most of the PVC cold curtains are manufactured from good materials with a standard production process. Therefore, the product not only provides the ability to prevent cold, but also can help prevent heat loss very well.

The PVC material in the product can help this type of curtain easily withstand the impact of heat from -50 to 50 degrees Celsius. When exposed to high temperature or fire, the PVC curtain will not burn, but only only shapeshifting. So using this product is quite safe.

Currently, PVC cold curtains are chosen to be used in factories with strict requirements for temperature and humidity, such as frozen warehouses. In daily life, the product is used a lot for rooms that use air conditioning.

Flexible PVC cold curtain and high application

PVC material is one of the materials with flexible properties. Moreover, this plastic also has high elasticity but does not deform during use. Therefore, users can use cold curtains flexibly for many different environments without worrying about reducing the product’s service life.

PVC curtains can be installed in many different projects

PVC material contributes to keeping the product temperature and humidity stable. The product can also ensure that the movement between the room and the outside space is easy without having to spend as much time as opening and closing the door.

In addition, when applying this type of curtain to life, with transparent material, the product will help to get natural light effectively. From the inside, you can still see the outside easily. Therefore, if you install curtains to separate your office, you can completely observe every move of your employees effectively.

PVC refrigerator curtains are diverse in color

The next advantage of PVC cold curtains is very noticeable that is the variety of colors. Currently, the Vietnamese market has 3 types with basic colors such as clear white, clear yellow, and clear blue. This curtain model also has many different design specifications. Thickness of curtain leaf from 1.5mm – 3mm. The width of about 200m – 300mm gives customers suitable choices.

Whether it’s a transparent curtain or a colorful curtain, PVC curtains are easy to meet. This is also considered one of the good features and advantages that make the product easily suitable for many projects.

Easy-to-clean PVC curtain

PVC cold curtain is made of PVC material, so the curtain surface is extremely smooth. When using the product, there is very little dust or dirt. If the curtains are dirty, they can be quickly cleaned with ordinary cleaning chemicals without having to worry about damaging the curtains.

PVC cold curtain has good ability to prevent smoke and dust

PVC cold curtains are made from PVC sheets that are glued together, so they have a very good tightness. Products in addition to preventing cold and preventing heat, this line of curtain products can also help users prevent dust and smoke in the air very well.

Even the smallest dust particles from outside are difficult to penetrate into the room. So using this type of curtain will help you get a clean living space, safe from the attack of harmful agents.

  • Preventing insects
  • Noise suppression
  • Blocking welding rays
  • Reasonable price

So where is the best place to buy PVC cold curtains?

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