Somfy Curtain Motor

Somfy curtain motor – The popular quality curtain motor you know today? If you do not know and want to learn about this product line, please follow the following article.

Somfy curtain motor – The most popular quality curtain motor today

Currently on the market there are many types of automatic curtain motors are offered for sale. However, the type of curtain motor that is appreciated for its quality and popularity is an extremely familiar name – Somfy curtain motor. So what is the Somfy curtain motor? What are the origins and advantages of this type of curtain motor? The following article will help you have a better look at this high-quality curtain motor product line.

What is Somfy curtain motor?

Somfy curtain motor is the superior type of curtain motor. This is a motor product that is considered to be the soul and an indispensable part of many automatic curtain models today. With flexible operating capacity, this specialized motor line is easily suitable for most models of automatic curtains.

The Somfy curtain motor is manufactured as a cordless device. Therefore, the product is easy to install and simply equipped to support automatic curtains to operate more flexibly and efficiently.

Not only that, this motor product, when integrated with automation systems, can help users easily control the curtain set in the house in many different ways. From consoles to mobile phones, computers are versatile. In addition, the Somfy curtain motor has integrated many preeminent features that many other motors do not have such as:

  • Force sensor automatically stops when encountering an obstacle
  • Lightly pull the self-running curtain
  • Fast running mode
  • Slow running mode with low stability
  • Curtain open timer mode
  • ….

Therefore, opening and closing the curtain for the curtain with Somfy curtain motor becomes extremely easy and convenient. The motor helps the curtain roll up and down automatically when controlled. Thereby, bringing elegance and neatness in the installation space.

The origin of the curtain motor product Somfy

Somfy curtain motor is a motor equipment originating from Europe. Specifically, this is the product line of Somfy. Somfy is a famous French corporation specializing in the production of curtain motors.

The corporation has a history of 50 years, so the prestige and quality of products are always guaranteed to be absolutely genuine. Especially high-quality curtain motor products. The motor operates smoothly, does not make noise and has a long service life.

In the Vietnamese market, Somfy has officially signed a cooperation contract with distributors – These will be the pioneers in the supply and construction of Somfy engines. Therefore, Somfy curtain motor products or Somfy motorized automatic curtains have come closer to Vietnamese consumers.

The most popular types of Somfy curtain motors today

The birth of the Somfy curtain motor has really brought users a lot of new experiences when using curtains. The solutions that Somfy provide are the support to improve convenience, modernity and energy efficiency for any living space. So if you like this high-end engine, you can choose 1 of 2 popular types as follows.

Somfy automatic curtain motor

This is the type of curtain motor Somfy produced to use for automatic curtain systems. This type of motor works by touch control technology, gently pulling the curtain to open or close. In particular, the safety mode of the specially manufactured motor is that the curtain motor will stop when overloaded or there is a conflict between the motor and accessories with curtain fabric.

Somfy curtain motor is designed with small shape, easy to install and use. During the use of the product, minimize noise when contacting the stop. There are currently popular Somfy curtain motors in use today.

  • Somfy Glydea curtain motor version 35 WT
  • Somfy Glydea 60E WT . curtain motor version
  • Fabric curtain motor version Somfy Irismo 35E RTS

Somfy automatic roller blinds motor

The popular Somfy curtain motor that is widely used today also has a Somfy automatic roller curtain motor. This type of motor is manufactured with the main purpose of being used for automatic roller shutter products.

This type of motor is also designed with a compact shape, easy to install and use. In addition to the automatic control feature, this type of motor is also integrated for the automatic shutdown mode when overloaded. As a result, the engine operates more durable and longer.

Just like the Somfy automatic curtain motor, this roller curtain motor also has its own versions for users to choose from. In which, the most prominent and popular can be mentioned the versions of Somfy roller blinds as follows:

  • Curtain motor version Somfy Altus 40 RTS 4/14
  • Somfy LAN curtain motor version 40 RTS
  • Somfy Sonesse curtain motor version 40 RTS (6/20 )

Outstanding advantages of Somfy . curtain motor products

It is no coincidence that the Somfy curtain motor has become the most loved motor in the world. The most important reason is that this type of motor fully converges the good advantages of quality and use to help Somfy smart blinds become preeminent. Therefore, the product always receives the trust of customers. The following are the outstanding advantages of products that are highly appreciated by customers, you can refer to to better understand.

The engine is powerful, quiet and gentle

One of the advantages that leaves the strongest impression on users when using a curtain product with a Somfy curtain motor is the operating capacity. Unlike many automatic curtain motors on the market, this French motor operates with extremely powerful capacity. You just need to make a touch of the control to make the curtain open and close quickly.

Moreover, although the Somfy curtain motor works so well, it does not make any loud noise when opening and closing the curtain. The opening and closing of the curtain is activated smoothly and gently, making the user comfortable every time the curtain is opened and closed.

Often the engine is operating strongly, causing noise or technical problems. Especially for the curtain motor, it will cause the curtain fabrics to tangle and clog. However, if the automatic curtains use the Somfy curtain motor, you can be assured of this problem. The product will definitely bring you many unexpected results when used.

Set your own favorite curtain position

The Somfy curtain motor not only stands out with its powerful motor, but also brings many other advantages to users. In particular, the next advantage that cannot be ignored is that this type of motor can automatically set the preferred curtain position according to the user’s wishes.

Normally, the use of curtains does not always perform 2 modes: closing the curtain or opening the curtain completely. But you can open the curtain a little wider to both cover the light but also ensure a good amount of light in the room,… Allows the user to set the desired curtain position.

So with this motor, you can completely adjust the position of the curtain wide and narrow without having to manipulate it manually. Moreover, with this outstanding advantage, the use of smart blinds becomes more comfortable.

Somfy curtain motor can change speed at will

When using smart curtain products with Somfy curtain motor, you can also easily change the speed of the curtain opening and closing flexibly. This high-end motor fully integrates the fast, slow, and medium modes every time the curtain is opened and closed for users to choose.

All speed change modes are fully integrated on the remote control. So you just need to select the speed, then press the button to control the correct operating speed you want. Thus, the system will set the feature according to the selected speed.

This is one of the advantages not easily found in other types of motorized curtains. Therefore, the product is rated as one of the great choices that will make every customer satisfied.

Beautify the installation work

The Somfy curtain motor is designed with a rather compact shape. Product size is not large. So when choosing this type of motor to install for your smart curtain will not lose the beauty of the curtain as well as the building.

The small curtain motor will be easily hidden inside. The curtain can still keep its original shape as usual. In addition, this type of motor also integrates quickly and easily connects to smart home systems. Therefore, using this type of motor can only make the installation space more beautiful and modern.

Where to buy Somfy curtain motor to ensure genuine quality?

Automatic blinds are now used a lot in life, so buying a Somfy curtain motor is very simple. Because you only need to find the units responsible for genuine distribution – Somfy’s main partner in Vietnam market will immediately have the product with the best quality.

If you want to quickly buy a Somfy curtain motor or buy quality Somfy automatic curtains at a safe price, you can contact for support. Contact method: